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The Diary of Two Sexy Brothas

By BlaqJm18

submitted July 21, 2005

Categories: Black and Beautiful, Celebrity Fantasy, Straight Men, Gay Sex

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This story deals with two of the finest men in the movie and on TV; Diary of a Mad Black Women. Terrell Carter plays the pastor of the church and Shemar Moore who is the third lead character who hooks up with Kimberly Elise, the main character. Both men make an amazing performance in the movie and I think they are two fine to not be in one of my hot sex stories. If you want pictures of Terrell email me and I’ve got PLENTY to keep you even more satisfied…right now enjoy the story!

Shemar Moore was in his trailer relaxing after he finished the last scene of the movie. It was a long day for him and he was tired, but horny. He kept thinking about how sexy Terrell Carter was in that choir robe. Every since he first met him on the set, he couldn’t take his mind of him. Those innocent, brown, sensual eyes… That dark chocolate skin complexion…His tall muscular build… those lips…and that gifted voice of an angel. God definitely spent more time on making this beautiful creation; he was definitely one gifted brutha. “I wish he were here right now so I could suck him off and have him fuck me, Shemar thought rubbing his crotch. Shemar was about to drift of to sleep when he heard someone knocking on his door. He got up from the couch kind of stumbling from being too relaxed and opened the door to find his 6ft. 5 dark chocolate prince standing right there.

“Hey Shemar what’s goin’ on?” He asked in his sexy voice. “Jus chillin’ whatchu want?” Shemar asked waking up from his sleep. “I’m kinda bored; I was wonderin’ If I could chill here with you, is that cool or you bout to do sumthin’?”

“Naw, I’m actually kinda bored too so come on in, you want sumthin’ to drink?” Shemar was smiling to himself this fine man was about to chill with him at last, “hopefully that’s not all we do”, he thought to himself. They sat together on the couch watching the basketball game and talking about themselves getting to know each other some. All the while, Shemar was checking him even more. Shemar looked at his lips noticing how he kept licking them with his long tongue, and then smiling afterwards, that would turn him on so much he could feel his dick getting hard from the thought of them big soft lips attached to his dick sucking him and making him go crazy. He looked down at his muscled chest…down to those strong, veiny arms that lead to his bony long fingers. He looked further down on his sweat pants, and Shemar could see the bulge of his dick coming through

“So whatchu doin’ later on?” he asked waking Shemar up from his hypnosis. “I don’t know I was thinkin’ goin’ to the bar, you wanna come with me?” Shemar asked.

“Yeah, that’ll be cool…so…whatchu wanna do now?” he kind whispered and looked down at Shemar’s crotch and licked his lips. Those brown eyes don’t look so innocent now, it was already obvious what he wanted to now, and Shemar was ready to give it to him. “Well I could think of sumthin’,” Shemar said grinning at Terrell then leaning over and planting his lips on his. It was easy, slow seductive kiss, Shemar moaned in his mouth and opened his mouth to receive Terrell’s long tongue.

They kissed long and slow until it gradually went it a hot and horny kiss. Shemar finally let go to get some air and said “How bout you do sumthin’ for me.” Shemar opened his jeans and out came his 8 ½ inch, rockhard dick. “Why don’t you suck this for me?” They both grinned with those pearly whites and Terrell quickly got on his knees and engulfed his head in his warm wet mouth. The soap star moaned in delight to the warmth of his co star’s lips molding onto his dick. He looked down and watched all of his 8 ½ disappear and reappear with a coating of saliva on it. He moaned, lightly whispering “Yeah that’s it baby, swallow that dick… oh yeah that’s it… mmmm damn your good.”

As Terrell was sucking Shemar off, he crawled out of his pants and boxer briefs and took out his rock hard 12-inch dick, and stroked it. Shemar with his eyes closed started to feel down Terrell’s long muscular back and feel his thick bubble butt. Terrell moaned on his dick and deep throated him again. Shemar moaned loudly, he closed his eyes, and smacked Terrell’s ass. Shemar could feel his cum boiling in his balls, “Oh damn I’m bout ta cum!” Terrell sucked harder and harder, feeling the cum burst from the slit into his mouth. Shemar shouted and squirmed all over the chair like he was having a seizure, while Terrell was trying to suck every last drop of cum out of his body.

“Man.Whooo…Terrell…You gave me a workout, thanks man.” Shemar said out of breath. “Naw we not finished yet.” Terrell said as he got up and pointed his huge 12 inch uncut dick in his face.

