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Servicing My Thug Neighbor Ty, Part 1

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My name is Johnny. I’m 18, black, a tennis jock in college and living at home with my parents in a middle class neighborhood in Houston. I have a girlfriend and all, but for the past few years I’ve enjoyed sucking guys off. Then there is the special arrangement I have with my next door neighbor.

He was a regular drug dealer in the neighborhood who lived next door with his girlfriend. His name was Ty and it was well known in the neighborhood that he was a male slut, fucking every female in sight. Early last summer I had found out he wasn’t just fucking females…he has been fucking my tight ass at least twice a week since then.

“My girl is gone to the mall for an hour or so,” Ty barked into the phone before I could say hello. “Put on your jockstrap and get yo ass over here in five minutes. I need to fuck that tight hole.”

I did as he said, knocking promptly on his back door five minutes later wearing nothing but a long bathrobe and my jockstrap. He answered the door in his boxers and nothing else, ushering me quickly inside and downstairs to the basement den/bedroom.

“Get on the bed,” he ordered as he ripped the robe off me and roughly fondled my tender ass cheeks. I crawled up on the bed on my knees and almost immediately was greeted with his thick dick being shoved into my mouth.

As I worked on taking all the meat into my mouth and down my throat, inhaling deeply the sent of his pubes, Ty was moaning in pleasure while at the same time fumbling with some type of remote control. I paid no attention to that though, as his dick was already gushing tasty precum into my mouth, and he soon began to finger my anxious ass, making me groan on his dick.

“You want some dick up that hole nigga?”

“Hell yeah, Ty,” I begged, my ass wet and moist needing him to fuck me. “Fuck my ass yo and use me like a bitch.” “Fuck yeah that’s what I’m talking about,” he replied and rolled me over onto my back. In one quick moment he scooped up my legs and placed them both on his broad shoulders and his lined his hard dick up with my hole, then just as suddenly pushed the pipe halfway into me. Pain shot through my entire body and I cried out, but the cries were muffled by Ty’s mouth, which he placed over mine and forced his tongue into my mouth and down my throat while at the same time ramming the full length of his dick up my ass. He didn’t pause after the brutal invasion. Instead, with his tongue still down my throat, he began to forcefully fuck with what seemed like a near-brutal insistence, biting my tongue to make sure I couldn’t yell out in pain as he ripped my ass apart. Finally after about ten minutes of this, the pain had subsided somewhat, and he sensed correctly that he could remove his mouth from mine without having to worry about me yelling out. “Yeah, take this dick you faggot pussy bitch,” he moaned as he slowed his pace and began to roll his prick around inside my ass, making me moan out hungrily. “You like that shit, don’t you bitch? “Hell yeah, Ty,” I whimpered, my eyes half shut in delirious lust, holding on to his shoulders and rubbing his back, loving the feeling of him filling me up and using me for his own pleasure. “Use me like a fucking slut man,” I begged him, my legs, which were hoisted straight up towards the ceiling, began to shake uncontrollably in ecstasy and pleasure. “Use my ass like a pussy nigga.” My back talk to him seemed to turn Ty on even more, as he pushed even further in the depths of my boy pussy. “You know you gonna make a nigga bust my nutt all deep up in yo guts, right?” I groaned my approval and pushed my ass towards his dick to take all that I could in. “Fill my ass up and make it drip out of my crack into my pubes,” I urged him. He shoved his dick sideways up in me, and the moment made my eyes open wide. That’s when I saw it on the huge flat screen television in the corner. I was on the screen, along with Ty. I was watching myself getting fucked by the handsome drug dealer. I gasped in shock, and without even turning to see what I was looking at, he smiled at me. “Yeah, bitch, I’m taping this fucking I’m giving you today so next time I can play it back to you and make you watch it as I take this ass again!” he whispered into my ear, then quickly dragged his cold tongue down to my nipples and began to first suck on them, and then bite them. “Take my fucking big black dick up that pussy bitch,” he yelled harshly and began ramming his dick in and out of me. “I’m gonna fuck a nutt up out of you bitch. Make you keep begging for me to use your pussy and rape it. “ His words, along with the fucking of my overworked and sensitive hole and the nipple play, pushed over the edge. “Please, I can’t take anymore,” I cried like a little girl, squirming underneath him. “Let that pussy cum bitch,” he insisted and rammed his dick in me even harder. “Oh shit!” I moaned as a feeling swept over me as if my entire body was about to explode. “Cum bitch!” he demanded, again forcefully forcing his tongue into my mouth. “Let that pussy blow on this dick!” “Fuck!” I cried out as my dick erupted in shot after shot of cum that blew all over him, the bed, the wall, and me. “Please Ty!” I begged him as I lost all control of my body, shaking uncontrollably as he continued to kiss me and rape my pussy rough and hard. Suddenly my ass too began to contract uncontrollably and grew even more hot and moist than usual. “Fuck yeah!” Ty yelled. “I told you I would make that pussy cum on this dick bitch!” “I love you Ty!” I blurted out in my delirious state as both my dick and ass continued to spasm with his dick ramming in and out of me as if he were making passionate love to me, making my orgasm soar to height I never dreamed possible. I love that dick fucking my pussy!” “I know you do, baby bitch,” he moaned as he dick began to swell in my pussy. “Cum again for yo daddy you little bitch,” he urged me as he began fucking my sides again and licking my ear. “I need to see you cum again and feel that pussy cum on my dick when I breed this cunt with my seed. You wanna have my fucking baby you tight pussy bitch?” “Oh shit Ty!” I cried out and once again my dick erupted and my ass spazzed as he fucked me. “That’s it bitch!” he moaned as I felt him near his limit. “You know you making your nigga feel good, letting me use this nasty pussy you got…oh fuck, bitch!” he yelled as he glanced at the TV screen and saw me cumming all over him. “Cum in my pussy!” I begged between baited breaths. “Take it you bitch!” he groaned and unleashed a flood in my worn ass. As I had begged for the semen quickly was leaking out of my hole and onto the bed, and I was cumming all over again as he put his mouth over mine once again.

We stayed joined for a few minutes, his still rock-hard dick pulsating in the depths of my cum-filled ass. Finally, he pulled out of me, jumped up from the bed and threw a towel at me.

“Clean yo’ self up and get the fuck outta here,” he said as he stood over me, his dick still hard. He grabbed the remote control and stopped the camera from recording. He looked down at me and smiled. “Next time we’ll watch this lil’ flick sitting on the sofa, and I’mma put my dick in yo mouth while you watch me fucking you on the screen.”

I could hardly wait…


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