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By chubjim

submitted February 8, 2005

Categories: Mature, Straight Men, Gay Sex, Bisexual

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One sunny day I decided to take a drive up to the scenic overlook where many bi and gay older men would cruise. I parked my car and got out and sat down on a picnic table. There were a few other cars parked in the lot, but I did not see anyone around. I figured they must be in the nearby woods, or in the restroom. I decided to take a walk back in the woods. No sooner did I enter the path which leads into the woods a nice portly older gentleman exited.

We exchanged brief hellos and continued on. I keep looking back to see if he would re-enter the woods, but I did not see any sign of him. I continued making the journey thru the woods and came upon a picnic table, so i decided to take a break and hang out awhile and see if anyone comes past.

After about 10 minutes I noticed the nice older portly gentleman approaching the table. He sat down and introduced himself as Dan. Dan was about 60 years old, 250-270 pounds of chubby flesh, and had killer baby face with deep blue eyes and grey hair. We chatted about all sorts of non sexual things when suddenly I noticed his fat uncut cock was protruding from his shorts. I suddenly became hard myself and moved into a position where he would notice my enormous hard on.

Dan started to focus at my crotch and slowly moved his hand toward my shorts. I did not resist his touch and began to feel his massive cock. We dropped our shorts and began to suck on each others cocks. I was so excited I gave Dan a huge load down his throat in no time flat. I continued to bring Dan to climax as his pushed his cock all the way in my mouth and shot a load so powerful down my own throat. We both looked at each other and thanked each other for the great blow job. Dan left rather quickly after that and I was close behind.

Later that day, my girlfriend whom I just met a week ago wanted me to go with her to meet her parents. I decided to go with her and as we pulled into the driveway, I started to wonder if that truck was the same truck i seen earlier at the scenic overlook. We walked into the house and was greeted by her mother, soon after that my girlfriend took me into the family room to introduce me to her father. As soon as the glare from the sun shining in the window cleared and I could see her father sitting there, I was introduce to her father who's name was Dan.

I almost fainted, but held myself together. Dan and I took a walk outside and talked as my girlfriend and mother prepared dinner. Dan was totally shocked, but I calmed him down as we made our way into a barn were he was showing me some stuff. I rubbed my hands on his crotch, unzipped his zipper and gave him another incredible blow job.

He pulled back before cumming and asked me to bend over as he wanted to screw me. I did not resist and I got stuffed with all 7.5" of fat uncut cock. He moaned as he came deep in my ass, and I could feel every drop of cum shoot in my ass. We quickly cleaned up and went back to house to enjoy dinner.

Dan and I over the years have had many encounters, and we still have them too this day.