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My TRUE Cop Story

By jasonwilcox

submitted September 28, 2005

Categories: Best Friends, Birthday Presents, Cops, True Stories

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This is the most sexually charged I have ever been in my whole life. My name is Jason, I'm 28, and have been a cop in Texas for 3 years now. One reason I'm a cop now is because I had cop fantasies growing up...

When I was in college, my best friend in the world went through the local academy and became a cop when we were only 23. I was jealous of him and very much envied the position. I have to admit, the fucker looked hot in that uniform too. He knew I had some bisexual tendencies, but it was something we never really discussed. He was always admittedly straight, but must have had some kind of feelings on some level.

One of the fantasies that I had let him in on, ironically enough before he went through the academy was that I was attracted to the uniform, and just once, wanted to suck off a cop. A couple years later, he decided to set it up for me for my birthday. Fuckin’ coolest present I've ever received.

He wanted to make it thrilling for me, and it was just him, so he came up with some terms that would make it "real".

Here's the scene.... all planned out ahead of time. We both knew only how the first part would go down - he would take care of the rest.

I was going to be driving down a certain street where I knew he would be in a parking lot.... speeding. To give it the element of fear, I had a bag of weed in the glove compartment of my car (that he knew was there). When I sped past, he pulled me over, flashing the lights and running the sirens. When he walked up to the car, he asked me to get out of the car with my hands on the hood. He searched me, cuffed me next to the hood and searched the car... and found the weed in the glove box. The fucker COULD have seriously taken me to jail if he wanted to since he was truly on duty at the time.

but luckily the best friend part comes in....

He put me in his squad car, flashed the lights and sirens and sped off to a deserted field.

He pulled me out of the car, made me get on my knees and suck him to completion. After that, he just put me back in the cuffs, back in the car and smiled all the way back to my car.

Since then, we've done nothing sexual together, and haven't even talked about it. He's a great guy and we're still good friends.

Email me if you want to talk about this story because I get hard still every time I think about it.