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Sex On The Beach, Chapter12 (end?)

By dickneck2003

submitted December 23, 2004

Categories: Sex On The Beach, Camping, College Days, Coming Out, Straight Men, Gay Sex

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Fun at the Beach Series (Chapter 12)

Terry Tries on a Shirt

Terry Tries on a Shirt

Randy went to a men’s store in the mall shopping for some new clothes for college. In just a few short weeks he would be starting his freshman year. Finding a pair of pleated kaki pants he liked, he went over to the changing booths and opened the door to the one on the end. “Oops, sorry guy, I thought this one was vacant,” Randy’s eyes clapped upon the handsome dark haired young man struggling to put on his shirt. He appeared to be about the same age as Randy and looked fit and trim. He was standing there in his jockey shorts next to several new shirts and pants lying on the built-in bench.

“That’s okay,” he said, blushing, “I thought I’d latched the door but guess I didn’t.”

“No problem,” and Randy turned to leave.

“Just a second, if you don’t mind. Would you give me a hand with this shirt? It is caught and twisted on something and I’m afraid I’m going to tear it if I pull on it any more.” Randy obliged and found that a pin was still holding one sleeve partially shut and removed it. “Hey, listen guy, I sure appreciate the help. My name’s Terry.”

“Randy’s mine. Glad to meet you. Nice shirt you found. That’s my style too,” Randy answered.

Randy could tell that Terry was being more than just polite from the subtle body language and tone of voice. A deep look into his eyes seemed to confirm this. Terry straightened his shirt and then casually rubbed his pecs and washboard abs while maintaining his eye contact with Randy. “Always glad to help, Terry. Anything else I can do for you?”

Terry dropped his hand to the bulge in his white jockeys and said, “Oh, I can think of a few things, but that’s entirely up to you.”

Randy smiled as he turned and closed the door, and then latched it. There didn’t seem to be anyone else in the other booths and the place was quiet except for the usual store music. It was playing some rhythmic bebop and had a nice beat. Randy moved in close to Terry, reached out and put both his hands on Terry’s chest and felt his pecs flex in response. Pushing the shirts and pants to the side, he sat down on the bench and Terry stepped in front of him. Randy reached out and felt Terry’s bulging package and fondled it gently. Terry’s cock felt large already and was quickly straining to reach full size. Randy moved Terry’s cock through the tight fabric and rearranged it from its crooked position. He smiled as a wide purple mushroom head began to peak out above the elastic band.

Leaning forward, he teased it with his tongue and felt it surge up and out with every tantalizing lick. Randy slowly pulled down the front of Terry’s jockey shorts and let his entire beautiful cock leap free of its prison. Then he pulled them all the way down and Terry stepped out of them and grabbed hold of Randy’s head with both hands, slapping his dick across his face from side to side. On the third pass, Randy opened his mouth wide and sucked in all of Terry’s 8 inches – all the way down his throat in one smooth motion. Terry let out a little gasp and began to thrust his cock slowly in and out, face-fucking Randy like a pro. This was a really fine cock. It had a pronounced upward curve and was thicker than most. It was cut and had a deep concave indention just behind the flared head. It fit in Randy’s mouth like it belonged there. There was a mild scent of Old Spice on his skin, which made Terry’s handsome body even more virile.

Footsteps and voices outside the changing room only excited them more and Randy worked his mouth faster and faster up and down the thick-veined snake of a dick; the clicking of coat hangers and a salesman talking just outside made the risky excitement climb even higher. Randy held onto Terry’s hips and redoubled his piston thrusts deep down the slippery shaft like a pile driver gone mad. Terry threw back his head and stifled a moan as his hot spunky cum blasted down Randy’s throat in a deluge. The excitement of getting a blowjob in a public place really turned Terry on. This was something he hadn’t ever risked before. Randy managed to swallow every drop of his salty-sweet sperm and kept on sucking until Terry began to go limp. With shaking legs, Terry stepped back and tried to slow down his racing heart. His heart was pounding so hard that he thought someone would hear it.

Randy stood up and wiped his mouth with his sleeve but didn’t say a word for fear of being heard by the salesman just outside talking to a customer. Terry quickly dressed and they both waited until the footsteps outside faded away. Randy left first and walked toward the front of the store. Terry followed a minute later. Outside they walked together and passed wide grins at each other and Terry suggested they go for a beer. There was a new sports bar there in the mall and they sat at a table and began what was to become a long relationship. A strange one in that they got their most pleasure from finding ways of having sex in risky places.

