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Straight Guy Hypnotised by Gays, Part 2

By tarzan290

submitted July 19, 2005

Categories: Hypnosis

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Cody was struggling with the sensations inflicted. He was embarrassed and he wasn't even naked yet. He was supposed to face three doctors instead of one. He was getting hard inside his pants. What was he to do?

Cody shifted his hands down to conceal his hardening shaft. It was thickening like steel beneath the worn confines of his jeans. The large shape and contours of the head of his penis were obvious within his jeans. He was praying that the doctors hadn't noticed.

Dr. Steve asked Cody why he was placing his hands down there.

Cody told them that he was embarrassed, “I think I am getting a hard on Doctor. I don't know what’s happening.”

“Place your hands back up behind your head like a good boy. We don't have time for that.” Dr. Steve instructed. Cody placed his hands back behind his head looking embarrassed and red.

“Now doctor's what’s this bulge we are noticing? Cody please spread your legs. There seems to be a growth. Cody ... now.” Cody reluctantly spread his legs. The doctors felt inside the seams of his legs; the fabric of his pants were at their limits. All three doctors continued to stroke and caress Cody through the thin fabric as sweat dripped down his underarms.

“How does this feel?”

Cody was off in another dimension, “It feels like I can't stand this. I feel like I might explode.”

“This sounds serious said the doctors; we may need to operate. What do you think Dr. Steve?” asked Tony.

Cody was scared. What was happening? These were doctors. They must be joking. “You are joking right?” he said to the doctor.

“I assure you we can fix the problem but you must cooperate in every way we ask.”

“Okay,” said Cody.

“You can start by removing your pants and underwear.”

“My underwear too?” asked Cody blushing.

“Yes your underwear. We are doctors here and how are we to help you if you don't cooperate with us? We haven't much time.”

Cody reluctantly removed his belt and struggled to remove his tight pants. He hesitated with the underwear, but the doctor ordered him again to remove these. He was asked to lie down again with his hands behind his head exposing his hairy armpits. He was asked to spread his legs as they examined him. Tony caressed Cody's trembling body as the others lubed up their hands.

“We need to examine the head of your enlarged penis.” Dr. Steve continued to stroke. The other doctors started to enter his butt with his finger to examine and to stimulate the prostate gland. Cody was again twitching and moaning low guttural sounds overwhelmed by the intense stimulation.

“Please sir. I can't take this. I am not gay, but it’s feeling like I might cum.”

The doctor told him that everyone had a gay side and he must remember that. He should be kind to guys around him that may be gay. Cody asked if it would take much longer between his desperate panting breaths. “Probably at least another couple hours.”

Cody gasped, “Oh no,” in disbelief as the guys laughed. Cody couldn't believe the doctors were laughing at him. This somehow wasn't right. He started to sit up but a hand was placed upon his stomach pushing him back down. Fingers were swirling around the extremely sensitive dick head . He couldn't take it anymore but started feeling a surge sweeping more intensely through him that he had ever felt before. He knew he would be helpless to stop it. He gasped and tried to cover up and to close his legs but was pushed back and his legs held open.

His inner thighs were being stroked and his prostate was being stroked and his dick head was being played with and he bucked and moaned and volley after volley of cum erupted from his extremely sensitive penis as the doctors held him splayed open and continued to stimulate him for their enjoyment.

As Cody recovered he asked if he could put his clothing back on. Dr. Tony said that he must retain his underwear for a study sample, but he would be allowed to go.

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