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Pinoy 9 Inches Is Real!

By jlmpkvp

submitted October 29, 2004

Categories: In Filipino, Cyber Sex

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This happened to me five or six months ago, it was summer then, this year. As my usual past time I was once again in front of my computer chatting. I went online at about half past midnight. I laid down my ad on the main - looking for someone who's near in my place.

Few minutes later, someone mack me and asked for my asl. I gave him my complete statistics and send him the site of my pic. He replied me with the same contents and his website. As I opened his site, I learned that he's not only 5'10 but also drop dead gorgeous but one thing he lacks is the inevitable gift - he has a small dick. We continued on chatting and chatting and he asked if he could go to my place. I didn't reply his question for a few minutes. Then another chatter mack me.

Same thing happened, I was asked to type my age, location, height, weight and my picture. I sent him all the things that he's been asking for. He typed his stats and his pic site. I opened his site and there it was an average looking, a little slim but not too slim. I asked him how big his dick was and he answered me, "big enough to make you cry." at this point I’m really getting curious of what he's been saying. He in Quezon Avenue at that time and bug me if he could go to my place and spend time here. I answered him with a big yes. I lost my mobile phone that time so I gave him my landline number. He said that he'll be here, in my place, in an hour.

I opened the other window, the first guy that I’m chatting with and I asked his mobile number and apologized for my delayed reply. He asked if he can go to my place but of course I said that he couldn’t.

A few minutes or should I say an hour later, my landline phone rang and I immediately answered it. It was the guy I’m chatting with who is claiming that he has the dick size that can make me cry. He said that he's already on my street walking and asked me to wait outside of my house. I went down and waited for him outside my gate. I saw this 5'9 guy, Moreno walking and not minding whether I’m going to like him or not. He approached me and asked if I was the one his chatting with.

Both of us went up to my room and locked the door. As always I made the first move, I removed his shirt and unzipped his pants leaving his underwear on. We started kissing and this I have to admit - I’m really fucking horny! I stripped myself leaving nothing and continued to kiss him.

I licked his left nipple, playing with it using my tongue. Forming the alphabet and biting it a little. He moaned and grabbed my hair and pushed it harder to his chest. I traced his chest using my tongue and started on his right nipple; I was licking it and biting it, but harder this time. He moaned louder and said, "Blow me!" I licked him downwards from his nipple down to his navel down to his waistline. I removed his already tight underwear because of his ragging hard on.

And whoa! His dick his fucking huge and I mean this literally. He has a whopping 9 thick inches. I lick the head of his dick, tickling it, playing with it and slowly bob my head down to his huge shaft--slowly and slowly. I can hear him moaning and that made me want to take everything in. As I started my slow phase on blowing his 9 inch dick, I slowly changed my phase to faster and faster. His moaning is slowly getting louder and louder. I know if I continue this he's going to shoot his jizz hard inside my mouth. He grabbed me by my shoulders and we rolled over. Now it's my turn to experience the pleasure that I gave him.

He started kissing me again down to my neck down to my nipple. He played with my both nipple like an expert. I’m containing myself to moan loud but his god given talent to use his tongue in a way that you cannot keep you mouth shut is all over me. He went down on my 6 inch dick and sucked it all up like it was nothing to him. He gave me a blowjob that I’ll soon forget when he starts to fuck me. He raised my legs up and started rimming me. He rolled his tongue and proceeded to fuck me using it. I’m attesting to this; it's better to be rimmed than get your nipples licked!

He asked if he could fuck me. I immediately said yes without thinking twice. I reached for a pack of condoms and wrapped it to his awesome 9 inch dick. I grabbed the bottle of lotion and poured it to his dick and more to my ass. We were in the missionary position. He went inside me slowly. And this I’m telling you it fucking hurts! But then again with the challenge of getting the length inside you is there so my motivation still stands. Out of thinking about the pain he's already inside me, his 9 inch dick is already inside my ass.

He fucked me slowly and gently. I cannot use the word passionate, 'cause that's bullshit just got out of a relationship two months ago. Anyway he made his phase faster and this is like whoa! Like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. He was fucking me so hard that during that time I could cum without touching myself. He reached for my back and pulled me up.

Now he’s lying on my bed and I was on top of him. He fucked me like crazy, but he's not satisfied with that; he rested his back on the wall beside my bed so was sitting and I was on top of him. While he was fucking me so hard, he went down and blew me. If you're going to think of it, it's quite impossible but with him having a 9 inch cock it's not. So while I’m getting the fuck of my life he's blowing me.

After a few minutes, he pulled his dick out and I turned on my back and he entered me again. Now we’re doing the doggie style. This position, before for me, is the most degrading position ever but not with that 9 inch dick waiting for my ass. He pulled my waist closer every time he pushed his dick inside me and pulled it out again and enters again. He was like literally grabbing my waist and letting me move and pleasure his dick.

We went back to the missionary position and he fucked me again--this time faster and harder. I can hear him moan louder than before. He turned faster and harder and said that he's already cumming. He pulled out his dick, ripped off the rubber, and jacked off. He lets out this loud groan like nothing I’ve heard before and he cums all over my chest and I jack off while watching him and cum on my tummy and even up to my neck. Whoa! I squirted my own cum.

I was asking for round two but he said that he's too exhausted for it. So he rested for a while on my bed and left my house. I cannot believe that I’ve exhausted that 9 incher chatter. He…he…he...

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