Darlin’, Was The Salsa Too Hot?

Randy and Terry really hit it off. As they sat in the bar, Terry explained that he was assistant football coach at the high school and really loved his part-time job there. He was attending a junior college in town and was majoring in physical education. He planned to become a football coach when he eventually graduated. He certainly had the physique and personality for it! Randy told about his plans for college in the fall, just a few weeks away.

The table they were sitting at was over in the corner and was in an area that was dimly lit. As Randy went on with his story, he started telling Terry about the fun he and his buddies had enjoyed at the beach earlier that summer. Terry was mesmerized as the story about Rolf, Dan and Jim unfolded in infinite detail. Randy’s ‘first time’ story was really turning Terry on. His memory flashed back to his ‘first time’, which wasn’t at all similar. He has run away from home after a falling out with his dad and had ended up as a hitchhiker at an Interstate rest-area broke and needing money. He had agreed to let an older guy suck his dick in the front seat of a smelly pick-up truck. He got $10 and his first blowjob. He liked the feeling of another guy’s mouth sucking his dick, but really didn’t like the fact that the guy belonging to the mouth was middle-aged and fat. In the years to come after that early encounter, Terry realized that he was far more aroused by masculine men who took good care of their bodies. He had begun working out at the school gym and really developed well. His second encounter was with a fellow student he accidentally caught jerking off in the gym shower late one evening. Seeing Randy at the clothing store, he knew a good thing when he saw it, and Randy was one handsome son-of-a-bitch!

As Randy talked, Terry scooted his chair over to the side perpendicular to Randy and playfully placed his right hand on Randy’s knee. Randy hesitated, smiled and continued the story as Terry worked his way up to his crotch and began massaging the handsome package through the loose fitting kakis. Randy got a raging hardon almost instantly and Terry cleared his throat as he tactfully rearranged the swollen cock to suit his likes. When Randy got to the part in the story about Dan getting his wake-up call (you’ll have to go back to an earlier chapter for that), Terry deftly unzipped Randy’s fly and ran his hand inside, feeling the fiery warmth radiating from inside the boxers. Reaching inside the flap with one finger, Terry touched the tip of Randy’s drooling cockhead and used the slippery precum to lubricate slow (ever so slow) orbits around the sensitive mushroom crown, now throbbing with excitement. He knew that the outer rim of flesh, which crowned the jewel of his quest, was extremely sensitive at this point and was determined to drive Randy up the fuckin’ wall. He was succeeding.

Randy looked up as he caught sight of the waitress approaching and Terry saw her too, but didn’t stop his risky foreplay act. It wasn’t obvious that anything was odd. It just looked like two friends engaged in an intense conversation (they were). The waitress asked if they wanted another round of beer. “Sure, and how about some chips and salsa? Oh yeah, and could you bring a couple of extra napkins too? My friend here’s a messy eater.” Terry declared.

Randy chuckled at the remark and promised her that he would try not to make too big of a mess. The waitress nodded with a smile and set about her task of getting their order. Terry winked discretely and said, “We’ll just see about that.” Business was picking up quickly in the late afternoon leading up to happy hour but no one else was sitting in their area yet but the barstools were almost all taken. It wouldn’t be long before other tables were occupied. Randy picked up the story again and Terry stopped his orbiting fingertip long enough to extract Randy’s great-big thick dick out of the boxers and entirely out of his un-zipped fly. Randy drew in a deep breath as Terry’s right hand grasped the lively snake and began slowly stroking up and down the firm shaft. Each time Terry’s hand came up to the broad tip, he would smear the leaking honey around the most sensitive head, which made Randy shiver. The waitress returned with the beer and a big basket of chips and salsa as well as several dinner size napkins. She smiled as she put the napkins down and said to Randy, “I brought some extra ones in case you are really as messy as he says you are!”

“Thanks, I’ll be careful.”

