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Andrew's Torture and Rape

By bottom41

submitted April 24, 2005

Categories: Bondage, S/M

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As Andrew headed back to his car on that hot Friday night after finishing training he thought nothing of the van parked beside his car and when a stockily built man asked him for an autograph he happily obliged. As a star footballer, for many years, Andrew was very recognisable, as he had done a few television commercials for menswear/ jeans, and also some modelling work.

From what seemed like nowhere another man came up behind him and the chloroform soaked rag was pressed over his face. The vans side door slid open and two more men assisted in dragging the beefy footballer into the van.

The next thing Andrew remembered was waking up spread-eagled on a concrete floor and faintly hearing a male voice saying, “he’s waking up”. Feeling slightly groggy Andrew quickly gathered his senses and began struggling and demanding to know what the fuck was happening. He ascertained he was to be assaulted in some manner as he had been stripped of his jersey and boots and left wearing just his footy shorts. He noticed a video camera on a tripod, lighting equipment and a rack nearby containing ropes, whips and restraints. Some candles were burning and the whole place had a dungeon feel about it.

Four shirtless men came into view all wearing leather hoods. Two in jeans and the other’s wearing leather pants, all four of them looking very intimidating, as they stood quietly looking at the masculine hairy chested, footballer/model spread before them. When one of the men walked out of sight behind him, Andrew felt his arms and upper body being lifted as one of the men operated an electric hoist that lifted Andrew to a full X spread-eagled standing position.

The thick leather restraints firmly buckled around Andrews wrists and ankles were attached to heavy-duty chains stretching his limbs in four different directions. It became clear to him that escape was impossible.

Andrew could only struggle and verbalise his protests as he made eye contact with one of the hooded men who had stepped up closer to his vulnerable captive. “What the fuck is this shit”? Do you know who I am you bunch of fucked up freaks? Do you think I’m into this? He yelled.

We are completely aware of who you are Andrew, the hooded man said. And after we all have a bit of fun we will return you to the car park. Then you can be on your way. We will need you for a few hours. Whether or not you are “into this” is not relevant. In fact it would be to our liking that you continue your struggles and protests as we film your torture for internet distribution.

One of the other men had already picked up the camera and was circling the scenario as Andrew eyes widened in full horror and fright of what lay ahead of him for the next few hours. The adjustable pulleys made it possible for these men to either tighten or slacken his entire body. His spread legs were chained to bolts in the concrete floor. He realised these men had complete control of him, even to the point of how much he was permitted to struggle.

They started with Andrew’s body slackened so as to watch him flex his muscles during torture. One man chose a multi stranded flogger and threw it to one of the others and calmly stated, “Whip him”.

Andrew began shaking as his helpless body was strung up in this vulnerable position awaiting an inevitable whipping. He wondered how much he would be able to take and could not believe the pain as the flogging began on his shoulder blades and was quickly moved to his lower back, arse and the backs of his thick sinewy thighs. His head arched back as the leather strands were belted against his defined body, as he began screaming and begging for them to stop this and let him go. The flogging continued at a quick and deliberate pace then stopped as the cameraman changed position as directed by the leader and a different whip was chosen. A much longer single braided whip was chosen as Andrew looked on helplessly wondering how much more this whip would hurt in comparison to the one used previously.

He found out soon enough as the torture master stood a few steps back and swung the whip across Andrews back, again causing him to scream in agony as the whip began criss-crossing his hard muscled burning back. The thin nylon of his footy shorts offered no resistance to the bite of the whip as it stung across his buttocks. Andrew thrust his pelvis forward in a vain attempt to escape the stinging blows to his arse.

It was difficult for Andrew to prepare for each lash, as he did not know exactly when or on which part of his body the lashes would strike. He pulled at his restraints and tried to kick his feet and close his legs as the tension was tightened allowing him to twist his hips only slightly. With his body tightly bound in this position Andrew had no choice but to accept his situation, and hoped against hope these pricks would stop soon and let him go.

Another man stepped up in front of Andrew and began pinching and twisting his nipples, causing him to scream further at the top of his lungs.Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Andrew thought of how he loved it when his girlfriend twisted his nipples but this guys strong fingers crushed and twisted his nipples really hard!

With his back whipped a crimson red, Andrew screamed further as the men attacked his sore tits and entire chest area with the flogger, the hair on his chest offering no protection from the flogging. Copping a simultaneous front and back flogging from two of the men caused Andrew’s body to work up a lather of sweat which soaked the waistband of his footy shorts, his legs collapsed from under him as he hung from his wrists in a sagged position, whimpering softly before cold water was thrown in his face to revive him.

The pulleys were adjusted further to make him stand almost on his toes as his footy shorts were cut from his body, revealing his black Speedo’s and making him feel even more vulnerable. The whipping and tit torture relentlessly continued as the third man began feeling Andrew’s lycra clad crotch before cutting away the Speedo’s and stuffing them into Andrew’s mouth, leaving his beautiful circumcised cock to flop about as his body reacted in instinctive yet futile struggles. Andrew looked down in confusion as the third man then wrapped a circular leather implement containing fastening studs around his balls and clipped it in place. A three way chain hung from this thing and the man then placed a weighted bag onto the chain causing Andrews balls to be stretched downward. The more Andrew’s body reacted to the torture the more he caused the bag to swing and place further pressure on his already stretched ball sac.

The man wielding the braided leather whip continued whipping Andrew’s arse and the backs of his thighs as one of the other men resumed torturing Andrew’s chest and abs with the flogger. Andrew spat out his Speedo’s and began another round of tormented screams of pain and begs for mercy. “Nooooo, oh no please stop, aaaaaagggghhhhhh. This really hurts bad, stop please, I’ll do anything but please don’t whip me anymore!”

