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Raped, Part 4, The Baseball Bat

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I stuck out my tongue and licked the underside of his long, fat veiny cock. I licked it clean like he said. Then he told me to lick his balls, and I did. His cock rested on my forehead as I licked his giant, hairy nuts. When I was done, he squeezed my cheeks until I opened my mouth, Then he slid his cock back in. I tasted salty liquid on my tongue, and I recognized it from when Jimmy had forced me to drink his urine before. Now Mike was pissing into me too.

“Swallow it all faggot. Any drips and you get the baseball bat up your ass, just like Jimmy promised.” I gulped down his piss as quickly as I could. It was hot and disgusting. His friends stood and stared at me, drinking his pee. He pulled it out of my mouth a little, and aimed at my face. I closed my eyes, and I felt his hot piss splashing over my face. He stuffed it back into my mouth until he had emptied into me completely. Then he got up, pulling his cock out of my mouth, slapped me once in the face and said, “Thanks bitch.”

Immediately, one of his friends took his place on the couch and pushed my head down into another big cock. This wasn’t as thick, and curved the one side, making it a lot harder to suck. Someone I couldn’t even see got behind me, grabbed my hips and forced his hard meat into my loose gooey hole. My head rocked back and forth from the guy pounding my ass. It still hurt, but it was almost like it was going numb.

When they had all taken their turns with me, using me as a hole, they had cum on my head and on my face. My hair was wet with their cum. They had stood me up and bent me over the back of the couch, and had fucked me on my back on the floor.

When they were done, they held me down and pushed a beer bottle up my asshole. They took pictures of me with two dicks in my mouth at a time, and on all fours like a dog, being raped at both ends. They told me they were gonna put all my slutty new pictures on the internet for everyone to see. I couldn’t even cry anymore. They were humiliating me in front of the whole world. Then I saw Jimmy walk into the room holding a baseball bat, and I got really scared.

When I saw Jimmy walk in with a baseball bat, as I lay naked sprawled on his living room floor, surrounded by his beefy thuggish teammates, I was afraid he was going to kill me, as I lay there struggling and naked face down on the floor. He knelt down, his knee on my lower back. Two others held my legs down, spread as wide as they could without breaking my hips.

Jimmy leaned down to my face, and whispered to me: “This is what faggots get.”

He stood up, stepping on the back of my neck, holding my face against the floor under his sneaker.

He gently placed the thick end of the baseball bat between my cheeks, positioning it. I immediately panicked, thrashing and I trying to get up, I twisted around and shouted at him: “Jimmy! NO! Don’t’! JIMMY! STOP!” Someone stepped on my head, their boot pressing my face down against the floor.

Jimmy grinned at me, and pushed the bat harder. I screamed as it entered me. The rough edge tore at my skin, ripping open my hole. He kept pushing it. I tried to kick, but two guys were holding down my legs. I thrashed my arms, but it didn’t do anything but amuse them. It felt like it would crack my pelvis open. I imagined that my asshole would never ever close again. He kept pushing it in, forcing it deeper into me.

Brian put his hand over my mouth and told me to “shut the fuck up!”

It felt like the baseball bat was at least a foot inside of me. I felt Jimmy let go of the bat, and it stood, suspended in air by what was left of my asshole. I was sobbing into Brian’s hand.

Jimmy said, “Don’t move. If you move, it goes in all the way. Got it faggot? GOT IT?!” he screamed at me. He kicked me twice in the side, and then walked away as I lay shaking on the cold floor.

I was more scared than I had ever been in my life. They slowly let go of my legs. I lay there, spread eagle, face down on the floor, crying, covered with drying cum with an old, dirty baseball bat sticking up out of my butthole.

One at a time they sat back on the couch. I watched as someone turned on the TV and someone else got some fresh beers. They sat around and laughed and joked like I wasn’t even there, except for occasionally someone would kick the baseball bat, or twist it as they walked by, and i would wince while they laughed at my pain.

Brian walked by with a beer and twisted the bat around, and I screamed again, but I wouldn’t let myself move, because I was too terrified of them putting it in any farther, which probably wasn’t even physically possible.

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