As she turned away to leave, Terry gripped Randy’s hot shaft hard and squeezed it as he quickened his strokes. It was hard for Randy to talk naturally, with the excitement going on under the table, but he tried. Randy reached for some nacho chips and picked up several of the napkins and unfolded them. He then placed them in his lap as his hand was rapidly bumped by Terry’s pile driving fist. “Remember Terry, I’ve got to walk out of here later and it wouldn’t be cool to look like I’ve wet myself,” Randy whispered. Terry slowed down a bit and let Randy continue the story but was getting pretty fucking hot from the details. “I’m getting close, buddy, real fuckin’ close,” Randy said softly with halting breath as he leaned back a bit and stretched out his legs under the table. The veins now stood out clearly on Randy’s neck and his pecs twitched with spasms of excitement through his tight polo shirt. Terry stopped long enough to place the folded napkins over Randy’s throbbing proboscis as it swelled up for his final act.

Terry heard Randy take in a deep breath and hold it. He gripped even tighter and made long-slow strokes as hot sperm suddenly drenched the napkins. He could feel the individual squirts in his hand as they began to leak through the napkins. Randy picked up another napkin and held it tight against his ejaculating cock head to stem the rising tide of spunk. Randy simply couldn’t speak now and had to try his best to look cool as waves of boundless pleasure and excitement cascaded through his body. When Terry detected that the last of Randy’s hot sperm had been spent, he removed the soaked napkins and placed the last clean one in Randy’s hand to finish cleaning up.

Randy squeezed out the last drop and worked his hard cock back into his pants and zipped up. Out of breath, he watched in awe as Terry casually unwrapped the soaked napkins and scooped out a generous dollop of cum with a nacho chip, popping it into his mouth with a loud smack. He repeated the act once more for full effect as he chewed and swallowed. Randy was beside himself with nervous excitement. This was one wild dude he had run into. Maybe too fucking wild – but this was exciting--real ‘first time’ exciting.

The waitress approached and asked if they wanted another beer. “Sure, one last round and you can bring me the check.” Terry said without emotion. “Darlin’, was the salsa too hot for you?” She asked with a devilish grin. She was clearly past middle-aged and was probably quite a looker in her younger years. Nancy was truly kind in nature and young at heart, but past her prime as a head turner (even if I was looking).

“Your friend’s face is as red as fire!” (She pronounced it like ‘Yoaah’ and ‘Fiaah’)

“Yeah, I’ll say it was pretty damn hot!” Randy proclaimed as he chuckled and wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand. “Another cold beer is just what I need to cool down,” Both guys laughed out loud at this and Randy gave Terry a slap on the shoulder just like two friends should. As she sashayed away, Randy quietly whispered, “Damn, Terry! That was pretty fucking kinky. I wasn’t sure if I could go along with it but was too scared to stop. I was afraid that you were going to blow me under the table and I couldn’t see how we’d ever get away with that!”

Terry said matter-of-factly,”For that, the table needs a tablecloth. You’ll see!” and he grinned a mischievous grin.

You Want a Sample of My What?

As they finished last beer, Terry said that he had one hell-of-a capital idea. “Randy, tomorrow the head coach is going to be out of town and he asked me to fill in for him after practice. I think that you should come in dressed as a medic and help me with something.”

What do you have in mind? Randy asked. “Well, the guys need to be checked for steroids and that usually means a urine sample, but I just may have misunderstood what the coach said. Did he say urine or semen? I’m simply just not sure.” “Now that really sounds interesting! And how the hell are you going to get a bunch of football seniors to jerk-off into a bottle?” Randy chimed, incredulously.

Terry paused and looked deeply contemplative and serious as he said, “As they come out of shower, I’ll have them line up in alphabetical order, wearing only their towel, and give them each a sample cup. I’ll tell them to take it into my office and provide a sperm sample.”

“A fucking sperm sample? They’ll never go for that!” Randy said, incredulously.

“Oh yes they will. That’s why you’ll be there. You’ll explain, ever so seriously and in lots of medical jargon that since steroids are a growth hormone, it binds chemically with natural testosterone in the testicles and only a semen sample can accurately detect it.

Be sure to wear a white lab-coat and speak like you are a doctor or something. I’ve already got a bunch of pint size sample bottles in the office that were left over from a legitimate urine sampling program a few years ago. It’ll be interesting to see who gives the biggest specimen. Don’t you think?”

“Oh, it’ll be interesting, all right!” Randy said, with one huge smile lighting up his face.

