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Rest Stop Stranger

By htoass

submitted August 26, 2005

Categories: Discreet Encounters, Gay Erotic Stories, Sex On The Road

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So this happened to me about a year ago.

It was by third year of college and I was driving back to school after winter break. I had spent the break at home which was two states away from where I went to school and I was ready to get away from the family. The trip was long and took my through the middle of no where, so I decided to drive the whole thing all at once, even thought that meant I would be driving most of the night.

At about 2 am, all of the coffee and pop that I had drunk to keep me awake started to catch up with me. After a little wile, I had to pee like no ones business. Being in the middle of no where, there weren’t many places to stop for a piss. I thought about pulling over, but it was mid-January and being the middle of the night, it was cold outside. I mean really cold. I mean mid-west, dead of winter, -10 with wind-chill cold. And there I was without my thermal underwear.

I finally came across a rest area, and pulled off. Looking back I guess it was a little weird that there was only one other car in the parking lot. Truthfully, I had to pee so bad, I wouldn’t have notices if there was a circus going on in the parking lot.

I got out of the car and ran into the little entry way. Though it was cold out I decided to leave my jacket in the car leaving me in just a white t-shirt and jeans. I walked over to the man’s bathroom and stopped right there when I saw the sign hanging next to the door. “Closed for repairs.” I couldn’t believe it. The one rest stop for miles and it was out of order. I considered pissing on the side of the building in kind of a defiant gesture, but I wasn’t really keen on getting frostbite on my dick so I figured I would just pee in the sink if I had to.

Now I’m one horny bastard and I’m always ready for a good time with another guy at the drop of a hat, but I was not prepared for what I was about to experience. I took a few steps into the bathroom and I heard a man moaning. At first I thought some one was in there hurt or crying so I stopped and listen a little more. After a few seconds I realized that they weren’t moans of pain, but rather moans of pleasure. Then I noticed a kind of wet slapping noise in rhythm with the moans. Holly shit, this guy is jerking off in the public rest stop. Immediately I felt that familiar tightening in my pants. I figured there wasn’t any harm in listening of a little bit. After a little wile, I hear the guy mumble, “Oh yeah, plow my ass big boy,” presumably talking to the guy in his fantasy.

My cock was then at full staff and making quite a large tent in my jeans. I had to go for it. I walked into the bathroom, went into the stall next to him and took my long awaited piss. He stopped jerking his meat as soon as he heard me come in. It was trough to piss considering I was fairly hard, but I still had to pee so badly it didn’t matter. I could see underneath the stall divider which, I admit had an unusually large gap between it and the floor. I could see the guy’s legs with his pants around his hairy muscular caves.

I turned to face the divider between us, took off my tight shirt and dropped it where he could clearly see it. Then I slipped my jeans down my toned swimmer’s thighs and kicked them aside. I was getting so horny by the idea of stripping in a public bathroom with a stranger who I haven’t even seen or spoken too. Then came the boxer-briefs. I tossed them over the divider just in case my mystery man hadn’t gotten the picture yet. As soon as I did, I heard a, “Oh hell yeah!” as he stood up. He stepped out of his pants which were conveniently already at his feet and unbuttoned his shirt. When he was done he hung the shirt over the divider.

I got down on my knees and stuck my fully hard, 7.5 inch, throbbing cock under the divider. He got down in his knees and started to fondle my nut. Oh god it feel food. I think it was the idea that someone could come in at any time that really made me hard. He rolled my bald around in his big hands for a wile, giving them a nice tug now and then. Then he got down and started to lick them. I guess this guy had a thing for balls; luckily I had just shaved my big nut a couple days earlier. His warm tongue running around my balls and up and down my shaft made me shiver from pleasure. I had to get that magic tongue on my tight asshole so I turned over and let him eat me for a wile. The feeling was so intense, there was precum dripping from my cock.

