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Search, Part 3

By blucollar

submitted August 20, 2005

Categories: Arm Pits, Exhibitionism, Family Fun

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The next morning I woke up in my bed in my mother's house in Huntsville, Texas. It took me a few moments to focus and then to realize what had transpired the day before. It felt like a dream. I lay there a few minutes with one arm over my head. I caught a whiff of myself. I realized then I was hard. A vision of Max came into my mind. What was it about him? He was a good looking man and masculine as all get out. But why was I attracted to him; the way he moved and carried himself. It was all attractive.

I didn't understand it but I did realize that I was getting turned on. Between the scent of my pit and the vision of Max I needed some relief fast. I closed my eyes and grabbed my cock with my right hand while I enjoyed the aroma of my left pit. I thought of Max. Slowly taking off each piece of that suit he wore yesterday, smelling him, licking him. I licked my pit then. Wishing it was him. I jacked quicker now...needing the relief. I came suddenly. It seemed to last forever but I knew it had only been a few seconds. I looked down at the mess I had made on my stomach and scooped it up with my fingers and put it to my mouth. I loved the taste of my own cum, always have, and I wondered if Max's tasted the same. Funny, all the time I have been eating my own cum I had never thought of eating another dude’s.

After I calmed down I started to panic. What if what happened yesterday was a dream. There was no money, no Max, no apartment in Houston to go to. I jumped out of bed naked and retrieved my pants off the chair I had put them on last night. I checked the pocket and there it was. The ten thousand dollar check made out to my mom. It was true. All true!

I looked at the clock. 10:30 am. Late for me but I stayed up last night tossing and turning. Not believing how my life was changing. Thinking about what to wear I grabbed some loose shorts and a tee without sleeves, my usual wear around the house. It was cool out but I didn't like cloths all that much and I only wore what I could get away with around mom. I own plenty of underwear but hardly ever wear it. I put on a pair of flip flops and went to the kitchen. I grabbed a glass of orange juice and sat at the table. What do I want to bring with me was all that was on my mind? Nothing! I really wanted nothing that was here. I would leave here with what I had on and my identification and debit card. That’s all I needed.

It was then I saw a note from mom on the refrigerator:


Went to Walmart and then the market. I won't be back until about 2 o'clock. Fix yourself something for lunch. Mom

Well this is getting easier all the time. I'll be half way to Houston before she gets back. I won't have to go through a scene. I wrote her a quick note myself:


I received my inheritance from Grandma Gentry yesterday. I am leaving to live in my apartment in Houston. Sorry I missed you. I will call when I get settled. Don't worry about me. I am fine. Here is a gift for you.


That should do it. Now what? It's only 11 o'clock. I kicked off my flips and dropped my shorts and tee and went and took a quick shower. My hair is buzzed off so all I need really is a rinse. I then put back on my favorite shorts and tee.

I then went into my room and made sure that there was nothing personal I wanted my mother getting into and discarded what I found. I didn't have a computer at home as she felt it would have lead me to sin as well.

Finally it was five minutes till noon. I went to the front door and locked it and pulled it shut behind me. I didn't take my keys; didn't want them. I sat on the porch and waited.

Not two minutes later did a black Cadillac limo pull up and Max jumped out of the back. He had on a tight pull over and almost as tight tan shorts that were well worn. And believe it or not he had on flip flops. I gave him the once over. Nice arms with a tattoo of a dragon on his left bicep. Hair from his chest poked out of the shirt. His ass was huge, in a good muscular way, and I could see a very impressive package from the front. For as straight as I thought I was I was definitely into this dude.

"No bags Scott?" Max yelled from curb.

"I really didn't want anything I had. It’s okay isn't it?" I replied.

"You’re the boss Scott. You can get anything you want anytime you want. I understand." Max said as he lead the way into the back of the Caddie.

"The driver’s name is Pedro. Pedro this is your new boss, Scott Evans." Max made the introductions and I looked up to see a very good looking Hispanic man with a buzzed head and dark eyes. He must have been around Max's age. He wore a tank top from what I could see. He had a tattoo on his right arm that I couldn't make out.

"I told Pedro it was okay to dress casually. Since your grandmother died no one on the staff saw a point to their uniforms any longer. You don't mind do you?" Max explained once we were settled in the car.

"Heck no Max. If he was in uniform I would have felt uncomfortable. In fact I feel pretty uncomfortable in this Caddie. I suppose it was Grandmother's as well?" I asked.