Terry continued expanding on the plan between sips of his beer, “My plan gets even better. I’ll have one guy at a time go into my office at first, but as time gets late, I’ll offer to let several guys go in at once, if they want, so that they can get finished earlier. They’ll want to get it over with since it is Friday afternoon.”

“And where will you be during all this?” Randy asked with a raised eyebrow?

“Well, to be a valid test there can be no risk of sample manipulation, so we will have to be present for every sample.” Terry said like a lawyer.

“Oh I see, Your Honour! Sir, the prosecution rests,” Randy said as he tossed his head back and slugged down the last of his beer. Pushing back from the table, he belched loudly, and Nancy flashed him a sharp-disapproving glance, which he answered with a shrug of his shoulders and a pointing finger, indicating the salsa. She nodded in satisfaction and knowing compassion.

The next afternoon, Randy showed up at the gymnasium dressed in a white lab-coat just as planned and was introduced by Terry to the team. They were busy stripping down for the showers after a hard workout on a hot Friday afternoon. The sweaty and buff football studs looked stunned at first but believed every bit of it, albeit reluctantly. We allowed the guys some privacy, though. They were permitted to go into the large supply closet inside Coach’s office. Terry had provided a selective bunch of porn magazines on the table, but there was no chair. The frisky dudes would have to stand to do their work. The publications tactfully included both straight and gay magazines. There was also an ample supply of hand-lotion. “Oh yeah” Terry whispered to Randy, “I had a secret video camera installed in there for security. The VCR and monitor are on my desk.”

Randy and Terry sat behind the desk and watched diligently at the video as first one and then another handsome young man dropped his towel and dutifully beat his meat until it was hard and then shot off into a plastic cup. Terry made a note of the ones who preferred the gay porn.

Some of the guys, especially one muscular black one named Jerome, were really well endowed. “Oh Fuck!” Randy said admiringly, “Jerome is hung like a horse! Look at the size of that dick. Gotta be 9 inches or better!” Jerome’s muscles gleamed as they flexed with the strain of a command jack off. He took his time and looked determined as he watched his big fist slide up and down his thick-long dick. He would slow down and speed up. Every time he stopped, he would gather some precum between two fingers, put it to his nose, smell and then lick it clean. When he eventually came, he held the sample cup out and fired salvo after salvo into it like it was a catcher’s mitt. “Fuck Yeah! Man I’d like to feel that line drive up inside my ass! Wouldn’t you, Terry?” Randy exclaimed with desire.

“Fuckin’ A, I sure would. Maybe I could arrange something. I’ll give it some thought.” Terry replied.

Number 22 was unusual. He wasn’t built like the others; he was quite tall and had sinewy muscles like a basketball player. He sat on the table and hunched forward like he was a contortionist and sucked his own dick until he was ready to blow and then stood up and let go into the wide mouth jar. He picked up some of the cum on one finger like he was tasting jelly from a jar and licked it off, I guess just to make sure it was as tasty as it usually was. Terry was beside himself with admiration. “Will you look at that, Randy? That damn guy can suck his own dick!”

“Remind me later to tell you about a friend of mine named Billy (you guys may have to look back at earlier chapters for a refresher) Randy said with a smile.

As the rest of the team waited and talked just outside the door, Terry and Randy took turns giving each other blowjobs as they watched the performance on the closed circuit monitor. Terry blew his wad three times during the afternoon and Randy matched him and then trumped him one more for good measure. There was a lot of testosterone released in that office! Believe me!

When each guy was finishing his task, Terry and Randy would resume some fictions deep professional discussions behind the desk, apparently oblivious to the show they had just secretly watched. When one big blonde stud, #86 (the linebacker), shot his wad; it filled up the cup almost half way. “That’s almost a half fucking pint! That’s as much as the milk carton’s in the cafeteria hold! SHIT!” Terry exclaimed.

“And I noted that he used the gay magazines too” Randy intoned. As time ran later and later and the waiting guys were getting impatient. Terry made the offer to speed thing up by letting several guys at a time go in together. We watched as a few of the guys standing off to themselves glanced nervously at each other and volunteered to go in as a foursome. This group of teammates must have had some experiences together before, because, when the door was closed, they did a circle jerk and took turns with each other at that. Some of the studs were handsome enough to be models and they may have been interested to know that they had just passed their first screen test. After the last guy had gone, Terry and Randy locked the doors, stripped and went to the showers. What happened in the showers should have been taped, but wasn’t.

