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Treated Like a Dog

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The following story is 100% true. If you are offended by man to man sex please do not read. The details of the story are accurate to the setting of The Club New Orleans. Names have been changed to protect those who wish to remain unknown. Enjoy and Hope to see you next time at The Club.

After my first (see “spanked at the bath house”) wonderful experience at the Club, I was eager to go back. As soon as I could, plans were made to escape reality once again. This time I was more comfortable with my surroundings. I parked on Rampart Street after 7pm so that there would not be any expense for parking and my car would be safe parked in front of the police station.

I chose a Thursday night because of the ½ price special. On the way to the Club, I stopped by Rawhide for a beer, just to relax a bit. As I approached the entrance, my heart was pounding and my brain was in overdrive. Slowly I opened the door and stepped into the tiny reception area. Walked up to the window and handed the cute young man my driver’s license and money. He handed me a receipt to sign and a towel and key to a locker.

I heard the buzzer that released the lock on the door and entered the zone of my fantasy world. Turning to the left I found the stairway that would take me to the upper levels of erotic pleasures. My locker was in the back corner and I quickly undressed and wrapped a towel around my nude body.

First on my agenda was to the video lounge. I watched from my padded bench, several porno videos of three, or more men in various acts of sex. The hottest was one where two men walked into a pub and spot two others playing darts. A challenge is issued and the loser had to yield to the winner’s wishes. I was getting horny by the minute, just as you would be doing.

Next, I walked upstairs just to see who was here and what was going on. The third floor, glory hole section was packed with action. I passed by in observation and anticipation as to what was going on in the playroom on the fourth floor. The top floor was dark and looked empty at first glance. Upon my eyes adjusting to the light, I noticed that almost every corner was full with a person, or two in some cases. Many of the men were very hot and did not even notice that I had entered the room.

Finally, after being in The Club for about an hour, I made my way down to the bath area. Good decision! The whirlpool had five men soaking in it. The sauna was packed with seven or eight sweaty beefy bodies. I chose the steam room for personal reasons. Inside it was hot and smelly with very limited space to sit. I found a space and made my way to the upper level bench next to the back wall. When everyone was comfortable with my presence, the action started back.

I watched in amazement as to what was going on right in front of my eyes. One guy was having his dick sucked at the same time as he was sucking another huge dick. Two guys were kissing and pinching nipples in the corner while one boy was eating ass on the bottom bench. About that time one of the biggest bears I have ever seen came up to me and said, “You’re new here.”

“Yes sir, I am,” I answered as I stared at his massive hair covered body.

“Prove to me that you are worthy, boy.” he demanded.

My first impulse was to hug and kiss him, but he was standing and I was sitting. His cock was in my face. I knew what he wanted me to do. I reached out and took is two low hanging family jewels in my hand and worked with them for a short time and then leaned forward opened my mouth. “Who the fuck gave you permission to suck my property?” he screamed.

I was shocked but able to answer, “No one sir, I was just trying to please you, Sir. May I please have your 8 inch long, thick uncut cock in my pussy mouth, Sir?”

With a smile on his face, he said, “You will do fine. Follow me.”

We exited the steam room and took a cool shower. He never said a word to me, just looked me over from head to toe. Then it was upstairs to a private room on the second floor. He unlocked the door and pushed me in, closed and locked the door. He dropped his towel and reclined on the bed. “My name is Sir Mark. For the next four hours you are my boy. I do not kiss nor do I permit any body fluid transfers. You never know what you might catch around here. You are not allowed to talk unless I request an answer from you. Now, Get busy.” He finished his instructions and leaned back to watch his video monitor with one after another porno movie.

Mark almost did not even acknowledge that I was in the room. I started licking his tits and playing with his nuts. Several times he would moan and close his eyes. He pulled me up close to his hairy chest and held me tightly, like a puppy dog in the arms of a bear. I was happy, he was happy. Then he began to talk to me. He told me that he was in town from Denver on business and had two more days. He was married with kids, but sought male companionship often.

A long time had passed and I thought that he was asleep. I was playing with his cock and it got aroused to an unbelievable length and thickness. I could not resist putting it in my hot mouth. When he realized what was going on, he jumped up and yelled at me, “You fucking queer cock sucking slut, I told you that is not how I like to do things in here.”

I apologized, but it did no good. He was beyond mad, he was furious. He got us and took is belt off his pants that were hanging on the wall. I thought for sure that I was about to get the spanking of my life. Instead, he placed it around my neck like a dog collar. Then he unlocked the door and said, “Come on, we need to go for a walk.” I reached for my towel to wrap around my naked waste like he had done, but he jerked the make-do leash and made me leave my modesty behind.

We walked into the video lounge and he told me to sit. He made sure that all could see me under his domination. We went into the playroom and he climbed into the sling and told me to eat his ass while several others watched. Then we went across the roof top lounge into the second side of the playroom where he found a tent like corner where several men were gathered. He asked, “Is there anything that my slave dog can do for you?” I was thinking, this could turn into a long night. One hot young dude said, “Yeah, he can suck my cock.”

Mark replied, “Good, that’s what he wants to do. Let me know if you are not pleased.” The line of men got longer and I must have sucked 20 cocks of all sizes and Mark would not allow me to turn any away.

We went down to the showers again where he took the belt collar off my neck and said, “Have you had enough humiliation for one night?”

“Yes sir,” I answered.

“Good, let’s get showered up and go get a drink so we can talk about tomorrow night.” He patted me on the head and smiled.

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