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Forced To Suck My First Cock

By nowinyourhole

submitted February 12, 2005

Categories: Athletics, Discipline, Gym Workouts, Tales From The Locker Room

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I had worked out for over two hours in my favorite gym and all the while I kept seeing this big guy ripped enough to play professional football, glancing over at me. This guy was big and he kept looking at me, especially when I was doing my squats. It's getting late and the gym would close in about an hour call it a night.

I returned to the locker room, and got undressed, and washed off all of the sweat in the showers. Then as usual I went into the steam room, with only a small towel to cover my crotch. I had never had any gay experiences, but that was about to change, because into the steam room walked the big guy who had kept eying me during my workout.

He has no towel he just walks in. I glanced up at him and sure enough he was as big as I thought he would be. And he actually sits right under me. I try to move and he turns around. He tells me that he saw the workout I was doing and asks if I was training for something or just working out for fun.

I tell him that it is one of my hobbies, which it helps me relax. He tells me he does the same thing. He must do more than that because this guy is a regular ADONIS. I start to stand up to leave, and he stands up first, and "accidentally” knocks me back down to sitting. I say sorry (I've come to realize when someone this big does something, even when it is their fault, to go ahead and make like it's my fault. He looks down at me and his cock is right in my face. I look up at him and he gives me a confident smirk. I look at him a little confused. Then he asks if I have ever been with a guy. I look a little shocked, at his blunt question, and say no.

He says, “Good, then this will be your first time.” I am a little scared now, and ask if this is some kind of joke, he says no. And than grabs his cock and strokes it once. Now I am really intimidated. He grabs my head and pulls me toward his cock. I say that I am not gay. He tells me that he can spot a good cock sucker from a block away, and that I will love it.

Now his cock is brushing up against my lips. I can actually smell the precum on the tip. He tells me to go ahead and go for it. I again tell him that I don't do that kind of thing. He tells me that I WILL today. He tells me to open my mouth, and have a taste of a real man. He tells me that there’s no one else in the locker room and no one will disturb us.

I open my mouth to protest again, and he shoves my open mouth onto his now hard cock. I am shocked, to say the very least. He holds me there and tells me that I better do a good job or else, and to watch my teeth. He then starts to work my mouth up and down his cock. I don't see any other way out and know that there is no way I can fight off this guy. And I do realize that for some reason that the situation has turned me on.

He looks down at me and tells me, that he knows I am into it, because my towel has a tent in it. He keeps working my mouth over his cock and says, “Get to work bitch, or do I have to really make you?” I finally comply and begin to suck on his cock, like I have seen girls do in the pornos I have watched. He says, “That's a good boy, now keep that up and you will do fine.” He tells me to use my tongue on the head. I do and begin to pick up speed.

I have to admit to myself that it is a real turn on. I'm not sure if it’s him, the situation of being helpless, or that I have a taste for cock after all. All three? I don't know and at that moment I don't care. I do get into it. I start to really go at his cock. After a few minutes I realize that his hands aren't guiding me to suck him anymore, and that I am doing it all myself. I look up at him and he says “Told you I could see it in you.”

I go all the way down to his balls, taking his cock all the way to the back of my throat and down my throat. He lets out a moan, and says, “Fuck yeah. You are a natural.” He starts pumping my mouth and fucking my face. He starts going faster and faster, driving it all the way in and all the way out. He pulls out, and with a pop it is out of my mouth. I look up at him with a surprised look on my face and he tells me that if I want it that bad that I must ask for it.

I tell him, I beg him to give me his cock. He makes me beg, for the honor of sucking him. He tells me that if I take it now that I will have to take it all the way and finish him off. I say that I will do it, just give it to me. He pulls my head back onto his cock and I again start to deep throat him, and lick his cock head with my tongue when I come up. he just stand there with a superior looking grin on his face and then grabs the sides of my head and takes it all the way down.

The cock is now in my throat. I can feel it twitching, and he begins to cum hard. I open my eyes really wide and try to pull off, but he has hold of my head and holds me there. He looks at me and says, “This is your reward you cum drinking bitch!”

I have no choice in the matter, the juice flows right down my throat. I never even taste it. With a shudder and a final thrust he relaxes. He pushes my head back so the head of his cock is just inside my mouth. He tells me to suck the last bits of cum out of his cock. I do and suck it hard, to get all of what he gives me.

I get my first taste of cum and I swallow it down. He actually shudders again. He pulls me off of his dick. He pats me on the head and tells me what a good little cock sucker I have become. I stick out my tongue and with a rather slutty look on my face, and lick his piss slit. He then turns around and walks out of the steam room. I lean back up against the wall and play back the entire scene in my head.

I still can't believe what just happened. And I enjoyed it too!

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