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Taking Direction

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I was summoned into his office at about the prescribed time. I passed some dirty blonde twink with a shit-eating grin on his way out of the office. Clearly, I had my work cut out for me. I had modeled for two years, but this was my first big opportunity in Hollywood. I had done my homework and I was determined to make this meeting count.

Rosenberg welcomed me effusively but didn't rise from his desk. We went though a few minutes of chitchat before he cut to the chase. I knew all about him, of course. Nothing is secret in this business for very long. He thought he was in charge. Maybe he was, but that remained to be seen. He was fit and trim, severely graying at the temples. Most people would probably peg him as mid-to-late forties. The archives said to add another decade. I tried to concentrate on his shtick.

"Call me Ben," he was saying. "Understand, I'm not offering you the part yet, Tony, but I feel really good about it. Tell me what you think makes the character tick. The stuff that's not in the script."

What an opening! He had no shame. "Well, truthfully, Ben," I opined, "the part is severely underwritten. What makes Paul rape Carole? He's totally under control through out the rest of the movie. Why does he lose it here? He doesn’t give shit about her. The script makes that clear. The only reason he would do this is to establish domination--of Carole and of Frank at the same time."

“So he's gay?" Ben asked with feigned innocence. God, he was good. I nearly bought it.

"Gay. Straight. Who the fuck cares?" I responded. "For him it's all about fucking. If he's on top, he wins. Don't misunderstand me. The fucking is not a symbol or a surrogate for anything. The fucking is the entire point. Everything else follows from that one idea in his mind. If he hasn’t fucked you, he doesn't own you. If he has, he does—and he'll make sure it carries through in his other dealings with you. That's why 'gay or straight' doesn’t matter. One ass to him is the same as any other. An object for the taking."

He was lapping it up. I could see the old faggot taking me in with increasing interest. Hey, I had fucked much worse in my time. Some of my best magazine covers had resulted from the good graces of aging photographers I serviced. I had surrendered my pride years ago. No loss to me that I could see.

"Okay,” he said. "He's not gay. He's just a predator—a sexual opportunist. But how does he handle it? Wouldn't he just seduce Carole and use her to manipulate Frank?"

"Uh. Uh." I replied. "He has to take her physically, brutally, forcing Frank to respond in kind or not at all. It doesn’t matter if he fucks Carole or Frank himself. The result is the same. Let me show you."

I stood up and walked around his desk, standing over him, looking down. He seemed flustered. Clearly this was not what he had in mind. I unbuckled my belt and dropped trou. Sans underwear, my 6" limp uncut cock loomed just inches from his face. I reached out and pulled his head into my groin. It was too much for the old fag. He opened his mouth and latched onto my member. I held his face close. I wasn't about to let him service me. I would use his mouth for my pleasure. For a while, he didn't know what to do with his hands. Finally, he settled by clutching my ass. I hardened fairly quickly and the head of my cock was soon slamming into the back of his throat.

"Open up, Ben," I ordered. "A seasoned fairy like you knows how to swallow a big cock like mine."

I pulled his head into me. He acquiesced to my tool and I slid it down his throat. I grabbed him by the hair, so that he had no control over the action. After about a minute of thrusting, he began to panic from lack of air. I pulled my head back into his mouth, allowing him to breathe once again through his nose. He began to take an interest in my cock, sucking and massaging it with his tongue. He loosened his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled out his own, now hard tool. It was cut and quite respectable, but not up to mine. As he began whacking away, I took control again, pushing deep into his throat. I pounded continuously until I came in large spurts straight down his gullet. When I finally pulled out, I found a small while pool between his legs. The limited volume of his emission confirmed my reading of that smirk on the blonde guy's face.

Still clutching his hair, I tilted his face upward. "You see how it is, Ben." I noted. "It's all in the fucking. The one on top gets ownership."

"Ownership, my ass!" He exploded. "If you think you're getting the part because of one rough blowjob, you've got another think coming, you little shit."

I slapped him with the back of my hand and his glasses flew across the room. He fell back on his ass stunned. I ripped his shoes and pants off and then knelt between his legs. Despite his age, he had a decent body. Probably had a personal trainer. I slung my arms under his legs and pushed his knees into his chest. His puckered hole was exposed between his stretched ass cheeks. My cock was still rock hard and dripping. I positioned it on the bud and thrust my hips forward as hard as I could. It wasn't smooth, but I got in. He screamed in pain.

"At least use a condom," he pleaded.

"No condom," I shot back. "It wouldn't be in character."

I started pumping. It was pretty raw. Having just come, I was good for a long time. After a few minutes, tears were streaming from his eyes.

"Get it over with," he pleaded. "It hurts!" That was easy to believe, since I wasn't all that comfortable myself. Even so, he was hard again.

"Who owns your ass?" I demanded, giving him an especially hard shot.

"I give up," he surrendered. "You own me, stud. You've got the part. Just finish up before you tear my ass apart."

"I'll come when you do," I answered.

"I can't, Tony," he answered. "I've come twice in the last hour. I fucked the guy who was here before you."

"So I figured," I said. "Well I can last a long time, Ben."

I resumed my methodical plowing. Ben worked his cock furiously with his right hand. He ran his left hand through my ample chest hair. We stopped talking, and began panting in unison as we worked to a climax. Both of us were hurting, but we were now also in full heat. I realized that despite my bragging, I didn’t have much time before I came. I let one of Ben's legs fall to the floor to free a hand. I then pulled Ben's hand aside and took hold of his cock. Almost immediately, he began to ejaculate. That was enough to push me over the edge. I kept plowing until I drained the last drop of my jism into his ass. Ben grabbed my hand to stop me from stroking him further. When I finally pulled out, there was blood on my cock.

"I'll be back tomorrow to sign the contract,” I announced as I dressed. "If I'm satisfied with the terms, Ben, I'll fuck you again. If you want lubrication, grease yourself up before I arrive, because I'm not going to stop for that. Afterwards, we'll bring in the scriptwriters to build the part up from a supporting role to a co-lead. Hey, bring that twink in and I'll fuck him too. He's pretty hot. Maybe he could play Frank."

Ben nodded in resignation. I owned him.

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