“DAYUM!!! I thought you was big but…DAYUM!!!” Shemar yelled and tried to get away from him. Terrell held onto Shemar’s body and forced him on his back.

“Don’t try and act like you don’t want this! Jus look at it for a sec…” Terrell held Shemar’s arms back on the chair arm and rose up so his dick was pointed at Shemar’s face. Shemar stared back at the very large, dripping wet, mushroom shaped head. The shaft was like a long but thin jet-black anaconda snake, veins criss-crossing and bulging in every direction, his egg sized ball sac was freely swinging as he breathed and moved. His dick looked VERY tempting but intimidating to Shemar. His dick looked very similar to the straight porn star Sean Michaels, but his was bigger. “Come on touch it wit yo’ tongue baby.” Terrell said whispering and smiling. Shemar hesitated for a second, then stuck his wet tongue out and licked the dripping head. “Yeah that’s it Shemar…I know your hungry… So EAT IT!” Terrell suddenly forced the head into Shemar’s warm wet mouth. Shemar’s eyes bulged opened and sucked on the head of the massive dick.

Terrell’s eyes rolled back in his head as he fucked ¾ of his enormous 12-inch dick inside Shemar’s mouth. Shemar relaxed and nursed on Terrell’s dick like it was large piece of Black licorice. Terrell pushed more and more down his throat, watching it disappear down Shemar’s throat. He let go of Shemar’s arms and Shemar quickly grabbed Terrell’s thick, muscular ass and pushed about 8 inches on his dick down throat.

“Oh Shit…DAYUM!!…Yeah--take it all man… Yo’ wet mouth feels like a pussy, lemme fuck it harder.” Terrell said. He fucked Shemar’s mouth harder; all you could hear now is the sound of moaning for both men and the loud slurping and choking of Shemar doing wonders on Terrell’s dick. Shemar reached up and held onto Terrell’s dick and jerked the rest that was left. “Move yo’ hand, you takin’ the rest so open that throat sum more,” said Terrell.

Shemar leaned his head some more so he could take his dick in a better angle. Terrell backed out of Shemar’s contracting throat so he could take a quick breath, then he forced it all back. Shemar groaned, feeling the large anaconda like dick force its way down his throat. He reached up grabbed Terrell’s hand and squeezed, telling him to back out. “Oh you want sum more huh? Ok take it!” Shemar’s eyes bulged out again and his eyes teared up more, he choked wanting air. Terrell yelled and looked down at Shemar’s mouth. Shemar completely took all 12 inches successfully, which he didn’t think he could do. Terrell finally decided to let him get some air, so he pulled all of it out nice and easy. Shemar was exhausted and wanted to sleep, but Terrell wasn’t done with him yet.

“Terrell man please…I’m tired as hell…lemme rest sum then we can fuck next time.” Shemar said out of breath. “NEXT TIME? I’m still hard as hell… I gotta get sum ass first…THEN you can rest.” Terrell said. Shemar looked back at Terrell’s dick, and it was getting hard again. “I don’t know man…. I mean…It’s too-”

“BIG? Oh, don’t worry I ain’t gonna hurt ya too much…” Terrell said cutting Shemar off. He told Shemar to turn around, with his upper body on the couch and his ass in the air. Shemar licked his fingers and fingered his ass, while Terrell lubed up his dick with baby oil. “Damn, baby this fuckin’ ass is thick as hell…I shoulda tapped this a long time ago!” Terrell then slapped Shemar’s ass, making his ass jiggle and Shemar’s fingers to sink all the way inside his ass. He thought about the days he used to watch his ass on “The Young and the Restless” he was beautiful on TV but even better up close and personal.

“Okay I’m ready man…go slow cuz that shit is big.” Shemar said.

Terrell pulled Shemar’s fingers out and spit on his ass lubing it up more, and then head put the gigantic head of the black snake to opening of Shemar’s smooth, light skinned ass. Terrell pushed into the gaping pussy and the head was lodged inside. Shemar held onto the pillow above him and screamed. “Stop yellin’ man…here…suck on my fingers.” Shemar sucked on his long dark fingers like he was trying to suck the skin off. Meanwhile, Terrell forced more and more his dick inside him, making Shemar moan and scream on his fingers. Terrell was in rapture at the warmth and wetness of Shemar’s pussy wrapped around his dick. “Damn this ass is so fuckin’ tight man…Take all this fuckin’ dick!” Terrell yelled as he forced the last 4 inches in Shemar’s already filled ass.