"Yeah, it does tend to make you feel old doesn't it. It is a couple years old. You can decide what to do with it when we get to Houston. Pedro has been the driver for about five years. He was a landscaper before. You also have a maid and a cook. The maid is older and ready for retirement. Her name is Susan. The cook is younger, in his thirties I think, and has been on staff for about as long as Pedro. His name is Rick. He's pretty down to earth. Susan is a bit uptight but like I said she is ready to retire. She lives in her own house on the outskirts of Houston and Rick has an apartment not far from yours. Pedro here is the only staff member that actually lives at the apartment. That was so he could be on call whenever Mrs. Gentry needed him, which actually wasn't that often."

We talked casually for a while as we made our way south. I then felt myself falling asleep as I usually did on long trips in a car. The next thing I knew was being softly touched awake. Max was letting me know we arrived. I looked out the window and saw we were in downtown Houston. We were in front of a very impressive building with a red carpet and a red canopy at the front door. A doorman stood at the ready. "Good Day Mr. Shaw. How are you today?"

"I am good George. I would like you to meet the new owner of Mrs. Gentry's apartment. This is Mr. Evans. Mrs. Gentry's grandson. Scott this is George. George is the full time doorman here. He is in charge of the others so if you ever have any problems let George know right away." Max introduced us.

"Very good to meet you Mr. Evans, your grandmother was a kind woman and is very well missed in the building. I hope you enjoy your stay here and will make it your home for a very long time." George was older but had the kindest face and smile I ever did see.

"Thank you George. And please call me Scott. I will never enjoy being too formal especially around people I will see daily." I said.

"Er…very well…um Scott. I am honored. Let me ring the elevator for you. Any luggage?" George asked as he led the way into the lobby.

"I am afraid I am the only one that brought a suit case. Scott didn't seem to have anything he wanted to bring. It seems we will be busy shopping tomorrow George. Can you arrange with Pedro to have the car ready by about 10 in the morning? We will rest today." Max asked.

"Very good Mr. Shaw; Scott. Have a good night." George said as the elevator doors closed on Max and I.

We traveled to the top floor of a 32 story building. The elevator opened to a small lobby of marble, granite and velvet furnishings. No windows; a very large chandelier that seemed to large for the room. On the other side of the lobby were very large double doors. On the name plate next to them was the one word; Gentry.

Max opened the door and let me walk in first. I was taken by the lush furnishings and the brightness of the rooms. It all looked like a perfect picture in one of those house beautiful magazines that mother used to buy. It was too pretty; the type of place where you were afraid to touch anything. As we made our way from the foyer to the living room, the dining room, the study and the media room I was taking it all in and becoming more and more uncomfortable. We headed down a hallway that had about a half of a dozen doors. "This is the guest corridor Scott. These rooms are only used when entertaining and having people stay over." Max said as he opened each bedroom to let me see in. There was three bathrooms on this corridor connecting to two bedrooms each. I wouldn't know who I could use these rooms for.

We left that corridor and headed for another one of the same as the last one. This one only had four doors with the same set up as the others; two bathrooms connecting to two rooms each. We then headed to the final corridor. This one had four doors as well; three of the doors on the sides of the corridor and one double door at the end. "This first room is Pedro’s room. He has his own bath. This next room is a fitness room with sauna that was never used by Mrs. Gentry. It is lacking equipment but is ready to be made into a nice home gym. Next we have Mrs. Gentry's office. It also has its own bathroom, small one. And then this is the master suite." Max opened the double doors and inside was a huge room, about the size of my mother's house, in pastels and plush carpeting. The bed was a king size canopy. Off to the side was a ladies make up station....whatever they are called, and then a series of doors to closets and to the bathroom. It was truly a women's room--an old women's room. I turned to Max and he smiled as if he could read my thoughts. "Don't worry Scott. We can have it all redone however you want it." Max tried to be reassuring.

"Max, can I be honest and share something with you?" I asked almost desperately.

"Of course Scott...what is it?" Max looked concerned now.

"I don't think I will ever be comfortable here. It’s all too big and isolated and too pretty. I would rather have less house and more land. Pools and tennis courts. Can we sell this place?"

Max's eyebrows rose up in surprise than a smile emerged. "Of course we can Scott. Are you sure that's what you want to do? You haven’t spent any time here. You might learn to like it."

"I am an outdoors type of guy Max. This is spending your life indoors with climate controlled at all times. Trust me on this one. I will never be happy living like this. And I have no ties to Houston so there would be no reason for me to visit the city to justify keeping this place. How long did grandmother live here?" I asked.

