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Punishment Enema

By ocean_club_guy

submitted May 18, 2005

Categories: Discipline

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David got suspended from school for cussing at his teacher. He was a smartass 18 year old. He was really hot, captain of the wrestling team, blond hair blue eyes, about 6' and 185 lbs of muscle.

His dad picked him up from school and was furious. "As soon as we get in the house, you're in big trouble young man" His dad took him to the bathroom.

"Please don’t wash my mouth out with soap"

"Oh no, not doing that this time. This time I am giving you an enema!"

David was horrified. "Can’t you wash my mouth out with soap?"

"No, that doesn’t seem to work. You're getting an enema. Now go ahead and get your clothes off and go lay on my bed."

David had to strip totally naked in front of his father. He had never been so embarrassed in his life. He lay down on his stomach but his father said, "Nope, on your back like you're getting your diaper changed. You wanna act like a child, we are gonna treat you like one!"

His father raised his legs up and inserted a lubed finger into David's rectum. "Now you need to take this whole bag ands I don’t wanna hear any whining. You brought this on yourself.” His dad inserted the nozzle, released the clamp and let the water flow in. After about 30 seconds, he begged his father to take it out. "I told you that you're going to take the whole bag. It’s not even halfway empty yet"

David cried and pleaded with his father to take the nozzle out. "I have to go. Please take it out!"

"No you have to take every last drop and you better not let go. You gotta take the water."

"I can’t hold any more, please take it out!"

"Well you're just gonna have to hold it. It's almost empty anyway."

Finally, it was empty and David got up and ran to the bathroom, but his dad restrained him. "I told you not to whine and you did so you can just hold your water for 10 minutes and if you complain again, I'll make you hold it even longer!" His dad timed him. David had a grimaced look on his face as he tried to hold in the water. "Don’t let go, young man, if you let go, you're gonna have a mess to clean up. I'll bet the wrestling team would love to see this!"

After 7 minutes, David couldn’t hold it any more and he lost control. His dad was furious, "You little asshole. Clean this up!" David ran to the bathroom to put his clothes back on. "No, no, no," his dad said "You don’t put your clothes back on until my floor is clean!"

Then there was a ring at the doorbell and it was David's girlfriend. His dad invited her in and she saw him buck naked and scrubbing the floor. His dad explained everything to her, "Yeah we gave David a shot of water up his butt for cussing at the teacher and then he shit all over my floor so he’s cleaning it up."

David was so humiliated but finally he was done, showered, put on his clothes and it was over and he never did cuss at his teacher again. In fact, he was a perfect angel from that day on

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