What happened in the shower and to all that sperm in the sample cups? What the fuck do you think happened to it? Why don’t you drop me an email about it and it could end up inspiring the next chapter?

“You are simply amazing, Terry. Simply not to be believed!” Randy said has they walked out to their cars in the empty parking lot.

Ben gets a workout

On Monday, Terry arrived at the school at 6:30 as usual and started on his paperwork. He hated paperwork. His small office was a makeshift 8 X 12 room located behind the weight-room in the gym. He didn’t even have a window. He heard the usual early arrivals of the team members who worked out every morning before class. It was hard to miss the clanging of weights through the thin partition wall of his office. As he worked on the weeks practice schedule he listened to the grunts and strains of the young jocks as they did their repetitions on the various machines. All of a sudden there was a crash and an “Oh Shit” as the end of a barbell crashed through the wall, leaving a hole the size of a soccer ball.

Terry jumped up from his desk and ran around to the weight room to see if anyone was hurt. There wasn’t. There stood Ben in his gym shorts and no shirt with an apologetic look on his face, still holding onto the barbell stuck through the thin wall. “Oh, Man! I’m sorry Terry. My hands were sweaty and this thing just got away from me. Sorry about the wall, man. Am I gonna be in trouble for this?” Terry reassured him that there wouldn’t be any hassle and he was glad that no one was hurt. He helped Ben pull the weights out of the wall without doing any more damage and told him to go ahead and finish his workout. Ben apologised again as he lay back on the bench and lifted the bar for his next set of reps.

Terry went back to his desk and returned to his paper work but was distracted by the view of Ben’s sweaty abs and chest, clearly visible through the waist-high hole in his office wall. Ben was 18 and a fine specimen of a young jock. He had really developed his sculptured physique from lifting and was an excellent football player. Terry remembered that Ben was one of the guys on Friday who made use of the gay magazines as he was making his sperm sample donation. Terry was getting aroused with the view of this young stud. Now for those of my readers who don’t know, it is a common occurrence for young men, when working with weights, to develop an erection. It happens because of the increased blood pressure induced by the workout and from the shear masculine ritual of physical effort to create a body to be proud of.

Ben was getting one such erection now and the bulge in his red gym shorts was clearly visible. Every time Ben strained and flexed with a lift, his shaft pulsed and expanded. His cock was crooked in his shorts and it must have been getting uncomfortable because Ben placed the bar in its holder and ran his hand under the elastic waistband to straighten himself out. Terry was watching with growing excitement as Ben lifted the front of his shorts and stretched his nice-hard cock to relieve the pressure. When he resumed the workout, the tip of his dick inched ever-so –slightly up until a little pink crown could be seen protruding out of the waistband and press against the rippling abs and the fine downy trail of hair descending from his navel. Now Terry was really getting aroused and had to do some rearranging of his own. As he ran his hand into his trousers, he felt the semen leaking from his dock and wetting his shorts. He made a few strokes and squeezes and his erection grew dramatically. Terry got up from his desk and pulled a chair over closer to the hole for a better view of Ben.

What happened next was a total surprise. Ben stopped again to massage his engorged shaft but made no effort to wrestle it back into his shorts. He even rubbed his finger around on the purple head, spreading the glistening bead of precum around and around. He then resumed the reps and Terry thought that Ben must have seen him move through the corner of his eye. Ben finished his lifts and re-mounted the bar in its holder, then lay back down as if to rest. As his chest heaved from the exertion, Ben ran his hands over his sweaty body and they came to a stop at the top of his shorts. Terry’s eyes were galvanised on the view as one hand massaged his hard cock through his trousers. Ben slowly inched one hand inside his tented shorts and squeezed his hard cock.

Terry caught just the slightest movement of Ben’s eyes in his direction. The critical moment had arrived. Ben sat up, which made the head of his dick completely emerge from his shorts. He looked down at himself and gave his thick cock a few hard squeezes, then stood up. Terry’s heart was pounding as he made an obvious move that let Ben know, without a doubt, that he was watching. There was an almost imperceptible turn of Ben’s head in Terry’s direction as he stood up from the bench and stretched. His biceps bulged from the workout and all his muscles were really pumped up. He was handsome and knew it. Ben walked around the weights as if he were checking something and looked out into the outer room. No one was there. It was still too early for the regular students and, if anyone else were going to come in early to lift, they would have arrived already.