Nipple clamps were attached causing him to arch his spine and throw his head back in agony as he experienced the most erotic pain he could never have imagined. One man was sucking his cock, which Andrew felt swelling as a vibrator was applied to his anus. He felt his back radiating heat and wondered how he would explain whip marks on his body when showering in the football change rooms.

Having closed his eyes for a spell in an attempt to help block out this horrible scenario, Andrew then opened his eyes and shook in terror as the third man had wheeled in a low table trolley with what looked like a transformer with wires extending from it, the ends of the wires contained small clips which were then attached to Andrew’s nipples, and his scrotum. As Andrew begged and whimpered, “No, oh please no, don’t do this,” Another wire attached to a cock-ring was placed around the base of his cock.

The man then left the naked shuddering footballer to contemplate his situation before adjusting some knobs and dials on the transformer. Andrew then felt a sensation like no other he had ever experienced as a tingling feeling began in his nipples, cock and balls. Tears of shame and embarrassment appeared in his eyes as his cock immediately began rising to its full seven-inch erection.

As the controls were adjusted further Andrew began squirming in his bonds as the electrical pulsation increased. With gritted teeth Andrew flexed his muscles to full extent as his body reacted to the shocks. His body sagged as the power was switched off. His Speedo’s were again placed in his mouth as little comfort for something to bite on as the power was turned on again. His hardened cock bounced back and forth as his body spasmed with the intermittent power jolts.

Andrew dropped the Speedo gag from his mouth as he uttered screams of agony and constant pleas for the men to stop. Andrews mind and body were tortured as the machine was set to turn on and off intermittently with Andrew not knowing when the next jolt would occur. Three of the men had stripped and were wanking their cocks as the cameraman positioned himself to get the whole scenario in one frame. They were completely getting off on Andrew screaming and writhing in pain as his beautiful body tensed and flexed. Only after they had blown their loads onto Andrew’s spread thighs was the power current stabilised and all Andrew felt was a steady but constant low pulsation stimulating his nipples, cock and balls. Within minutes Andrew’s body involuntarily arched as the electro-torture caused him to orgasm. Four streams of cum erupted from his cock, hitting the floor a good six feet in front of him.

Drenched in sweat and with his wet hair matted against his forehead, Andrew’s exhausted body hung as his wrists became numb by having supporting his body weight. It was time for Andrew to come down.

After removing the electrodes and ball weights the pulleys were lowered as a large heavy table was dragged from somewhere behind him and placed directly behind him level with his arse. Two men each took hold of each of his arms and laid him back onto the table, restraining his wrists to the two top corners of the table. Then unfastening his legs and despite his struggle, dragged Andrew across the table to fasten his spread legs to the two bottom corners of the table, leaving him laying face up in a spread-eagled position on a table that had been specifically modified for torture.

Andrew’s torturers wasted no time preparing the scene for the next phase of their mission. With the camera being carried on one mans shoulder the other three each held two candles and began dripping the molten wax on Andrew’s tenderised body. Andrew screamed and writhed against the leather straps as one man dripped two candles onto his chest, while another tormentor dripped wax onto Andrew’s abs, whilst the third torturer dripped the wax from his two candles onto Andrews cock, balls and thigh area. He found the more he struggled the more pain he caused himself as his red and burning back and arse scraped against the wooden tabletop But in those first few seconds he experienced agony as the hot wax was dripped on to his tits, cock and balls.

After a while Andrew felt the now familiar smell of the chloroform as it was again applied to his nose and mouth. A split second before losing consciousness Andrew indulged in a faint hope that his torture was over and he would next wake up in his car. But upon awakening he realised he was still naked but this time silenced with a red ball gag strapped into his mouth and securly fastend around his head with his feet on the floor and his body bent over with his head and wrists and ankles locked into a set of wooden stocks. Having regained consciousness the men went to work on their task of filming Andrew’s gang rape.

With the cameraman positioned, the leader of the group began loosening Andrew’s arsehole with the lubricated vibrator. Andrew’s low moans could be heard in realisation of what was about to happen. The vibrator was worked all the way in, then gently removed as the man then stepped up to commence fucking the hunky footballers arse. Andrew howled into the gag as the man slid in his nine inches to the hilt, and then partially withdrew, before grabbing Andrew’s hips and settling into a vigorous fuck. Andrew’s hands tightened into fists of anger as this bloke relentlessly fucked his arse. Just when he thought his situation could not worsen he felt the gag being removed followed by a very hard slap across his face to make him open his eyes. Only to be confronted with another hard cock-right in front of his face.

“Yeah, Andrew, you know what to do.” Andrew gritted his teeth and shook his head with determination not to let this guys cock into his mouth. One nod to the guy fucking him resulted in his arse being fucked much harder to cause him pain which hit Andrew so fast he had a mouthful of cock as soon as he opened his mouth to scream.

So this is how his Friday night wound up. Instead of going home to his girlfriend he was in an unknown place being tortured and gang raped. She would probably just think he had gone to the pub as he often did after Friday’s training session. His car left in the club car park would not cause concern as he often got a lift after drinking.

But here he was being repeatedly fucked at both ends as these guys exploded cum into his arse and over his face. The third guy and the cameraman then stepped up and viciously screwed the footballer’s arse until the guy fucking his face emitted a groan as he unloaded into Andrew’s mouth. The cameraman was pounding away for a few more minutes until he’d finished with a well-earned moan and shudder.

Drenched in sweat and the men’s cum. Andrew was then chloroformed and woke later in his car. He had been put into another pair of shorts and was again wearing his jersey and training boots..................

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