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A Night of Total Abuse and Degredation, Part 5

By slave2112

submitted November 29, 2005

Categories: Discipline, S/M

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It seemed like forever before Mike returned to the basement. He was carrying a tray with two white containers and a jar of peanut butter. He took one of the knives they used on me earlier, got a blob of peanut butter on it and smeared it on my left nipple and then he repeated it on the right one. He stuck his finger in the jar, reached below me and shoved that finger up my ass, depositing a wad of peanut butter up inside me. He then went back to the knife, covered the length of it with the sticky, sweet substance and smeared it all over my cock and balls. He also spread my pee hole apart and made sure some of it got down inside the shaft.

"I told you I had a special punishment for you, and you’re about to discover what it is. When I was a teenager I had an ant farm. One night when I felt like experimenting I smashed the farm, removed the ants and placed them on me. The feeling of them crawling all over my body was exquisite, yet torturous. Occasionally some of them would decide to take a bite out of my cock. It hurt, but it wasn't too bad. Those were the black ones. Then I got hold of some red fire ants and put them on my cock and balls. Instantly they decided to attack. One after another they bit my shaft and my balls. That was the last time I ever did it to myself. Now it’s your turn."

He took what looked like an ice cream scooper and scooped up some of the contents of the larger container, walked over to me and emptied the contents in between my tits. He repeated that motion, but this time he placed a full scoop full on my cock and balls.

"If you’re wondering what the peanut butter is for it’s to give them a place to go and something to eat."

All ready I could feel “AAAWW” them crawing on me. “AAAww!” I screamed as another one bit the head of my cock. The ones on my chest made a beeline for my tits and started crawling on them, biting them. I could feel a couple of them heading for the crack of my ass, making they way up inside, biting as they went.

"So you think the black ones bite, eh? Try these on for size." With that comment Mike opened the smaller contained, and scooped up about 20 red fire ants, which he placed in my pubic hair. "They should be able to find their way from there."

I could look down my body and see my cock and balls were covered with a moving mass of black ants. Many were crawling up the shaft, moving toward the tip. They swirled around it, crawling into the pee hole, biting me. I could see the red ants making their way from my hair, they also seemed to head straight for the tip of my now engorged and sore cock...biting as they went. The feeling of all those insects crawling over my body was intense, but any pleasure was instantly lost by all the bites I was receiving on my tits, cock, balls, and even deep inside my asshole.

"All right guys, lower him down on to the tarp. Wrap him up nice and tight; I wouldn't want all those ants loose in my dungeon."

They did as they were told. I was wrapped up very tightly in a vinyl tarp, covered with ants, and there was no escaping. I was being eaten alive!

"That's good for now; I need to go get a drink. I think you should all join me."

They left the room and turned out the light behind them. I was alone in the dungeon with a couple hundred ants swarming all over me.

To be continued....

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