Ben obviously groped his straining cock and balls and watched he hole in the wall as he did it. This was the time. Terry placed a finger through the hole, a universal signal for a glory hole invitation. Ben turned and picked up his towel, tossing it over his shoulders. Terry thought that that was the end of it and Ben was going to leave. He was wrong. Ben walked over and stood directly in front of the hole and reached into his shorts. He pulled out his cock and balls as he lowered his shorts and jockstrap to his knees. Terry moved his finger again and Ben pressed his beautiful 7-inch cock through the hole and Terry sucked it into his mouth in one smooth motion. He heard Ben let out a moan as he twirled his tongue around the sensitive flared head and rapidly bobbed his head up and down the handsome hard cock.

Terry reached through the hole and held Ben’s nice big balls and slowly pulled them closer. Ben moved in as close as he could and pressed his hard chest against the wall. Terry was really working on this fine young dick and he knew just how to give the most pleasure. He relaxed his throat and took all of Ben in, letting that wide head slip deep down his throat. Ben was getting really close to cumming and Terry could feel his balls drawing up to fire. Terry’s left hand was working his own cock at the same time. Ben let out a series of grunts as he pumped Terry’s mouth full of his hot-sweet sperm. He squirted really hard from the excitement and terry could feel the pressure of each blast as it rammed into his tongue in the back of his throat.

When Ben stopped shooting, Terry stopped pumping and enjoyed the feel of Ben’s throbbing cock as it slowly lost its erection within the warm and wet embrace of his mouth. Finally Terry carefully sucked and licked him clean and wiped his mouth off with the back of his hand. As Ben moved back and pulled up his shorts, Terry looked down at the growing wet stain of his own cum in his pants. Luckily he had a change of clothes in his locker.

It’s good to work out early in the morning

Ben took to the showers as students began to arrive. He never spoke a word or in any way indicated what had happened as they saw each other during the normal course of the day. The next day Terry was at the office even earlier. Actually he had difficulty sleeping last night. He heard the door open and voices echoed down the long hall to the gym. He sat at his desk and felt his heart begin to pound with anticipation. Could he be so lucky? Ben and Jerome walked to the lockers and put on shorts for a workout. Terry watched closely through the ‘glory hole’ in his wall. Jerome went directly to the weights but he glanced at the hole as he walked over and laid back. Jerome is a black athlete in his prime. He is 6 foot 4 inches and built like a fuckin’ brick shit-house. His cock is over 9 inches and he is limber enough to suck it himself. He did so on the day of the sperm samples.

Ben took to the Bowflex and started his routine. He glanced toward the glory hole several times. He probably saw me. I wasn’t trying to hide. Jerome stopped and added more weight. He again looked my way but then resumed his reps. I watched his muscles bulge and flex as he pumped them up. Sweat increased and mad his black skin shine like it had been oiled. Fuckin’ beautiful. His red gym shorts grew more and more stretched over his big-thick dick as he strained with the added weight. His breath was being taken in and out in sharp blasts. I looked past him at Ben. He had already stopped to reposition his fine young cock and again glanced my way. He calmly got up and walked directly toward me while groping himself. He paused as he passed Jerome and lightly placed his hand on his shoulder. Jerome looked up at him and smiled, but said nothing. Terry knew then that they had arranged this and Jerome had probably been skeptical, so Ben must have agreed to go first to show that it was cool.

Ben simply pulled down his red shorts and pressed his already hard cock through the opening and into my eager mouth. Terry deftly teased and sucked the firm dick and fondled his balls at the same time. Ben started moaning and I heard Jerome sit the bar into its holder. He was probably coming over for a better look. Ben spoke softly, “Oh fuck, man this feels so damn good. You aren’t going to believe how good this feels, Jerome.” Terry was leaking semen like a dripping faucet.

Jerome said, “Hurry up, man. Leave some time for me!” Terry slurped and sucked like there was no tomorrow and felt Ben’s balls draw in tight. Ben let out a fairly loud grunt as he pumped his young-jock cream into the vacuum of Terry’s mouth. Terry had to swallow quickly to keep from gagging. Ben was shooting even more than yesterday, probably because Jerome added to the risky excitement. Ben went slowly soft in Terry’s mouth and was sucked and licked clean as a whistle. Terry knows how to service a young dick. Ben pulled back and said to Jerome, “Okay man, it’s all yours.”

