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Blackmailed at the Deer Camp

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This fictional story picks up where the “Special Night at the Deer Camp” ends. Please let me know at jacksong1944@yahoo.com how you like this one.

Phil was up early and in the kitchen as was his custom. Coffee was brewing and the biscuits and bacon were almost ready. Mike, Steve, Will and Robert were waking up to a wonderful smell in the lodge. Thomas was in a complete daze. He was not sure what had happened last night, but he was sure that it was at his expense.

Thomas had a hard time finding anything to wear for the day. Unaccustomed to nudity, he walked around his room looking for something to cover his 50-year-old hairy body with. He was also having a difficult time walking normal. His balls were so sore that he just wanted to stay in bed and rest.

After breakfast, the men were about to go out and inspect the deer stands and shoot houses. Phil told Thomas to clean up the mess in the kitchen and then join the others. Thomas protested under the rules of the lodge, if you mess it up, you clean it up. Phil laughed and told Thomas that after last night, there was no more fucking rules.

All day long every man in the group had a task or two for Thomas to do. Always with the threat of what happened last night becoming public knowledge of the whole damn world. Thomas did not have a memory of last night, however, for the group to still be ribbing him about it, the evening must have been great entertainment. Robert had Thomas wash his jeep. Steve saw to it that Thomas was busy with a load of firewood for the next week. Mike ordered Thomas to fix lunch for all the men then serve them, but not allow him to join them at the table. Will was the overseer for the cleaning of the three bathrooms that Thomas had to make shine. Thomas was not accustom to this much work and especially being forced to do the work by men who were his friends. Every time they would just laugh at him and say that Thomas should have been more careful last night.

When the day finally came to an end, Thomas gathered the group on the porch and asked them to tell him why he had to do all the work for them today. Robert answered, “Thomas, if what happened last night had happened with any group other than us, you would be paying for it for the rest of your bitching life. You could have lost everything.”

Mike stated, “Thomas, I am going to use your Navigator next week.”

“Like hell you are. What do you expect me to drive?” Thomas replied.

“I really don’t give a shit.” Exclaimed Mike. “Last night you said anything I wanted was mine.”

“OK, OK what do I have to do the put an end to this fucking blackmail?” Thomas begged.

Silence as they thought. Will, the legal mind, formulated the plan aloud, “Thomas, you need to learn a lesson of self-esteem and respect. If each one of us had one hour alone with you to teach you, I think that we could all rest assured that nothing like last night will ever happen again.”

“One fucking hour with each of you bastards!” Thomas gripped. “Then what about the pictures? Will I get them?”

“The pictures would be a good reminder for you. We will lock them away in a safe place and hope that we never have to pull them out. I think that you would want to see them first so that you will know why we are so concerned about your behavior.” Steve answered. In reality, the pictures were already posted at DeerCampSM.com, a web page that Mike and Steve had set up that morning. Pictures of Thomas, naked and tied spread eagle to the bed. Pictures of Thomas with a cucumber up his ass and fresh candle wax on his nipples and cock head. Pictures of Thomas and five dicks pointed at his face, then one by one into his mouth. Pictures of Thomas and cum on his face and chest, but not other faces were shown.

Thomas reluctantly agreed to the arrangement, if doing so would put an end to the hell that he had been through today. “Fine, we can start right now men.” Robert stated. “Let’s draw cards to see who gets the first hour.”

The cards were shuffled and cut. Mike won the first hour, Will had hour two, Steve was third, Robert came in with the fourth and Phil won the fifth and final hour.

HOUR ONE Mike, with his infamous evil grin, got up and barked, “Follow me” to Thomas. As they left, Will said that he would watch the clock. To the bathroom they went and Mike handed Thomas a can of shaving cream and a pack of razors. The lesson was to be in keeping yourself clean. Mike wanted the slut to be clean-shaven from head to toe. “Not one hair is to be left you that furry body of yours my friend. Do you understand?”

“Yes” Thomas answered.

“Oh no, that will never work boy. You should show respect for your masters. Answer and address us with Sir” Mike’s tone of voice had changed. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, SIR” Thomas yelled.

