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Photo Shoot For My Grandson

By Rob Wilson

submitted January 9, 2006

Categories: Family Fun

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My grandson and a friend from school came by this past weekend unexpectedly. I have lived alone since my wife and I divorced and she spread the word that she had caught me with the gardener's cock in my mouth. My grandson is studying photography at a local college and told me that he was working on a portfolio for his professor to show what he can do creatively. He said that he also needed money to continue and his folks had said they were tapped out. I said, "so go on".

He said that he had been talking with his friend about how to make some money quick and the friend said that one of the graduate students had said that he knew a guy who would pay big bucks for naked photos of guys engaging in homosexual activity and they thought of me. I said "well thanks a lot, guess it pays to have a queer grandpa!" My grandson said it’s not like that grandpa but I really need the money and Jason here would pose with you.

I said "Jason is going to have his picture taken sucking me off?" and my grandson said well not quite, you're going to be doing the sucking. I smiled and asked "and where is this going to be photographed?" My grandson said that Jason's Dad had a ranch out in the desert and it was very private and we could go there and be a naked as we wanted and do whatever we wanted and nobody would care. I said, “Okay, I guess I owe it to you as your grandpa to help out.”

Both boys grinned really big and said, "Let’s go then", and off we went in Jason's pickup truck. The drive was about an hour away and when we got there Jason went into the house to talk to his Dad and when he came out his Dad was with him. He came up to my side of the pickup, looked me in the face and said "what kind of a grandpa lets his grandson take pictures of him sucking dick?" I swallowed really big and said "one that loves his grandson and wants to help out".

The Dad, whose name was Carl, said to my grandson "you need more than one dick?" My grandson said the more the merrier and so Carl stood up on the running board and said to just follow the track out behind the house and into the desert. Once we arrived at a creek bed with a few trees lining it Carl said that this is as good a place as any and jumped down off the running ‘board. I opened the door and my grandson said "grandpa, just leave your clothes in the truck". So I stripped down naked and moved into the shade of one of the trees. Both Jason and his Dad also stripped down and began massaging their dicks to get them hard. My grandson had a hand held video camera and set up the scene with me on my knees and Carl’s rather huge prick in front of my face with the bulbous head resting on my lips.

He was already leaking precum and the smell was exciting. Jason came up and began rubbing his cock along my neck and then up to my mouth too and my grandson said "anytime, grandpa" and so I began licking the two cocks and nibbling along the shafts. Carl began leaking even more profusely and so I took the head of his cock between my lips and began siphoning the jizm into my mouth. My own cock was stand tall against my stomach and I was leaking too. My grandson kept zeroing in on my sucking mouth and my leaking cock...it wasn't long till Carl was shooting his load all over my face and Jason then rammed his cock into my mouth and began face fucking me.

When Jason came he didn't withdraw but filled my mouth with cum till it overflowed. We rested awhile after this action and then my grandson said he wanted to fuck my face too and get it on film....I was a little taken aback thinking about sucking my grandson's cock but said what the shit, go ahead. When he came after fucking my face awhile I was pleasantly surprised at the tastiness of his cum. That evening when the boys dropped me off my grandson said, "Same time next weekend, grandpa?" and I said, "Sure".

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