Terry watched in awe as Jerome’s thick black cock emerged on his side of the partition. This was a really thick cock and was at least 9, maybe 10 inches long. Terry thought it may be too large to take in all the way but he was damn sure going to give it his best shot. The head of Jerome’s dick was very wide and was shrouded by a long foreskin. Terry worked his tongue into the turtleneck opening and ran it around and around inside, which drove Jerome absolutely wild. Terry tightened his lips and pushed it back, letting the broad helmet emerge. Then he relaxed as much as he could and slowly lowered his mouth over the beautiful black penis until it pressed into the opening of his throat. He pressed and gagged a little as he worked the long-thick cock down further and further until his nose was buried in Jerome’s kinky pubes.

Terry had to stop and make himself relax to keep from choking. Then he pulled back all the way and placed his hand firmly around the shaft. Even with his hand wrapped around it, there was still six inches in the clear. Terry jacked his hand up and down while he rotated his mouth in and out over the sensitive head. Jerome started shaking and grunting from the ultra-sensitive excited nerves around the flared head of his cock. This was too much for Jerome and he let loose with a near continuous flood of hot sperm. The salty jism was gushing out so fast and strong that Terry watched in disbelief as he held the pulsing cock in one hand and directed the fountain of sperm several inches through the air and into his wide-open mouth. He simply couldn’t swallow it all and it ran from the corners of his mouth and flowed down the front of his shirt. When the flood of sperm finally slowed down, Terry lowered his mouth over the shiny black dick and did his best to swallow the dregs. Jerome held still and let Terry lick him up clean as his erection slowly deflated, leaving a 8 inch flaccid black snake, growing limp in Terry’s mouth.

Jerome backed slowly away from the hole, guiding his big black dick out with both hands and Terry heard Ben slap him on the back saying, “Didn’t I tell you, Jerome? Didn’t I tell you that it felt fuckin’ great, man?”

Jerome answered, “Fuckin’ fantastic, Ben. Fuckin’ wild. You’re a damn cool dude for a white guy. Better hit the showers, Ben, before anyone finds us.” Terry listened to their chatter and chuckles as they walked away. Still no one spoke to him. He figured that the ruse of anonymity was what would make this a success. He looked down at his own hard cock protruding from the fly of his trousers and the white pool of cum puddle on the floor and shook his head.

What are you guys doing for lunch?

The regular morning classes went on without a hitch and Terry saw Ben and Jerome several times, but there weren’t any indications that something was happening. There was an occasional glance his way but everything was cool. Those guys who liked this shit damn sure didn’t want to fuck it up. Terry felt the same way. Terry returned to his office at lunch to grab a sandwich. There were no more gym classes until 1:30 and the coach had taken the afternoon off on personal business. Terry heard voices and the hall doors open and shut and listened as a group of students approached.

Terry recognised Ben’s voice but couldn’t tell about the others. He looked up from his desk as the guys walked into the weight room and quietly moved to his chair by the glory hole. He watched six guys, including Ben, come out of the locker room in their school issued (baggy) red exercise shorts and take positions on the equipment. There was a treadmill, two bar bell weight benches, a rowing machine, Soloflex and a weight machine. Ben was a senior but the others were sophomores and a junior. Terry had seen them but only Ben was in his classes. The younger guys were all jocks and had firm-trim bodies. The sophomores were on the track team, he recognised.

They stripped off their shirts and started a few lame reps on the equipment. All of them kept looking at Ben to see what he was going to do. They were obviously quite nervous but excited. Ben sat up and looked around at them and then stood up, rubbing the now familiar bulge in his shorts. The other guys kept on working out but weren’t really doing anything but stalling. Ben simply walked over to the hole and had his shorts down by the time he got there. He pressed himself against the wall as his nice hard cock slipped through. Terry gave it a few long strokes and lowered his mouth around the handsome head as he continued to jerk on the warm shaft. It didn’t take him long to cum. Terry loved this delicious young cock and savoured the taste of the hot-salty sperm for the second time today. Ben didn’t wait to go limp in Terry’s mouth, but backed away, letting the other guys see his hard weapon – still shiny and dripping with Terry’s spit and his own sperm. “Wow, man. That’s awesome, man!” Terry heard one of the guys say. Another said, “Dude! You weren’t lying. This is gonna be awesome!”