As Thomas stripped, Mike turned the shower on and watched as Thomas lathered up his hairy chest. Stroke by stroke the hair came off. Chest, arms, legs, underarms, pubs and Mike helped with the back. Thomas acted as if he were finished and handed the razor to Mike. “No way slime, you aren’t even close to being finished. Start on that head full of hair and don’t forget the goatee.” Mike demanded. Thomas was proud of his hair because at his age, he had not started to thin. Shaving it all off would be an ultimate disgrace.

Thomas wet his hair in the warm shower water and then used the rest of the can of shaving cream to lather it up. Then he went to work on the sides. First the right and then the left side were shaved. Thomas then shaved the back of his head and finally the top. He started to complain about the water turning cold, but knew that Mike would have no sympathy for him. All that was left to shave was his face. The goatee had been a signature of his for over 6 years. He hated to see it go, but with his thick hair and fast growing beard, it would not take long for it to be back. He turned to Mike for the final inspection, hoping for a pleased master. Mike shouted, “Oh Shit! You mother fucker. You think you have pleased me? I want you to be totally shaved. Not one hair head to toe and you have failed to shave those bushy eyebrows of yours.”

“My eyebrows too?” Thomas questioned.

“YES, do I have to do it for you? Shave that shit off your fucking face now.”

“Yes Sir.” Was Thomas’ reply. And then they were shaved off.

“You have finally pleased me with your shave job, boy. We have time left for you to show me how you can please me with your blow job.” Mike growled as he pulled his thick 7-inch cut Irish Dick out of his camo pants. “Suck on that boy. Show me that you know how, like you did last night, boy. Let me know how proud you are to be sucking my cock, you hairless cock-sucker”

Thomas went to work on the hard Dick and was doing a fine job when a knock at the door stopped them. It was Will for his hour. Thomas finished sucking Mike’s Dick with a giant climax and then turned to Will.

HOUR TWO: Will choose to remain in the bathroom for his time of training with Thomas. Will ask for Thomas to start by giving him a bath with his tongue. Even though Will is a lawyer and everyone knows how bad lawyers stink, today he was at the worst. Will had not bathed last night nor today and he had been working outside most of the day. Thomas was forced to wash Will’s body clean with only his tongue. Starting at the nasty rank, ripe hairy arm pits then moving to the crusty and smelly crouch and ass with a finally at the hot and dirty feet. Thomas spent most of his hour with Will in a humiliation lesson. Will praised his boy for the fine job of bathing him and then rewarded the pig with the chance to eat his ass. Thomas licked deep into Will’s crack to find the target and worked on it for the remainder of the time as Will jacked off. At the end of the hour Will opened the door just in time for the others to see Thomas, totally clean shaven and licking Will’s cum up off of the bathroom floor. There was a chorus of laughter from the guys.

HOUR THREE: Steve picked up the pace with Thomas during the third hour. Moving into the bedroom, Steve had a DVD of selected porn playing when the door opened. Steve explained to Thomas that this would be an easy hour, if he could cooperate and obey orders. If not, there would be punishment to reinforce the lesson. “All you have to do is to stand there for one hour, watch this DVD and keep a raging rock hard Dick the entire hour. If for any reason you lose the erection, then you will be punished with a hit to the nuts or a spanking.” Steve said with a wide toothed smile.

Thomas thought that this task was going to be an easy one and did not have one bit of trouble getting hard with the porn playing, even with Steve watching him. Not long after the hour began, the DVD switched from porn to a NASCAR race from two weeks ago. Thomas had to start thinking to keep his erection up. He thought about every sexual erotic thing that he could run through his brain, but the race keep his attention and Steve made sure of that. Before long the inevitable happened, He lost his hard. Steve gave him a warning to get it back fast or a punishment would take place. Thomas started playing with himself to re-establish his hard, but to no avail. He was limp as ever. Steve had been fair so far, but walked over and stood directly in front of Thomas, places both hands on his shoulders and then kneed Thomas in the nuts. You will be punished once a minute for every minute that you are not rock hard. Just then the DVD went back to some porn scenes and Thomas was able to regain his boner. This happened two more times during the hour (Porn then NASCAR then Porn then I Love Lucy) and then the third time, with about thirty minutes left, Thomas was not able to get hard. Steve gave him no help. Steve then took an unopened two-liter bottle and tied it to Thomas’ balls. The bottle had about 18 inches of twine attached to it. Thomas was asked to hold the bottle at chest high and then drop it. He did and when he did, he yelled louder than the featured band at a rock concert. Still no erection was present. Steve then ordered Thomas to let the bottle swing between his legs and bend over so that his ass was exposed. Steve brought out a leather strap from his bag and told Thomas that he would get 30 swats with the strap until the hour was over, or he would stop when he saw a hard cock. WACK, WACK, . . . The hour had been productive for Steve with the exception of his “need” to get off. Looking at the red, raw butt of Thomas, he got an idea to shoot his load on that hot ass to cool it off. He did not have to work very long to get to his climax after watching the porn and giving the spanking. His load of about 6 shots hit the red marks on Thomas’ ass and Steve was relieved. One last swat with his bare hand and he rubbed the cum into the blistered butt like lotion.

