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I Took Every Black Guy's Load

By whtbt4blktp

submitted November 14, 2004

Categories: Interracial

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I knew I shouldn’t have gone. But I was horny and I thought I’d get someone to suck my dick and I’d be out of the bookstore in 15 minutes. But I had been out all night drinking and partying and I knew my dick wouldn’t probably even get hard, but again, I thought a good cocksucker might make me hard.

I stumbled into the bookstore; it was busy. I could hear sucking noises and my dick swelled. I went into one of the glory hole booths and I started to play with my dick. I didn’t even look in the other booths.

I pulled my pants down, I was wearing a jock. That’s when I hear the guy from the other booth say, “Damn, nice white ass!” I liked the sound of his voice—deep and masculine. He told me to turn and show him my ass.

I had to listen. I turned and bent slightly, my muscled ass parted and my hairy hole showed. My buddy went nuts, “Oh yeah! I’m going to fuck that white ass. I just wanna know if you want my dick through the hole or if you want to come into the back parking lot to get fucked,” he asked.

I was still drunk and horny. I leaned to the hole and said, “I’ll just suck your dick.”

He laughed and said, “You can start there white boy, but I am going to cum in your ass. No suck my black dick!” He pushed his dick through the glory hole; it was so thick it barely fit. I mouthed his dick as best I could, I felt my ass swell and my hole start to open.

I started to moan and really began sucking his dick deeply. My black buddy started talking shit through the booth, “Damn. You suck nigger dick good! You are a pussy white boy. You want me to fuck your ass!”

I moaned louder. His dick was so hard, he now was almost stuck in the glory hole. I was so horny and high, I did have some lube on me and I started to finger my hole. I stood up in a drunken lust-filled state. I put my ass up against his dick. He felt my open hone on his hard black cock.

“Oh yeah! Your pussy is wet! You came here to get fucked didn’t you pussy boy!”

I said no, but his dick turned me on.

“Shit white boy, I bet any hard black dick turns you on!”

I felt him pull out of the hole. I thought I pissed him off. I was about to move away from the hole when I felt his hard dick pressing against my asshole again. I moaned and he pushed. He entered me easily. I was surprised, but happy. He fucked me slow and steady—no more talking—just hard dick in the ass. I felt him thicken and then he started to cum in me.

My hole opened more to take his cum deep in me. He pumped 5-6 times, and then slowly pulled out of my ass. I quickly kneeled down to the hole and to my surprise; I was two men in the booth. I had been fucked by a different black guy tha I had first talked to. I took his cum in my ass and I never really saw him other than his dick and pants.

I started to say something, when another thick black dick hit my face through the hole. “I want your white ass too, pussy boy! He said.

I didn’t know who this was, but I did as I was told and presented my cum filled white ass to the hole. He said, “Damn, Bill came a lot in this pussy. He must be good.”

With that, he started to fuck me. My ass made wet noises as his hard dick pushed the cum in and out of my ass. “Yeah, he’s a good cum hole. You want more cum in you boy?”

“Yes,” I moaned as his hard black dick fucked me hard and deep. He moaned as he unloaded in me. I loved it, I was so horny. I was dizzy. Too dizzy to move from the hole as another cock started to fuck me.

Cum was dripping outta my ass as this man fucked me hard. This ass fucking went on for over two hours and I heard guys talking outside the booth, “There’s a white guy in there taking everyone’s cum in his ass.

I must have had six or seven loads in me and the floor of my booth was wet with cum dripping from my ass. I didn’t know things were about to get even more wild…

End part one.

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