Shemar finally relaxed, with tears running down his face and Terrell’s fingers soaked in spit, he let go of them and said, “FUCK ME MAN… FUCK MY ASS GOOD AND HARD!” Terrell smiled and pulled out a couple of inches then forced the rest back inside making Shemar moan out loud. Then he fucked harder and harder, hearing the smacking of Shemar’s thick thighs and juicy ass meeting Terrell’s long, dark strong legs. Shemar held onto the chair arm and moaned like crazy, “Yeah fuck my ass baby… Yeah like that… ooooohhhh Damn that dick is so fuckin’ big! Shhhhiiiitttt… OoOOoo. Make me cummmm…”

Terrell leaned down on Shemar’s sweat drenched back and whispered in his ear, “You like me fuckin’ you like dis?…bet you not tired no mo’ huh?…You want more?….tell me?”

“Yeah give it to me Terrell… Man I love it… I need it… Give me every fuckin’ inch” They both whispered to each other.

Terrell lifted off Shemar and Shemar turned around on his back, that way he could see his beautiful face. Terrell lifted his legs and laid on top of Shemar as he reinserted all 12 inches back in slowly but surely.

“Man give it to me…you said you wanted my ass so take it…Yeah that’s it fuck me harder!” Shemar yelled. They locked eyes, both showing lust and both not wanting to stop the pleasure they were both feeling.

Finally, Terrell could feel his self ready to climax…”You ready baby?…You want me to cum?”

“Yeah Terrell give it to me… I wanna feel it deep.”

“Well here it cums!!” Terrell yelled. He shot and shot and shot till he couldn’t stand anymore. After he finished he relaxed on Shemar’s stomach and let go his legs, both of them still sweaty and exhausted from they’re long session.

“Damn that was amazing… No one’s ever… fucked me like that…ever.” Shemar said out of breath.

“Shit, you was sumthin’ else…you wanna do it again?” Terrell asked.

“Whooaa…I don’t know…I ain’t like I use to be…lemme rest first.”

“Ahhh Come on…I’m still hard.” Shemar felt down with his hand and he wasn’t lying.

“Damn man, you young catz neva quit do you?!” Shemar said surprised.

“Nooppe.” Terrell said with a smile.

Shemar started thinking back to when he was that age, sucking and fucking all the people he worked with. “Okay, well since I didn’t cum yet…you wanna blow me?”

Terrell thought for a second, “Yeah aight, but what about me?”

“Let’s 69” Shemar said quickly. Terrell agreed and he turned around and got on top of Shemar, and his dick slapped Shemar in the face. “Oh sorry, dawg.” Terrell laughed and went down on Shemar’s dick. Shemar was about to comment back, but he was too distracted by the feeling of Terrell’s lips sucking his entire 8 1/2 inches down to the bone once again.

“Ooooo… Shit, damnnn… Motha Fuc-“ That’s all he could say over and over again. Terrell’s talented lips definitely knew how to sing but he really but his best skill was sucking dick.

Shemar looked up and Terrell’s dick and it looked even darker and scarier then before. Shemar took it into his mouth and went back to heaven again, sucking like his life depended on it. They both moaned and groaned at their pleasurable feelings they were giving each other. Terrell was so good, Shemar already felt the urge to cum, and he was. He let go of Terrell’s dick with a long, loud slurp and shouted, “Terrell I’m about to cum! Swallow all of it!!!”

Terrell could feel Shemar moving all over the place and his dick started to grow larger and then he felt the thick hot spurts of cum fill his mouth. Shemar screamed and yelled like he was in pain and Terrell loved every second of it. Shemar swallowed Terrell’s dick again and started sucking faster and faster trying to make Terrell cum. After Terrell swallowed he lifted up said, “Damn man suck that dick…Oh yeah you like that dick don’t you? You want me to cum down yo’ fuckin’ throat? Well here it cums!!”

Shemar held on Terrell’s balls and squeezed them feeling his dick expanded and contract and force his boiling hot cum out and down his throat. Shemar grabbed his dick and squeezed the rest out until he was completely empty.

Terrell lay down on top of Shemar and his dick finally going to sleep. “Damn bout time, I don’t think I coulda lasted any longer.” Shemar said smiling. They laid there and talked for a while till they both fell asleep; Shemar hoping to be in future projects with him and Terrell… well he was hoping for another fuck. THE END

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