HOUR FOUR: Thomas had been shaved, pitted, spanked, balls hit and now two more hours. What more could he take? Just then Robert knocked on the door and ordered the boy to come back to the bathroom with him. “I have been drinking beer for the last three hours waiting for you to take my piss. Now get on your fucking knees and act like a toilet mouth that your are.”

“Please, no Robert, don’t make me do that. Please anything but that.” Thomas pleaded.

“Shut your trap and take it like a man or I will piss all over you and then make you lick it up.” Robert responded.

Thomas did as he was ordered and took the piss right from the hose. Then he found out what was in store for him during the rest of this hour-long training session, all water sports. Robert took a q-tip and dipped it into a bottle of TOBASSCO hot sauce then gave it to Thomas to “swab” down his piss slit and give it three twist while it is down there. The hot sauce on the tender inner lining of the Dick was torture for Thomas. Then Robert ordered Thomas to piss into a glass and when he did, Robert gave it back to him to drink. “This is called the Louisiana Cocktail” Robert proudly reported. The torture was far from over for this hour when the tube of Ben Gay muscle rub was brought out. Robert put squirts on Thomas’ tits and then placed a strip of duct tape over them. He told Thomas that a choice had to be made and that Robert wanted Thomas to make it. The Ben Gay had to be used in one other place on Thomas’ body. Thomas was given the privilege of choice between his cock and balls or his ass crack. Thomas had to hold out his hand and Robert placed a generous amount of Muscle rub in the palm. Thomas had to rub all of it into either his ass crack or his cock and balls. At this point, both were in equal amount of pain so he chose his balls and cock. He started with his freshly shaven balls and then worked his way up the shaft. As the burn started to sink in, Robert pushed Thomas to his knees and said that he knew what he needed to do. Robert’s Dick was the only uncut one in the group. Thomas sucked it hoping to take his mind off the other pains that he was experiencing at the time. Robert made sure that Thomas took all of his cock down to the base and that he did not spill any of the cum. Robert’s ejaculation was with great verbal expression and force. He wanted everyone in the hallway to know that Thomas was a good cocksucker.

HOUR FIVE: Phil’s hour was finally here. He had been thinking what he was going to be able to do at the end of four others that had not already been done. Then Phil realized that he was in the best position, the others had been working to train their boy and now after four hours of work, the boy was ready to do anything that he was asked to do.

Phil started by having Thomas follow him to the bedroom and when they went in, the atmosphere was strangely different. Candles were lit and the covers were turned back, soft music was playing and there were two glasses of Champaign on the nightstand. Phil told Thomas to relax that the night was almost over and that they were going to end it in style. Phil told Thomas to undress him. Before his underwear hit the floor they were locked in a deep passionate kiss. Their hands explored each other’s bodies and hugged tightly as they fell back into the bed. Romance was high and passion was flowing. The Champaign tasted good and relaxed Thomas.

“Tell me what you want, Thomas. Tell me what you want me to do to you tonight.” Phil whispered softly.

“I want … you to … fuck my virgin ass . .. Please ….. SIR” Thomas said breathless.

Phil was hoping that is what Thomas wanted. He reminded him about the cucumber from last night and how easy it went in. Talking him through every step, Phil lovingly inserted his Dick into Thomas’ begging ass, bareback. When Phil’s rhythm quickened and Thomas knew that climax was fast approaching, Thomas could not hold back any longer. The two of them had a simultaneous ejaculation. They made love for the entire hour and cuddled under the covers of the bed until the others knocked at the door.

The weekend had been a wonderful success for all. The group was proud of their teamwork of making their leader into their boy toy. One would almost think that someone that controlling with a PhD in Psychology, would have had control in this situation also. Or did he, after all, have it his way?

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