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Keep It On The Low, Part 1

By BlaqJm18

submitted July 9, 2005

Categories: Black and Beautiful, Straight Men, Gay Sex

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Intro: Yeah I’m on the down low, so what? I get mines either way. If my girl don’t get me some, I always can get some by another man. I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t give it up to a fine brutha like me. If You don’t believe me well, ok, Tell me how dis sound…6ft 4in, Nice dark chocolate skin tone, great well developed toned abs, thick muscles all over – top to bottom, nice hairy chest going down and cover my abs, commercial smile, thick lips, 9 ½ thick uncut dick…. Do I even need to go on? I bet if you saw me on the street you prolly couldn’t control yourself. Yeah I know I’m self-centered, but hey, if you look this damn good you prolly would be too.

Like I said before, I never have trouble with getting girls or guys on the street. They come to me. I know I gotta girlfriend but its not my fault that she dumb and don’t expect nothing happenin’ while she gone at work. Now girls are good for love makin’ and the pussy is nice, but sometimes a brutha gotta try sumthin’ new. My girl sumtimes be trippin’ sayin’ “No way am I takin’ the thing in my ass” or “Im too tired, I don’t feel like it tonight.” or “ I can’t take it all the way, please take it out!” I hate that shit. Especially when im all hard and greased up and shit ready to get some and she talkin’ ‘bout ‘naw…not tonight. Hell that’s why most men cheat on the girls! And that’s why I moved on to the fellas.

Section 1

At first when I heard the guys on the street take dick in the ass and mouth without complainin’ I was like yeah right but then my boy hooked me up with this dude at the club. His name was Leon and he wasn’t that bad lookin’. He was 5ft 11in, medium brown skin tone, kinda skinny, but with some muscle, maybe a track runner cause of those big calf muscles and strong thighs. We talked for a bit and put my game on him and, of course worked. We headed back to his apartment, and asked me for sumthin’ to drink and I said a beer would be cool and we talked a little more. He was flirtin’ and shit tryna find a way to get in pants, but we both knew why was back in his apartment. So I made my move.

I went over and started kissin’ him, and he started to take off his clothes. In no time we was both buck naked, him jackin’ me off, and I fingerin’ his ass. Damn his ass was tight. I don’t even think I could put all 9 ½ inches of uncut dick inside without him cryin’ for me to take it out. He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards his bedroom and pushed me on the bed, and went down on me. “Oh shit!” I shouted. He took the entire thing down his throat in one swallow. I couldn’t believe it…I had to pinch myself to see if this was real. Damn that hurt…yeah it was real. He bobbed his head up and down fast like it was his last meal or sumthin’. It felt like a fuckin’ vacuum suckin’ and slurpin’ at my dick like madd.

I was moanin’ like crazy, I sat there and watched the entire glistening with his spit shaft go down his throat completely with no gaggin’ or coughin’. I wish I had a camera to show my boyz how crazy this was. I felt my balls startin’ to rise and I told him that I felt like cumming. He deep throated and came all the way off it, with strings of spit and precum mixed together and attached to his mouth and my dick. I’ve never been this hard before in my life.

Section 2

He got up and straddled my chest with his ass facing me, and started goin’ down on my dick with his ass. Damn this dude was so fuckin’ hot and tight! At first I didn’t think he would be able to take it, but he’s provin’ me wrong. I watched as he slowly sucked in the whole 9-½ inches, it looked damn good. He groaned and moaned, I guess finally feelin’ the pain and he stopped and breathed some, then took the rest in one continuously slow drop. Once again I was amazed by him and his tiny “well was tiny” hole. I started to think how come I never done this before. I coulda had my balls empted every night by this dude, since my girls been trippin’, plus she never could take my dick no way. Leon starts ridin’ on me takin’ it faster and deeper, bouncin’ up and down, makin’ the bed shake and squeak. For once in my life someone’s controlin’ me, Im layin there while takes the whole thing with no trouble now. He’s moanin….Im groanin… then he jumps off and lies on the bed with his legs spread and says… “Come on, fuck me hard!”

I jump off the bed and get between his legs and force the dick inside him making him yell. This is where the fun starts. We start goin’ madd crazy, talkin’ dirty and shit, say things like “yeah man fuck my ass, yeah like that…oh shit that’s the spot….Yeah give it to me…Give it all to me!”, and I’m sayin’ “Yeah take that mothafuckin’ dick, yeah you like that? You like that shit…Then take it!!”, usually I never say nothin’ when Im fuckin someone, I moan and that’s a bout it, but this dudes got me sayin’ things my momma would be shocked at. I felt that urge to cum and I tell him. “Cum In my ass man!” he yells to me.

There was no turnin’ back… I own him now. I could feel it cummin’ and I yell real loud knowing the people in the room next door could here, and gave him the biggest load of cum, I ever unleashed. He was sweatin’ and I was sweatin’ even more. I got up and laid on the bed to rest. He got up and went to the bathroom and was whistling as he pissed. When I heard him turn the shower on and I got up and went to put my clothes on and wrote a message and left it on his night stand sayin’: “Yo, that was best sex ever, we gotta do it again ‘sum time, call me up… Oh and keep our relationship on the low” and wrote my number down and left the apartment.

Still smellin’ like sex I went back to my place to go and take a long hot shower. My girl was layin’ on the couch with a book in her lap dead asleep. I shook my head and took my shower and went to sleep thinkin’ about Leon’s tight ass.


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