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Payback for a Sandal Clad Stud

By sandal fan

submitted September 25, 2005

Categories: Bathroom Tales, Exhibitionism

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By Roger Morgan

It had been hard to concentrate in class today. All I could think about was the package I was hoping would be waiting for me when I got home. I had seen them on eBay and couldn’t resist buying them. Now, I couldn’t wait for them to arrive.

My university professor finally dismissed us and I raced to my car. The trip home seemed like an eternity. But when I got there, the reward was waiting – a wrapped package the size of a shoe box beside the front door.

I hurriedly grabbed it up and headed for the bedroom. My fingers were shaking as I ripped away the brown mailing paper. The name on the box caused an immediate erection – Via Spiga; God, how I wanted these sandals. I carefully pulled the box top aside and parted the paper inside. And there they were. The suede Birkenstock style soles felt so good to my fingers. But the straps were what caused me to smile approvingly. The wonderful toe loop that would hold my toes in place was extended in a widening strip of suede leather that fastened down on each side of my foot. The long stretch of rust colored leather would attract attention to my narrow feet. Any guy who liked sandals or feet would notice these immediately.

I kicked off the Kenneth Cole toe loop sandals I had worn to class and slipped my new prize on my feet. They fit perfectly. I walked across the room enjoying the sensation of the fabulous foot bed of the sandals. My toes curled up and down in the loops. I stared at myself in the mirror and stroked myself as I raised one foot and then the other.

“These are going to really turn someone on,” I said to myself. “And I’m going to have fun toying with them.”

I couldn’t wait to wear them outside and see if I got stares from people passing by. But I was so turned on. This wasn’t the night for a stroll through the mall. I needed some relief for my throbbing cock.

I quickly went to the closet and looked for clothes that would be just right for my Via Spiga sandals. I thumbed through my shirts until I noticed my stretch rust colored T-shirt that I bought from International Male a couple of years back. Perfect, I said to myself. Then I opened the drawer containing my many shorts. I finally settled on a pair of Khaki cargo shorts that weren’t too short to draw stares, but tight enough to get some admiration.

After I had put everything on, I checked in the mirror again. “Man, am I hot looking. Somebody is going to go crazy when they see me.”

I thought about heading for one of my favorite haunts. There were several adult video arcades where it was easy to find someone to do whatever I wanted. But I decided instead to go online and check out the Cruising for Sex Web site. They were always up on the latest locations in all the cities. It would be fun try something different.

I went to my town and began scanning the list of arcades and theaters. Nothing new. Then I checked out public places. About halfway down the list, I saw something that caught my eye.

“There’s a new restroom at Lakeside Park. This place is great. Someone has made a nice sized glory hole between the second and third bathroom stall. There is always a willing mouth on the other side to take care of you. And the cops never patrol this area.”

That’s my spot. I love bathrooms because most of the stalls are open at the bottom. It’s a great place for foot play. And with a glory hole, it will be perfect. I start to head out. But before leaving, I decide I need one more thing to complete my outfit. I pull out a sterling toe ring and slip it on the toe of my right foot next to the suede toe loop. “That will tell the guy in the next stall I am into feet,” I think to myself.

The drive to Lakeside Park isn’t too long. But I am still twitching with anticipation. My sandaled foot keeps pushing down on the accelerator.

It’s well after dark when I arrive at the park and begin cruising around to find the restroom. At first, I can’t spot it. Then I see a trail leading up over a hill. I head that way and find what I have been looking for. The restroom is off to one side where few would even see it. The place isn’t too big. But when I opened the door, I am pleased to see that the bathroom stalls are around a corner away from the urinals and wash basins. That’s good. If someone comes through the front door, we will have several seconds to get ourselves back together. No wonder Cruising for Sex gave this such a good rating.

The restroom is empty when I come in. But that’s ok. I can wait in the parking lot for the guy I am about to turn into my “sandal servant.” I chuckle at the name and feel very pleased with myself.

I wait for what seems like an eternity. This place is fairly remote. Maybe I will be the only one here. I think about leaving, but then another car pulls up on the other side of the parking lot. It’s a Hummer and I can’t see what the guy looks like. He waits inside for several minutes.

Finally the door open and he steps out. I’m trying to see what he looks like, but can’t because it’s dark. Finally he comes close to the floodlight on the front of the restroom and my heart jumps. He’s wearing a tight white T-shirt and very short denim cutoffs. He has a nice tan. And on his feet are what appear to be thick black leather thong sandals.

The soles come up a couple of inches from the ground. “There’s my guy,” I whisper. I try to wait for awhile to let him get settled in, but can’t Not long after he’s through the door, I am following.

I enter and see that he has already headed to the toilets. I stroll around the wall and note he is in the third stall. I slide into the second and plop down. While sitting there, I have a perfect view of his feet. The sandals have wings on the side of the broad leather thong strap and I immediately recognized they are Harley Davidson. That always cracks me up. Can you picture a biker riding his “hog” in a pair of thong sandals? But I know some guys are nervous about leather thong sandals labeling them as sissies and the Harley Davidson name gives them cover.