The next bouncing-hard cock came through the hole. It was small but nice; had to be a sophomore and probably his first time, Terry Thought. Terry took all of it into his mouth easily and lapped it with his tongue as he rapidly bobbed up and down the young little shaft. The kid came quickly (probably his first blowjob) and pulled back even before all his sweet sperm had finished shooting. He was so excited he couldn’t help it. Another young cock took its place, but this one was a good 6-inches but thin. Terry sucked it down in his throat and milked out the young man’s seed like it was pop from a bottle. The kid loved it and told the others how it felt as he let it go limp in Terry’s durable mouth. “Awesome, man! No Shit! It never felt that good before. I bet I could have filled a cup with my jism, man!” Terry smiled.

The fourth cock made its début through the hole. This was a nice size; about the same as Ben’s in thickness but a little longer. It was as hard as a baseball bat. It was uncut and Terry ran his darting tongue inside the hood and into the open piss-slit. The kid called out to his buddies, “Holy Fuck, Man!!! This is better than anything I ever even read about!” Terry took hold of the young balls in the tight scrotum and massaged them gently as he slurped up and down the firm young cock. He concentrated on the delicious plump head and again teased the piss-slit with the tip of his tongue. He was immediately greeted by a hot splash of young cum which squirted out like it was hot coke from a shaken bottle. Terry buried the spewing penis all the way down his throat and savoured the sweet young sperm as he swallowed. He made sure that the constrictions of his throat when he swallowed massaged every drop of boy seed the kid could produce. This kid was grunting and shouting as Terry worked his magic on him. When it was over, the young man backed away on wobbly legs from the ecstasy.

The last young man stepped forward and hefted his plump manhood into the hole and directly into the waiting mouth on the other side. Terry held onto it with one hand around the base and madly teased the pink helmet while he rotated his mouth from side to side. He removed his hand and took the entire thin-long penis down his throat. This was the perfect size penis to use for a throat job. It was quite thin but real long, probably 7 inches or maybe a little more. Terry swallowed the wide little head like it was a plumb and slathered the shaft with his tongue as the constrictions of his esophagus pulled the boy’s member further inside with each forced swallow. The diameter of this particular cock was simply a perfect match to Terry’s throat and this created a fantastic experience for the teenager pressed against the wall and hanging on for all he was worth. The kid tried to tell his buddies what was happening but didn’t know what to say. He could only gasp and sputter as Terry’s mouth and throat massaged and caressed his firm young penis like something out of a dream.

Terry held his young testicles in his hand and felt them draw in close to unload their treasure. When he felt the first spurt of boy-seed in his throat he pulled all the way out to the tip and then dashed all the way back down to the light blond pubes at the base. He did this five or six times while he held onto the firm young balls, preventing the kid from backing away too soon. This was awesome. The cum just kept spurting and didn’t want to quit. Terry took everything the kid could produce and just kept swallowing and enjoying the feeling. Terry felt the teenager trying to pull away and slowly released his suction. When the young man stepped back, four of five strong spurts of his sperm flew through the opening and onto his face. Terry heard all the commotion through the wall; “Holy FUCK! Mike! Man, you’re still shootin’ like a cowboy! Look at ’em Ben. HOLY FUCK!”

The young stud named Mike that Terry had just put into earth orbit was utterly speechless but still managed a few more milky bullets before he ran out of ammunition. The boys talked and laughed as they headed for the shower. Terry just sat there in wonder. In a minute, Ben walked back into the weight room and leaned down to the glory hole. “Are you okay, Terry?” he quietly asked.

Terry answered, “Yeah, Ben. I’m more than okay. I’m fuckin’ great. You guys are incredible! If you guys like this as much as I do, you have to keep it a secret from the coach or I’m out of here.”

“Don’t worry, Terry,” Ben whispered. “I know some more guys who would love to do this. Okaywith you?”

Terry said, “Absolutely. Just be careful.”

That afternoon after practice Terry received auditions from four more guys, plus Ben (Three times in a day for Ben. That’s a horny teenager stud for you). Terry called Randy and invited him to visit him at school at 6:00 AM the next morning. I think the whole team decided to work out early that day. Randy and Terry probably need some help.

Any readers willing to volunteer?

End of Chapter 12


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