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Raped: Bleeding For The Gang

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“Ha ha ha,” he laughed really hard, all his friends laughed too. Then he grabbed me by the hair, “touch it” he growled at me. I could see the bulge of his semi-hard cock going all the way down the left leg of his jeans. It looked huge, like a filled-up tube sock or something. I looked up at his face for a second, and he pulled my face into his crotch, holding me by the hair.

“Don’t make me tell you twice you fucking dirty faggot!” Mike yelled. Suddenly, an explosion of pain erupted in my crotch. Mike had kicked me in the nuts.

“You understand me homo?!!” Mike asked. I felt his sneakered foot drive up into my groin again, and I my scream was muffled by him forcing my head into his crotch. I tried to nod to tell him I understood.

I reached up and opened the top button of his jeans, then unzipped his fly. I reached into his pants and put my hand on it. It was very warm, almost like burning. My fingers almost didn’t wrap all the way around the thick shaft. It felt burning hot. I struggled to get it out of his fly because it was so beg it was all the way down his pants leg. When it was finally free, I saw how huge it was. It looked like my forearm. I was already afraid that if I didn’t do good that he might decide to try to put that thing up my butt…. It would tear me open so that I would never ever close again. I tried not to think about that. He grabbed his cock and smacked me in the face with it twice.

“KISS IT” he said.

I was so ashamed. Being forced to suck this stranger’s penis in front of a whole room full of people.... but I had to do what he told me.

He pulled my hair and forced my face all the way down on his very thick penis until it banged against the back of my throat, choking me so I couldn’t breathe. He rammed it down as far as it would go. I gagged right away, trying to pull away. He held me there while I choked and struggled, flailing and trying to get some air. I was afraid, thinking he might accidentally choke me to death on his cock. He was so strong, that my struggling made mo difference. He yanked my head up and down on his long fat pole, using my mouth.

“THAT’S IT YOU FUCKING SLUT! TAKE THAT COCK!!” He was growling under his breath, but I’ll never forget his words. My lips felt like they were bleeding, and my jaw was throbbing, and I couldn’t breathe. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that his buddies were rubbing their crotches… some even had their cocks out, hard, watching the show. One of them got up. I felt his hand slap my ass cheek.

Oh shit. I fuck. I knew what he was going to do, and I tried to get out of Mike’s grip. He was too strong, and only fucked my face harder for my struggling. His friend behind me slapped again, really hard, and I jumped. He slapped again and again, in the same spot until it was burning. I tried to reach back and block his hands from hitting me, but he twisted my arms up behind my back and then I felt him spit on my ass a few times. The burning hot head of his cock pressed against my sore, swollen asshole. He put both hands on my hips, and drove his cock into me in one punching thrust. I screamed “ARRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHH!!” But with Mike’s cock down my throat it just sounded like loud humming, and they both laughed. My eyes watered and I felt tears run down my cheeks as these two boys used my body, invading me and hurting me, humiliating me in front of all their friends, just for fun.

“Brian man, that feels awesome! Make him scream some more. It feels amazing on my cock!” Mike said. Brian laughed and forced his cock into me as deep as it would go, until his pubes crushed against my ass cheeks and his nuts slapped against mine, hammering into my ass. I felt a piercing awful pain, like his cock was tearing some organ deep inside my stomach.. I tried to yell, but it was totally muffled by Mike’s massive penis.

Brian was behind me pounding like a jackhammer. It felt like his cock was all the way up into my stomach… another inch and it would come out my bellybutton. The ring of my asshole was burning like it was on fire, and it felt like his cock was dry sandpaper. I could feel blood trickling down the inside of my thigh from my torn hole. I was crying, and the tears were making everything blurry as they poured down my cheeks and stung my lips, chapped from the abuse.

“Let’s see if he can take us both” Mike said to Brian. Brian wrapped his arms around me from behind, and pulled me onto my back on top of him. Mike stood up in front of me, and pushed my legs up into the air. Brian was underneath me, holding me in a bear hug still thrusting his cock into me, pulled out of my ass. Mike got down and I watched him line his fat dick up with my hole, with Brian’s already inside me. I felt the pressure of this steel-hard dick forcing its way into me, as all these other guys watched.

He held my head against Brian’s chest as he forced his cock into me above Brian’s cock. I swear I heard something rip. I pounded my fists on Mike’s chest flailing, doing anything to try to get away, but they loved it. I lay with my legs held wide open over Brian, while Mike pumped between my legs.

Again I felt like I was being torn into to halves, and his cock felt like it was bruising my internal organs. I tried to push away, but Mike held me down, thrusting his cock up further into me. He punched me in the gut, really hard, and I felt like I would pass out. The he told me “Calm down and take this cock bitch!”

I felt Mike’s fat veiny meat sliding in and out of my bleeding hole. Two of the biggest dicks I had ever imagined, let alone seen, were inside me at the same time tearing my asshole so it would never close again. It hurt more than anything I had ever felt. At that moment, the blond guy standing next to Jimmy, who had been jerking his cock in front of me, started to shoot his load. The first shot landed in my eye, stinging and burning like hell! The second shot splattered my cheek and lips, the last one ended up in my ear. He wiped his cock over my face pushing it in my mouth and tells me to clean it off for him. When he was done, a tall muscled black guy walked up, and shoved his meat into my mouth.

He pumped into my face forever. Finally I felt his nuts start to press up against my chin, and I knew he was going to cum soon. I was so relieved when I felt his cockhead start to swell in my throat. Then he held my head all the way down, my forehead pressed into his hard belly, and he pumped his cock as his load shot down my throat. “Swallow it! SWALLOW IT YOU DIRTY SLUT! EAT IT FAGGOT!”

He must have shot a gallon of cum; it went on for at least a whole minute, probably longer. It had shot out faster than i could swallow and I choked. My mouth was filled with his hot salty jizz, and the white stocky goo was dripping out of both corners of mouth, off of my chin. When he had finally pumped the last shot into my throat, he loosened his grip and I pulled my mouth off of his cock. He looked down at me and smiled while I coughed and choked and sputtered his sperm. “Thas a good lil bitch” he said, and walked away.

Before I could catch my breath, Mike started to thrust into my ass even harder. Brian’s thrusts started to become less rhythmic, and even more forceful. I screamed again. No one seemed to care about my yells anymore. He just kept pumping, and yelling. He was yelling “TAKE IT! TAKE MY LOAD YOU FUCKING PUSSY!”

His pistoning cock was pulsating as it shot deep, deep inside me, pressed against Mikes, pouring jizz even deeper inside my guts. I could feel them both filling me up with their hot sticky cream. When they finally stopped, they were panting and out of breath. Mike pulled his dick out of me abruptly, and I felt his cum dripping out of me and down my thigh. He slapped my ass really hard two more times and walked away. Brian pushed me off of him, onto the floor and grabbed my head again.

“Clean it off good now. Lick it clean pussy boy.”

I looked up at him, hating him so much.

He punched me in the face. “Don’t make me tell you again faggot.”

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