Finally I wanted to see what they guy was carrying between his legs, so I turned back around. He put his dick under the divider and I was not at all disappointed. It was a little smaller than mine, about 7 inches, but it was perfect! It also wasn’t hard yet. I guess the idea of getting caught jerking off in a public bathroom was enough to make him go limp, but I was more than happy to give him a hand. As I reached down and took hold of his cock, he let out a moan. Just thinking about how much pleasure I was giving him as I slowly jerked his cock made me that much more horny. As I slid my hand up and down his dick, I felt it thicken into its full potential.

Now I’m not much of a moaner then it comes to fucking, but this guy was a moaning and groaning machine. “Ohhhh fuck, ohhhh fuck,” “Ohhhh yeah, yeah, yeah.” And the dirty talk, my god! “Oh yeah, jerk that cock! You like jerking that don’t you?” “You want my dick, you want it baaaaad.” “Daddy wants to give it to you hard, yeah; you like it hard don’t you? You want me to plow you deep with my huge cock.” And in fact I did want him to give it to me hard, and yes, with his big dick.

After stroking him off for a wile he pulled away and said he wanted my dig dick in his mouth. Who was I to argue? I stuck out my package and he went down. He started by licking off all of the precum that was pearling up on my head and dripping down my shaft. I love the taste of precum. My own precum, other guys’ precum, you name it. Apparently this guy was a man after my own heart. Then he took my whole 7.5 inches in at once. His warm mouth sucking my hard cock was amazing. This guy knew how to suck a guy’s dick well! I felt one of his hand brush by my nuts as he reached underneath me and started to finger my asshole, still wet with his spit. The feeling of his mouth on my cock and his fingers on my ass was great. Then just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, he slipped a few fingers in my ass and fucked me with his hand while he worked on my knob. Now I said that I wasn’t much of a moaner, but with that I couldn’t help it and I let out a moan I swear you could have heard from the road.

I couldn’t wait any longer, so I pulled away, turned around and positioned my ass to take in his perfect cock. As I did, he said, “No, I want us to cum together.” I turned around and we positioned ourselves so that we could jerk each other off together. He was as good at giving a hand job as he was at giving a blow job. His big masculine hand enveloped my dick making it look small in comparison. The warmth of his dick in my hand made my dick throb even more.

Sweat was dripping down my chest and face as we stroked each other. The small bathroom was reverberating with our moans. As we became entranced with the moans and smell of sweat, I started to feel my ball sack tighten and I knew I was going to blow the biggest wad I had ever had. “Ohhhh, I’m going to cum” I said.

“So am I” he replied. We both speed out our stroking, faster and faster until I felt his body start to jerk. He blew more cum than I think I have ever seen in my life. The first spurt flew up and hit me on the chest and dribbles down into my chest hair. I quickly put my hand into the cum and stuck my fingers covered in his hot jizz into my mouth and rubbed the rest around on my chest. The rest of his cum landed lower on my torso and dripped down into my pubes.

I couldn’t hold it any longer. “Oh yeah, oh shit, oh shit, ohhhhh here it comes” I yelled as a river of hot cum blew from the bead of my cock. It felt like I was coming four hours. Every jerk of my body blowing more jizz then I ever had before.

After the spurts stopped he bent over and licked the cum off my head. We both sat back and panted for a good five minutes trying to catch our breath. Sweat was still pouring down my face and chest mixing with his cum to make the manliest and erotic smell I have ever smelled. He grabbed the underwear I had tossed to him earlier and started to wipe the cum off of his body and handed it to me when he was done. I did the same and got dressed. “Do you mind if I keep the underwear?” he asked still in his closed stall door. I tossed the makeshift jizz-rag back over the divider and started to walk out of the bathroom. “Wait!” he said, as he tossed his own underwear back over stall door; a pair of tight white briefs. I immediately dropped my pants and put on my mystery man’s undies.

“We should do this again some time,” I said to his still closed stall door as I walked out of the rest stop.

I never did see his face or learn his name, but I’ll never forget that cock. I still get a hard on every time I wear his underwear.