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ABS Hot Sex

By adamstrange

submitted March 3, 2005

Categories: Discreet Encounters

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My divorce from a marriage of almost 20 years kept dragging on slowly and I kept getting horny, so I decided to visit an adult bookstore that had recently had their booths rebuilt. I went in and noticed their video booths had been divided into two sections, the smaller $1 booths and the $5 viewing rooms.

These second ones are much larger and with a big leather couch in front of a large screen TV. Immediately I decided to try them as I had not been able to relieve myself at home. I put in my $5 and started watching a movie of two men pleasing themselves and a woman. Suddenly, I started getting hard and I let my cock free from my pants. I pressed the up button and there were two beautiful, muscled men fucking. My desire won over my curiosity and I go completely naked and started jacking off.

All of a sudden, a jiggling on the door let me know somebody wanted to come in. I unlocked the door and a thirty something Hispanic man came in and asked me if he could watch with me. Of course I said yes. He stripped and sat next to me. While he was touching his 8 inch cock, he reached for mine. He bends his head and started sucking my 8 1/2 inch hard cock.

I grabbed his head and started moaning. He sure knew how to please another guy and he licked almost to the brink of cumming. He suddenly stopped and grabbed my hand and pulled his lips to mine and proceeded to bury his tongue in my mouth. This guy was making me hornier and hornier by the minute.

He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me on my knees. I saw his hard cock standing in front of my face. I opened my mouth and surrendered to his hard member. I must have been doing a good job because he started to fuck my mouth faster and faster. I wanted to keep sucking him and was seduced by his hot man smell. He suddenly withdrew from my mouth with his man-meat at full attention and pulled me up to him. We kept kissing and he told me how hot I was making him. I told him I was equally hot for him. He walked to the corner of the sofa and grabbed his pants. I was worried because I thought he was going to leave, but he reached on his pocket and pulled out condom and a small packet of lube.

All of sudden it dawned on me; he’s going to fuck me!

He started to wrap his rubber on his cock, open the lube packet and grabbed my hand and spilled some on my hand. He said, "Put some on your asshole, because your ass is getting fucked." I told him I haven't had a cock in my ass for almost 10 years. He had me kneel on the sofa with my ass on the air. He lubed my ass and started to push his cock slowly in my tight ass. I was hurting as he kept pushing it in. He would stop until I got used to it and started all over again.

Suddenly, a wave of pleasure overwhelmed me, and push back to get more of him inside me. He knew he had me and started fucking me harder. He kept telling my ass was so hot and tight. I started asking him to, "Fuck me harder, stud". He grabbed my hard cock and started pumping it while I was getting rammed. He pulled out and had me standing facing the big screen and pushed his rod inside me again, this time with no pain.

There were three muscled and oily studs on the movie now. One was in all fours getting fucked and sucking an enormous cock. My Mexican stud grabbed my cock and started the motion of fucking, jacking me off, and whispering in my ear how hot my ass was. I couldn't take it any more and started cumming in his hand. It felt so good and I started squeezing my ass and wrapping it on his cock until he couldn't hold it. He pulled out and shot his cum on the air.

While we were lying next to each other he told me his name was Jorge (probably not his real name) and that I was the hottest stud he ever had. I told him I was getting divorced and decided to try to sort out some of my feelings and he made me feel wanted again. We made a date to meet next week. He kissed me as he left and I went to my apartment satisfied and happy.

I look forward to next week.

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