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My First 'Ass-Gasm'

By BtmTalent

submitted November 29, 2004

Categories: College Days, First Time, True Stories

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The following is a true story and occurred during my junior year of college in 1990. At 21 years old, I already knew I was a bottom, but this experience made me realize how much I really loved getting fucked.

The bright morning sun shining through my window awoke me early. My head throbbed, as I slowly became conscious of my surroundings. I was in my bedroom in the apartment I shared with three other guys near the OSU campus, and I was hung over as hell. I looked over at the guy lying next to me. Suddenly I remembered that I hadn’t come home from the bar alone last night.

Looking at him in the morning light, I realized that even drunk, I had pretty good taste in men. He had short brown hair, and about a day’s worth of facial stubble. Most of him was covered by the sheet, but I could see that he had a nice hairy chest. He had that hot jock/frat boy look that I loved.

I looked around the room, and saw a mix of clothes (mine, and what I could only assume to be his) lying in various piles on my floor. I looked on the floor beside my bed and saw a bottle of lube with the cap open. I reached between my legs (suddenly realizing that I was naked beneath the sheet) and felt the familiar slick feeling on my asshole. A double score…a hot hairy chest, and he was obviously a top.

I pulled the sheet off him slightly and started to suck on his hairy nipples. He stirred slightly, and then let out a soft moan.

“Good morning,” he said. “Damn, you were one hot fuck!”

“Thanks,” I replied. “Just wait until you see what I can do sober!”

I pulled the sheet down further, and continued to lick his hairy stomach. I continued to follow the treasure trail beneath the sheet, and pulled it down to reveal his already hard cock. He had a nice dick, not the biggest I’d seen, but certainly very nice. He was about 7” cut, with a big mushroom head. I stuck out my tongue and licked a dribble of precum from the head. I took the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it, as he began to moan. Without warning, I went straight down on his cock, swallowing him to his pubes.

“Damn,” he said between breaths. “Your mouth is as hot as your ass.” I looked up at him, his cock still in my mouth, and smiled at him.

I pulled my mouth off his cock and began to jack him off. “Mind if I take a ride?” I asked.

“Be my guest,” he said.

I reached down on the floor and picked up the bottle of lube. I squeezed some onto his cock, and continued to jack him gently. I reached around and spread some more lube on my already slick hole. I straddled his legs, and slowly lowered myself onto his throbbing cock. I pushed and felt his large head enter my ass. I took a deep breath, winced slightly, but continued to slide down his shaft. Within a few seconds, I felt his wiry pubes against my ass. I waited a second to get used to the feeling of him inside me, than began riding his cock.

He began to moan louder as I repeatedly slid from his head all the way down to his balls. I had been riding his cock for about five minutes, when I began to feel an odd sensation I’d never felt before. It was an incredibly intense, pleasurable feeling that seemed to come from deep inside me. My dick was leaking precum like crazy, but the feeling wasn’t really coming from my cock either. I continued to ride him harder and faster, and the feeling became stronger and stronger. Suddenly I felt the most intense orgasm of my life. I’m not usually a big shooter, but I shot a huge load all over his hairy chest, and even hit him in the chin. I had cum without ever touching my cock.

“That was hot,” he said. “Do you want me to pull out and jack off?”

“No,” I said. “I want to keep going.”

He looked a little surprised, but definitely seemed pleased. I was a little surprised myself. Even though I loved to get fucked, normally as soon as I cum, I want the cock out of me. This time it was different. This time my hole had an orgasm, instead of my cock. And, my hole wanted more.

I continued to ride his cock, gaining speed until I was riding him as hard as before. After a few minutes, I began to feel the sensation again. I practically screamed with pleasure as I enjoyed only the second “ass-gasm” of my life. The feeling of my hole tightening around his cock was too much for him to stand, and he shot his load deep inside me.

“That was really hot!” he said, as I pulled myself off his cock and rolled next to him. “I’ve heard of guys cumming from getting fucked before, but I’ve never actually experienced it.”

“Yeah,” I said, still breathing hard. “That was the first time for me too.”

It’s been almost 15 years since the first time my hole had its own orgasm. It’s still not a frequent occurrence, but when it happens it’s just as powerful as it was the first time. (And, the tops are still just as impressed!)

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