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Hairy Uncle

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My By – Ibizaxpress July 22, 2005

This is a true story. I am now in my forties. I do not condone sex with anyone who is below the age of consent. However, this episode of my life did happen and I have moved on with my life and not let it bother me at all. In fact, I jack off to the memory of the time I spent with my . I wish I can confront my uncle now about this. He is now in his late 60s and I do not want to hurt his wife who love me like her own children.

When I was young, I was still naive and barely know much about gay sex. I knew that I like to look at men, especially nude men changing in the locker room at the local swimming pool. I was living with my aunt and her husband. I am Asian and my auntÂ’s husband is Hispanic. Even though I already reached puberty and really did not grow any more after this time, I did not have much hair on my body because of my Asian ancestry; therefore, I was fascinated with my uncleÂ’s hairy body. His chest was covered in curly hair that goes from his neckline to his belly and a thick forest of curly black pubic hair. I only had glimpse of his penis before the special day that started it all. One day, while my aunt, my cousins and his parents were waiting out in the living room getting ready to go and eat, he took me to his bedroom and told me that he needs to tell me briefly about responsibilities concerning sex. Since the family was waiting, he told everyone that he needs to discuss with me about my school. What the family did not know was that in the short five minutes we spend in his room, we did not talk about school.

My uncle told me that I should know more about the male anatomy; he had to tell me about the differences in menÂ’s penis. He told me that both, he and I were not circumcised and that we have foreskin but my cousin, his son, was circumcised. This fact about my cousin, I already know. My cousin and I had been playing with our cocks since we were young, but I was never interested in people my age, I liked to look at older men. I had not seen my uncleÂ’s penis in detail so I did not really know much about his foreskin. To my surprise the moment he said that sentence, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I was sitting on his bed and he was standing up so his cock was right at my face level and about a foot away. It was soft but nice and big and there was a riot of pubic hair at the base of his uncut cock. He showed me his foreskin and he told me that when he has time, he will help me stretch my foreskin so that I can keep my penis clean when I bathe. As fast as he whipped it out, he tucked it back in his pant.

I suddenly said “Can I touch it?” To my surprise he said yes so I put my hands into his pants and felt his hairy balls and pulled his cock out of the opening of his underwear and took it out of the zipper opening of his pants. I caressed it for about a minute, stroking it and pulling his foreskin down. He told me that everyone is waiting and that we must go. He never did get hard. My cock, however, was straining against my pants.

The whole episode lasted last than a few minutes, but it made an incredible impression on me. I always find a manÂ’s hairy crotch exciting and here I was touching, feeling, caressing my uncleÂ’s hairy crotch, balls and uncut cock. I spend the next two weeks masturbating to that episode.

A few weeks after my first time touching my uncleÂ’s cock, he came to me to teach me how to keep my foreskin clean. I have never ever pulled my foreskin down before so it was very tight; barely opened enough for me to wash just the tip of my cock when I bathed or showered. The first time he pulled my foreskin all the way down, it hurt so much and there was a slight odor. He took a warm wet cloth and cleaned and washed my cock and told me that I need to do this everyday so that it will not smell. The discomfort was almost unbearable, but my exposed cock head caused me to have a hard on for the day. I went to bed with my skin down and a very sensitive cock head.

That summer, my aunt was working most of the day and my uncle was home before my aunt did. For the next few weeks, he would come in when I was showering to help me loosened my foreskin. Finally after a month, I was able to pull my skin back with out any pain and discomfort. My cousins (my auntÂ’s two children) and I spent most of our day swimming in the pool that my uncle had put in that year. During this period, while my two cousins would stay outside in the pool area, about once a week I would go in and talk with my uncle about sex and the male anatomy. The talk session would last only about 15 minutes with me being very curious about his body. I would be in my bathing suit or underwear with a hard on and rubbing the outside with my fingers.

At that time I would cum by just rubbing the head of my cock at the foreskin and I did not know about using the jack off technique of moving your hands up and down to get off. I would rub the foreskin on top of my cock and my cock head and pressed with my thumb and played with my balls until I cum. Anyway, as always, I would be having a raging hard-on under my garment and eventually my uncle would get naked and let me view his hairy body. I would touch and feel his cock and balls and feel his hairy belly. He never asked me to get naked and he never got hard despite me feeling and caressing his hairy cock. Being a Catholic, he told me not to waste “seeds” and that it is for procreation only. We never kissed and with the exception of pulling my foreskin in the beginning, he never touched my cock after that first month. I don’t think I even touched his hairy chest. All I did was fondled his cock and balls and felt his hairy pubic bush and my hands never even went down to his asshole. Despite all the fondling, he never got hard. This made me feel at that time that there was nothing sexual about it.

