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The Initiation, Part 2: Leather Slut For Master

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I was all but recovered from yesterday’s hard ass fucking. I had relaxed the rest of the day, spent some time in the pool, Jacuzzi, and steam room...just enjoying the facilities. The next morning I awoke to find a new set of clothes set out for me on the dresser: a leather jockstrap, metal cock ring, leather collar, and a set of nipple clamps, along with a note instructing me to put on my new uniform, and join my second initiator in his private room.

I did as I was told and followed the directions to the room. I knocked on the door and heard a male voice telling me to come on in. I did and shut the door behind me. He was sitting in a chair facing me with his back to the window. He was wearing a pair of tight black leather pants and black leather biker boots. He told me to come to the center of the room, and show myself to him.

He told me to turn around, and then bend over. He sat there admiring my ass. He said that he had heard about my romp with the two guys and how they had introduced me to the idea of joining the club, and about my first initiation yesterday. He told me that he was going to have to find out just how much I wanted to join. He told me to come over to him and to get on my knees in front of him. I did. He then told me to lick and worship his boots.

I did and began licking all of the surfaces of his leather boots. I licked them like they were huge cocks. I actually was getting turned on by all of the smells of the leather. He asked me if I wanted his cock in my mouth, and I of course said yes. "Yes, What?" he said. I said, "Yes I want your cock in my mouth." He then leaned closer to me, and said "Listen you little cock whore, from now on you will answer me by calling me "sir." Is that understood?"

"Yes Sir" I said without hesitating.

“Now, let’s try this again. Do you want my cock in your mouth, you bitch?"

"Yes Sir, I want you cock in my mouth."

"Very good." he said. "But you haven't earned it yet. And I think you should pay for not calling me sir." With that he stood up and turned around, so I could tell that he was actually wearing ass-less leather pants. "Now" he said, "Eat my ass!"

I immediately plunged my tongue into his waiting hole. I licked all over the surface and then dove right in as far as my tongue would reach. I could hear his moans and groans. his ass was quivering on my tongue, so he was definitely enjoying my rimming session. He allowed me to keep eating him for a few minutes more, and then turned around so his crotch was right in my face. "Okay you little, leather slut, come get your master's cock."

He whipped out his cock and plunged it into my throat. I began sucking for all I was worth. I played with his balls all along the way. I would bring my head up so that just his cock head was in my mouth, and suck it as hard as I could while I licked his piss slit with my tongue.

He was really enjoying it. He started to fuck my face and really go deep into my throat. He would go all the way back and I could feel him in my throat. He kept this up for a while and then with a pop, he pulled out. He told me that now he was going to have some of that ass that he has heard so much about. He pulled me to my feet and then pushed me onto the chair, so that I was leaning over it. He then ran his fingers all over my ass cheeks and hole. He pushed a few fingers into my ass and felt around massaging my prostate. He then pulled out and squirted some kind of lube onto my hole. he then popped his cock head into my ass and then pulled out.

He did that a few times until I was squirming to keep him inside me. He made me beg him to fuck me, saying, "Please fuck my ass sir. I want you to make me your cock bitch sir." and with that he plunged all the way into my ass. He hit my prostate on the first try and I was in total delight. He didn't start out slow, but instead fucked me even harder than the guy yesterday. He would remove his cock completely from my hole, and then plunge back in again.

I was on the verge of cumming, and could feel him begin to pick up real speed. He grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and really started fucking me hard. I could hear the slapping sounds as his hips and balls slapped up against my ass, every time he would plunge in. he started to really degrade me by saying what a cock slut I was, and how he was going to use this hole as much as he could. He would call me his personal leather slut, and asked me how I liked that.

I said, "I like that great, sir." He slapped my ass and kept fucking me the whole time. He then pulled out of my ass, and shoved me down onto my knees and forced me back onto his cock. He told me that he was going to shoot his load all the way into my throat. He told me to start sucking his head, just his head. I did and began sucking hard and licking his piss slit. I felt his cock head swell and new he was close. He withdrew his cock from my mouth, and told me to open my mouth as wide as I could. I did as commanded and he aimed his cock into my mouth and jerked it once or twice before he erupted all of his juices into my mouth.

I caught all of it in my mouth and had to swallow as fast as I could to keep from spilling any. He then placed it back in my mouth and ordered me to finish him off. "I want you to suck all of the cum out of my cock, you little slut."

I did and got a few more drops of his cum, and swallowed it all. He shuddered and again withdrew his cock. He walked over to the door and opened it, and said, "That's enough, for now. Now go back to your room and wait for further instructions. And you had better not so much as touch your cock. I want you to build up a good load because we have lots more in store for you."

I left and walked back to my room, trying to get my balls to stop hurting from all of the cum built up, and waited for my next round of initiation...

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