"It was actually your great grandfather's place. She moved in after his death about twenty five years ago. Your father made it clear to his mother years ago that he would never want it and that she should make arrangements to sell it after her death, but she thought she would let you decide if you would like it or not. The apartment hasn't been appraised in years but I am guessing it would add about ten million to your portfolio. So if you’re sure I will call the agency in the morning and make arrangements."

"I am sure Max. And I am sure of something else too. Tell Pedro to take that Caddie to the Chevrolet dealer and trade it in for a Suburban. I think it will fit all three of us better than that Caddy." I said.

"Okay, but we need to also discuss Susan and Rick. Like I said Susan is no big deal, I think she would be happy to retire. Your grandmother set her up very well. Rick on the other hand has only been around for about five years. Nice guy but I don't think he wants to leave Houston. As for Pedro I am assuming we are keeping him?" Max inquired.

I thought hard about this. Here I was twenty four hours later from being a poor high school graduate with nothing ahead of him making decisions for people’s lives. I hadn't met Susan or Rick yet but I did have an obligation to them. And Pedro, a fine looking Hispanic man, he must drive the women crazy yet I haven’t seen him out of the car yet.

There I go thinking of men again. What has happened to me? The minute I leave the confines of my mother's house I become this horn dog for men. I realize I never really was into girls all that much but I figured that was because mother drilled into me the sins of the flesh. But now I was feeling attractions towards Max and Pedro. I realized as I was thinking all this my cock was having a mind of its own and getting hard. I then realized that there was no way to hide a hardon in these shorts of mind and snapped back to reality.

"You still with me Scott?" Max was smirking.

"Ah, yeah Max yea, um what I think we should do is let Susan retire after the apartment sells. Give Rick a healthy severance and ensure that he gets all the references he needs to get a great job. As for Pedro, I wonder how he would feel about leaving Houston?"

Max smiled, "Boy for a beginner you certainly are decisive. I am impressed. As far as Pedro goes his parents came here from Puerto Rico. They died about 8 years ago in a terrible accident. I think Pedro had just finished high school. He has no other family here and like I said he has lived here for about five years. He has no attachments that I am aware of. I will ask him. Now, where do you think you would want to go?"

"How does Palm Springs sound?" I asked with a grin on my face.

"Some how I knew that that's where we were headed; Palm Springs is a beautiful place and it should satisfy the outdoors need you have. At least 9 months of the year. The other three months you might consider someplace cooler to summer in, like San Francisco. But we can decide that some other time. If you’re sure we can put this place up for sale tomorrow. The deed was transferred to you as soon as we had confirmation on your graduation so there will be no hold ups there. Anything else?"

"Yeah, you know a good hotel in town? I don't really want to stay in my grandmother's bed."

"Sure do, the Four Season's on Lamar. You sure you don't even want to spend a night here?" Max asked.

"Four Seasons sounds great Max. And yea, I'm sure. Would you like to stay here or be my guest at the Four Season's? I am sure I could afford rooms for all of us. I would like Pedro there as soon as possible as well."

"Of course Scott; I will be glad to move over there with you. Let me call and make the arrangements. I will get a suite and have a bedroom on each side connected for Pedro and I. Will that be alright?"

"You bet Max. Thanks for understanding."

"No thanks necessary." with that Max dialed up the Four Seasons and booked the rooms for one week. He then called Pedro and told him of the move. Pedro was up at the apartment in minutes to go to his room to pack an overnight bag. When he came into the apartment I finally got a good look at him. He was about 5'9" and was wearing Dockers shorts and the tank top I saw earlier. He had a nice round bubble butt on him and very nice arms and chest. His tattoo was actually an arm band around his bicep of barb wire. He was a healthy and masculine young man.

"Pedro, may I ask you a question?" I inquired.

"Yes, of course boss." He seemed shocked that I had to ask first.

"I am planning to move to Palm Springs and we are going to sell the apartment as well. I don't want to lose you though. Can you remain on with me and move to Palm Springs as well?"

"Well yes I can. I was afraid for a moment you were going to let me go when you said you were selling the apartment. I have no ties here boss. Where you go I go as long as you will have me." His face had an expression of relief on it while he talked. He had nice lips too...what was I thinking?

"Great, Max it's all settled. You, Pedro and I are going to California. Do we have access to a computer so we can look up real estate in Palm Springs?"

" Pedro, go ahead and get packed and we'll leave right away. Scott seems uncomfortable here."

And within a few minutes we were out of there and I didn't care if I ever came back. It was not for me and as thankful as I was to my grandmother I was ready to look for my own type of place .I have a lap top with me Scott. We can hook it up when we get to the Four Seasons.

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