One day about a year after my first time exploring his body, we had our “meeting” again. Again, it took place in his bath room. As usual, he stripped naked as I spend time talking to him over things that I no longer remember. And as always, I ended up touching his uncut cock and hairy pubic area. For some reason, the subject of hygiene comes up and he told me that since he has lots of hair on his asshole, he must wash his asshole every time he took a dump. I was surprised, I knew he was hairy and his butt had fur on it, but until that day I never thought the anus would have hair and that it would be a turn on. I told my uncle that I did not know men would have hair down there. He told me that all men eventually will have hair on their anus but since I am Asian, it may not be as much as his. Brazenly I asked him if I could see his anus. He took his two hands and leaned against the wall where the toilet was and spread his legs out. My hard cock got even harder the moment I saw the forest of hair running all over his buttock and down to his asshole. He then took his hands of the wall and using his two hands spread his ass cheeks wide. I nearly fainted looking at the curly hair growing out of his ass. It was dark and furry and it stood out against his pink asshole. Since he let me fondled his cock for the past year, I asked him if I could touch his asshole. He said yes and spread his hole even further apart. I stepped up behind him and ran my index finger across and all over his hole. I did not know about fucking at that time or anal stimulation. If I did, I would have stuck my finger into his hairy hole and finger fuck this closeted queer or even rimmed his raunchy hole. As usual, he never had an erection, but he must enjoyed showing me his hole and let me run my finger through his hairy hole. This marked the beginning of a significant part of my sexual life. From that day on, I became obsessed with a man’s hairy asshole. I love and get turned on by hair growing out of a man’s ass. This obsession is still alive. Up to this day, I love to stick my tongue up a hairy ass and make love to it and also to fuck a hairy asshole with my uncut cock.

By the time I was reunited with my family, I had reached full puberty and was as tall as I am now, with a nice uncut cock and full bush of pubic hair. I was still naive about the actual sex act, and that the only sexual outlet I had is my experience with my uncle and my rubbing of the tip of my cock and thinking about my uncle’s hairy body, cock and ass. Sometime, my cousin and I would touch each other’s cock, but not much else. My uncle and I had our special talk about one more time one month before I moved. I played dumb this time and told him that I do not know what a grown man’s sperm look like. He told me that I should have several “wet dreams” already at my age. I told him that I would like to see what his cum looked like. For the first time since he exposed his cock to me, he actually hesitated for a while. Standing naked in front of me, he told me that sperm is only used for procreation and that he will make an exception for me. He told me that he must be excited first and have an erection in order to produce sperm (this was the only word I knew at that time concerning cum or semen). He told me to stay in the bathroom and that he needs to be alone in the bedroom thinking about making love to my aunt in order to have a hard on.

He shut the bathroom door behind him as he stepped into his bedroom. I waited for about three or four minutes and was very curious to what he was doing. I opened the door slightly and peeked through and saw my uncle lying facing down and fucking his bed furiously. His hairy buttock was pumping the bed like and animal in heat I was scared at the intensity of my uncleÂ’s action. It looked like he was in a trance. I closed the door and was excited and nervous at the same time. Suddenly the door opened and my uncle stepped in and placed his left hand over his head and put it against the standing shower stall and leaned his body against it. His cock was long and hard and shiny with veins all over and his cock head was exposed from the foreskin. With his right hand, he furiously moved it up and down and pumped his throbbing cock. This was the first time I had ever seen a grown manÂ’s hard on. This was the first time I saw a man used his fist to jack himself off. His face looked like he was in agony. I had never seen a man in sexual lust before, so I was actually scared. There was lots of precum flying out of his cock head and he told me that was lubricant produced from a manÂ’s cock.

I was too fascinated and scared at the same time, so for the first time since we have been exposing each otherÂ’s cock, I was speechless and did not asked to or touch his penis. Looking back, I wished I would take his hard cock and make love to it.

Unfortunately, after jacking his cock for about three minutes and groaning and moaning, he stopped cold turkey and told me that he canÂ’t produce sperm for me because it had to be for making babies. I was disappointed but at the same time ecstatic that I saw a hard cock on a man for the first time. I watched his throbbing cock grew smaller with its head still wet from the cock juice. He then stepped into the shower and I walked into the shower with him. We lathered ourselves with him washing my back and me washing him all over his body. With my soapy hands, I washed his hairy balls and crotch. I then moved my right hand to his buttock and he dutifully bent over and exposed his hair asshole for my fingers and hands to explored. The strands of black ass hair felt soft on my fingers as I played with his hole. I then washed his cock, pulling the skin down and used my fingers to lather up his cock.

That was the last time I saw his naked body, his uncut cock, his hairy ass. That was the last time I touched his body. We had one more talk a year after that when I visited him. He reminded me that I should not play with myself and that to save my sperm because it is “seeds from God”. I brazenly told him that I play with myself about everyday and that thanks to him; I now know how to jack myself off. I also told him that because of him, I love to look at a man’s hairy asshole.

The poor pervert was so closeted that when I came out to my family a few years later, he sent me a tape condemning me for being so selfish about my homosexuality and that I will go to hell for my sin. He is lucky that I do not tell his wife and children about his past. My relationship with him is better now, but we never discussed about our past. When I visit his family, I do feel like I have some power over him. I still think about his hairy body with its long uncut cock, furry curly body hair and a forest of dark ass hair sticking out of his buttock. AFTER ALL, I give him credit for my fascination with a manÂ’s hairy crotch, hairy asshole and uncut cock. I just wish I could have fingered fucked him or fucked him or jacked him off or sucked him off. I still jack my hard cock to the visual memory of his hairy chest, cock, and asshole.

Please email me at ibizaxpress@aol.com

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