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Fishing Trip with Joe

By Pappa Jack

submitted April 15, 2005

Categories: Best Friends, Camping, Friends, Hairy, Summer Adventures, Threesomes, True Stories

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Fishing with Joe By Pappa Jack JacksonG1944@yahoo.com

The following story is a true story that happened in the summer of 1976. I have just now found the place to tell it to everyone. Thank You MOTNES for your wonderful forum.

Ted and Jason grew up together but did not become best friends until their senior year in high school. When it came time to go off to college, they went in separate directions. Every chance they had to spend time together was taken. Their choice of activities was to go fishing at the river, the Jourdan River in South Mississippi. Jason’s family had a fishing camp in Jourdan River Bluff served as a wonderful weekend get-a-way for two college boys. Jason was the oldest at 20 and Ted would turn 20 in two months. Ted was 6’4” and 200 pounds of standard issue red blooded All-American male. Jason was noticeably smaller but well built at 175 pounds and 5’10” tall. Both boys were well tanned and had a good amount of body hair.

Ted’s first cousin, Joe had also gone to high school with the two, except he had just graduated this year. Joe had begged Ted to let him go fishing with us this weekend. Ted asked Jason and they agreed to allow him to join them so that they might have a little bit of fun with him.

Gamblers at heart, Ted and Jason would bet on anything and everything. Once they placed a bet on the number of white lines in a mile. The loser had to ride a mile without his pants on. Over time their bets had begun to get more and more risqué in nature. Last year there was a wager on who would catch the most fish where the loser would have to clean and cook the fish for dinner. The one, who caught the largest fish, would become the master of the other one. “When I say master, I mean anything goes.” Ted said. “That means: wash my car, kiss my ass, or suck my cock.”

Ted was silent for a moment and then said, “Okay it’s a bet, but you are going to regret you ever made it, because I’m going to catch the most and largest today. Then tonight we will see who will be servicing whom; you Son of a Bitch!”

They knew that with Joe on the trip that they could make him do anything that they desired him to do.

The morning was spent launching the boat and packing the cooler with beer for the day, then relaxing on the water with good friends catching fish. Around 8:30am no fish had been caught and Ted suggested that a wager be placed on who would catch this first fish. The other two fishermen would have to kiss the ass of the best fisherman for catching the first fish. Jason was eager to see Joe’s face when that bet was places. Joe just laughed and said “Pucker up and put your mouth where my hole is” The weekend was off to a great start and a true fisherman’s contest was in progress.

Two or three nibbles sent excitement through the boat, but then the big hoop and holler came when Ted landed the first fish of the day. He reeled it in and gloated over the size and then stood up, turned around, dropped his pants and said “pay up boys” Jason went first and Joe did not even hesitate to kiss up. The day continued with moderate luck and time to call it a day arrived.

At the camp house that night, the fun continued after a great fried fish and hushpuppy meal with a game of poker. Cards were the standard entertainment at the camp. First was a warm up game of chug-a-lug with low card downing a can of beer. Joe was up 3 to 1 beers over Ted and Jason when the game became strip poker. Rules were not many and few were followed if at all. The three boys were already down to cut off jeans, briefs, and tee shirt. The game would be that the person with the winning 5-card draw hand got to pick the article of clothing from the other two. After a person was naked then they would have to take a dare.

Cards were dealt and eyes were eager to see what they had. As anxious as the boys were to strip, there was an anxious tension to see who would be first. At the end of the hand, Joe had the winning three of a kind Kings. He asked for shirts from both of the others. Hand number two was dealt out and this go-round, Jason had the winning pair of 8’s. He asked for the cut offs from both of his companions. Joe said “What? My Pants first?” as he was unzipping them. Round three was a win for Ted and he called for Jason’s cut offs and Joe’s tee shirt.

Tension was mounting as all three were around the table in their Fruit of the Looms. The next two losers would have to do something for the winner. What would it be? They thought for a moment and then Jason said that the loser would have to shave his balls. Ted’s turn to deal and the cards hit the table one at a time. Jason ended up with a full house and Ted had a pair of jacks, but poor Joe had nothing. “Off with those fucking white underwear and lather up and get to shaving those balls.” Jason laughed.

As soon as they had finished with their shaving, Joe grabbed the cards and said next hand the loser will have to shave his pits. Ted was victorious that round. Joe went back to shave his hairy arm pits. Jason removed his briefs and joined Joe for an underarm clean up job.

Jason passed out another round of beer as the boys gathered nude around the table for another dare-bet. “Winner take all.” Ted announced. The two losers will be at the winners beck and call for the rest on the night, deal?”

Deal! Hell Yeah Deal the all exclaimed.

You would have thought that all the money in Las Vegas was on the table for this hand. Jason had the deal and he said that this hand was going to be Indian poker, high card wins. Three cards were dealt face down in front of each player then they picked the card up without looking at it and placed it on their foreheads. The other two could see the card but the cardholder had no clue what his card was.

Looking at the cards then the players can up the stakes if they care to do so. Ted decided that the others had low enough cards that he offered a raise to the stakes. Lowest card gets his ass nailed by the highest. No turning back now; time to reveal the cards. Ted had a 7 of hearts. Joe had a 5 of spades and Jason had the 10 of clubs.

Without saying a word, but making a mad dash toward the bedroom, Joe looked back over his shoulder with a come and get me grin on his face. Jason and Ted followed with their dicks on hard. Joe had his ass up in the air in the middle of the bed. Ted told Jason to plow that Mother fucker. Jason got on Joe and with a small amount of lube slid his rock hard shaft into the virgin hole that was waiting for him. Oh it was so tight. Joe let out a loud shout but took it like a man. He took it like a man who always pays his debts.

The night was full of sex among the three men. Cocks were sucked and tits were pinched. Jason was in complete control of the two others as he made the two cousins French kiss for five minutes. Joe was glad that Jason had won, because Ted’s cock was a whopper at 8 inches and 6 round.

Joe stayed at the camp drinking beer the next morning and did not go fishing. When they got home, Ted got out first and then Jason took Joe home. Joe told Jason, “we will have to do this again sometime real soon.” Then he leaned over and gave Jason a passionate kiss.

Jason and Joe went their separate ways for the next 29 years. They have not seen or heard from the other one except through Ted. Joe is a retired marine and a single parent of 2 boys; Jason is a professional with three teenagers. Last week Joe called Jason and told him to get ready for a fishing trip, pay back was coming.

(To be continued . . .)

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