Fair enough. But I am still going to have this stud service me. We sit for a couple of minutes without moving. Finally I push my sandaled foot a few inches in his direction. He follows suit. We move closer and closer together while I stroke myself. After our little tease, we eventually touch our sandal soles. “Mmmm. This is going just the way I want.”

My Via Spiga sandals look so hot up against his black leather thongs. I notice we both have very tanned feet. The only difference is my shiny toe ring flashing up at him.

I decided to make the next move. I stand and pull my shorts down, hanging them on the door. Then I sit back down and begin to stroke myself more loudly. I see his sandaled feet turn toward me and I know he is peeking through the glory hole. I put on a real show for him. I splay out my feet so one is completely under the stall wall and in his side. I let the toes curl up and down in the sandal straps as I jack myself off letting him know how excited I am.

It doesn’t take long for the pay off to come. “Why don’t you stick that cock of yours through the hole and let’s have some fun?” he says. That’s a question he doesn’t have to ask twice.

I stand and start moving in. My long narrow cock is close to 7 inches long. I’m rather proud of it. The big veins and large head always excite the people I allow to service me. The hole is larger than most. It’s big enough for me to get my balls through as well as my cock. I press all the way in and wait for the wonderful sensation of a soft mouth taking me in. Instead, I feel a hand grab me and start to jack me off. “Like that, fella,” he asks.

“Yeah, but I can’t wait to feel your mouth” I reply.

“In a minute., I want to get you really hard,” he says. I am enjoying the hand job and hoping I can hold out. I don’t want to cum without getting sucked. My sandaled feet are completely under the stall wall now.

I am thoroughly enjoying all this until I suddenly feel a sensation I haven’t before – as if someone were snapping a cock ring around me. The guy on the other side has tied something around the base of my cock and my balls. I don’t like this. Fun’s fun, but I want to be sucked. To hell with him, I’m going to pull out.

I tried to draw back out of the hole, but I can’t. Somehow he has attached something to my cock and fastened it down somewhere else. I pull again and can’t budge. “Hey, that’s not funny. Turn me loose.”

“Oh, I’ll turn you loose – when I’m ready. But queers like you need to be taught a lesson.”

Now, I was really scared. This guy didn’t sound like he was kidding. I pulled again, but all I felt was pain in my squeezed balls. Apparently, he put some sort of looping device around me and attached it to the toilet paper dispenser. I was completely stuck.

“Please,” I said. “Let me go. I won’t ever do this again. I just want to leave.

He chucked, “Yeah sure. I bet you do this all the time. I can just look at you and tell. He glanced down at my sandals, “You just wear these faggoty sandals when you’re cruising restrooms?” he asked. “Mighty pretty toenails. Did you just polish them?”

“Y-Y-Yes. But I’m not really sissy I just like to dress up to show men I am interested.”

“Well, I think we need to muss up that polish a little,” he said. Then he pressed the sole of his sandal down on my toes and ground them.

“No, please that hurts,” I cried. Suddenly I heard the door of his stall open. Then I felt the sensation of his body behind me. He had taken off everything except his sandals and the hair on his legs made me quiver as he pressed up against me.

“Having fun, boy?” he asked. “No, I just want to go home. Please untie me,” I wailed.

“Oh no, we’ve only just begun,” he growled into my ear. As he did, I could smell the Bourbon on his breath and I prayed I would somehow live through all this. He stood back and looked me over again. “I just can’t get over those sandals of yours. Guess you hang out in all the designer shops with the rest of the queers.”

He reached down and lifted one of my feet. Slowly, he pulled off the Via Spiga sandal. He held it to my face. “Get a kick out of wearing these, do you?”

“N-N-No… I just got them today,” I stammered.

“Well let’s break them in right,” he replied. I didn’t know what he meant until I felt the first stinging blow. Whaaaack. The sandal sole burst against my bare cheek. Whaaack,. Whaaack,. Whaack. “NO, please stop. Please don’t hit me,” I cried. It was no use. My feet – one bare and the other in a sandal – jumped up and down as my assailant turned my ass cheeks ruby red with the sandal sole.

Just when I thought I might pass out from the pain, he stopped. “I think I have them nice and ready now,” he said. What did he mean? What was he going to do? I felt his fingers probing my ass and tickling my sphincter. “No, I can’t do that,” I cried. “I haven’t ever done that.”

“Well, you are now, “he said. Suddenly, he knelt down and put the spanking sandal back on my foot. “Since you wore these to pick up somebody, you might as well get fucked in them,”

“Oh, God. What have I done?” I asked myself. It didn’t take long to find out. The first push between my ass cheeks was slow. His cock was huge and I could feel the broad head touching each cheek. He pushed in and then pulled out. I felt some lubrication being applied. Apparently, he realized my virgin ass would never be able to take his massive rod.

Then the assault began. It wasn’t a slow one after I had been well oiled. The stiff cock jammed fully into my ass and I screamed out in utter pain. “AAAAAAAUGH!”

“Yeah, you faggot. Scream. Scream for your Mommy to come save you from the bad old man.,” he laughed as he kept ramming me.

I tried to hit back at him, but it was no use. He grabbed my wrists and held them tightly together behind my back. And with my cock and balls in jeopardy of being pulled off by the rope on the other side, I couldn’t move any more.

All I could do was take his assault and hope I would somehow survive. As he turned me from a virgin to a slut, I glanced down at the restroom floor. He had moved in closely behind me for his pile driving.

My once beautiful Via Spiga sandals were now filthy. His masculine Harley Davidson sandals were stationed on either side of them as he fucked me deeply. His toes were curling up and down in pleasure as mine writhed in agony.

Suddenly, his sandaled feet move inward and settled on top of mine. “I’m about ready to fill you up, boy. Are you ready?,” he asked. “And when I do, I’m gonna make sure you think about me the next time you wear those sandals.”

I could feel his cock start to swell. The pace of his fucking became steady. “Mmm, so good,” he cooed. “You’ve got a really soft pussy. Gonna make somebody a really nice boy toy. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Here it comes.”

As his cock pulsed and then fired the first blast of boiling cum, he stood on tiptoes jamming his sandal soles sharply down on my vulnerable toes and thong straps. “Yeah take it. Take my love juice,” he yelled as his sandals continued to crush my toes.

When he finally was spent, he pulled out and I could feel the buckets of cum he had shot into my ass slowly drip down my calves and spill on my sandals.. I looked down at the floor between my legs and saw a murky combination of cum mingled with drops of my blood. “Well, look at that,” he said noticing my downward glance. “I guess I really did get your cherry.”

He stepped away and walked back to the other restroom stall. I could hear him putting his clothes back on. “Please let me go now,” I moaned. “I won’t tell anyone what happened. And I promise I won’t ever come here again.”

He let out a low mean laugh. “No. I don’t think so. You can just figure out how to get out of this harness yourself. But be careful. If you pull too hard, your balls will come off.” Then he roared at his cruel joke.

I heard the slap of his sandals as he headed out. But then there was the sound of the restroom door opening. “Hey fella,” I heard him say. “Good to see you again. Found any action?” There was another voice, but I couldn’t make out what he said.

“I’ve got to go, but I’ve left you a nice set up back in the toilets. Just consider it a present from me to you.”

In a few seconds, I heard the shuffling of feet and the stall door open next to me. “Well, how about this,” the voice said. What a nice little surprise Joe left for me here.”

I felt his hand on my cock. And then I heard him say, “Well, look at those cute little sandals you’re wearing. Move them over where I can see them better”

I had no choice. He literally had me by the balls. “You’re in luck this time. Joe plays rough. I’m just gonna suck you off,” he said. “But those fancy dancy sandals are gonna be covered with my cum when I’m through.

And he made good on his promise. Despite the pain, despite the humiliation and my promise of “never again,” I found myself getting hard in his talented mouth. And as my cock hardened and pulsed, I felt the first drops of his cum spilling out on my expensive sandals. I shot into his mouth and heard him moan with pleasure. Suddenly the few drops turned into a flowing river. My sandals and toes were completely covered in his hot sticky juices. And when it was over, I felt his dick running over my toes and pressing on my sandal straps. He was wiping himself clean on them.

He stood back up and pulled on his shorts. “I’ll give you anything to let me go,” I cried.

“How about your wallet?” he asked.

“Yes, anything,” I whispered with tears filling my eyes. He came around and picked up my shorts and pulled out my wallet. “I could take this and leave,” he said. “But I’m not like Joe. I’m a pretty nice guy.”

He returned to the other side and loosened the bindings on my balls and cock. “It will take you a few seconds to get this undone. I‘ll be gone by then. Thanks for the party.” It took a couple of minutes for the bindings to come undone. When they did, I slumped to the floor. Slowly, I got up. I tried to clean up as best I could. The toilet paper was able to remove most of the drying cum on my ass cheeks. I pulled my shorts back on my weary legs and buckled them in place. Standing on tiptoe while being fucked had left my calves cramping. I finally came out of the restroom stall and limped for the door. I looked down at my once clean feet and costly sandals. Both had been ruined during Joe’s assault. The rust colored straps of my Via Spiga sandals were now darkly stained. And my toenails were now cracked and covered with dirt from his sandal soles.

How did this happen? I thought I was so clever. I made others do my bidding. Dress a certain way and I could have anyone I wanted. Maybe I really was meant to be sandal slut. My throbbing ass told me what I no longer could deny.

Roger Morgan would appreciate your comments on his story. You can email him at sandalfan@aol.com.