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Rest Stop

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We were tooling down the highway in the early evening at a pretty good clip in my BMW Z4 Roadster when Perry started to get frisky. Perry was this hulking blond roommate of mine who also was on the football team, but who was a couple of years older than I was and played first-string tailback. I’d just started college this year and was still warming the bench, although I’d impressed the coach pretty much with my catching and running ability.

I was headed home for spring break, and I really needed a break. Between the studies, trying to keep my football scholarship, and my part-time job as a model for men’s wear catalogs, I was really zonked out and needed a break.

Perry had asked me for a ride to the house of a friend of his in a town near mine, and, fool that I was, I had agreed. He was a cocky bastard--always on the move and exercising his mouth and topping any of the guys who appealed to him. The coach never said anything about this, because he was topping Perry. With Perry’s status on the football team, and his hunky good looks, he didn’t have too much trouble getting his cock in his ass of choice. But thus far I had held off all of his advances myself. I’d fooled around with guys in high school, but not all that seriously, and I just didn’t want Perry to have any power over me.

I guess my stonewalling had only increased his determination to get into my pants, though, because he admitted to me as we tooled down the highway that he’d only asked for this ride because he wanted to do me. If I’d known that, I wouldn’t have been wearing the comfortable sweat shorts and T-shirt I had on for the journey.

“Hey, I like you in that T-shirt, man,” he turned and said to me, “Sets off your pecs and biceps real well. You’re turning me on, Dale. Let’s have the shirt off. See, mine is off.”

“Cool it, Perry. Just sit back and relax. We’re still several hours from home.”

“Can’t cool it, Dale. You’re making me hot.” He ran his hand up under my T and slowly worked his way up from my belly to one of my nipples. I slapped at the hand with one of mine, causing the car to swerve a bit on the pavement.

“Whoa. Hold steady, Dale. Look, you’ve got me excited.”

I instinctively looked down in his lap, and, sure enough, his pants were tenting at the crotch, which was quite a feat, considering how tight his jeans were. I already knew he had an oversized package, because he had been careful to show it to me several times in the locker room shower.

“Knock it off, Perry.” I didn’t give you this ride just so you could proposition me again.

“Yes you did, sport. I didn’t need this ride. I’ve got a car of my own. I assumed you knew that and were game. I asked for the ride because I’m dying to fuck you.”

“Well, it isn’t going to happen,” I answered with irritation. “And put that hand somewhere else.”

“Of course, anything you say, Dale,” Perry answered with a laugh. His hand slowly moved back down my torso and across my belly and under the waistband of my shorts.

“Ah, very nice,” he was saying as his hand got the measure of my cock.

“Stop That! We’re going to crash,” I yelled. And, indeed, the car was weaving in the lane. I pulled over to the slow lane and brought the car down to the speed limit.

“OK, OK,” Perry answered. “That’s not what I’m really interested in anyway.” And with that, his fingers went under my balls and glided across the perineum in search of my asshole.

“I said stop.”

“Open your legs to me,” Perry commanded in a husky voice. The fingers of his other hand got entwined in my hair, and his lips went to the side of my neck. He was tracing my carotid with his tongue. For some reason, I responded to his command. I shifted my left leg over to where it was touching the door, and widened the stance on my right knee as well as I could while still keeping my foot on the accelerator. His middle finger found my asshole and pushed in up to the knuckle. I gasped and felt like my legs were turning to jelly.

“No, don’t. Perry,” I pleaded in a suddenly hoarse voice. “I’m trying to drive.”

But he paid me no heed. His mouth traveled down my torso and swallowed my cock, which was engorging under his attention. My pelvis instinctively tilted up to meet his mouth, and he was able to get a second, and then a third finger into my asshole and to push them deeper. I felt him rubbing on my prostate. I was melting.

“God, at least let me pull over somewhere,” I pleaded. Luckily I saw the sign for a turnoff into a rest area in the next mile, because he just kept on sucking and rotating his fingers in my ass.

The car was barely creeping along and I was fighting to keep it between the lines as we took the exit to the . I bypassed the well-lit car park and pulled behind the building into the truck parking lot and over to an area that was as far away from the trucks parked there as I could get.

The top was down on the roadster, and I propped my left leg up on the top of the windshield and just lay my head back on the head rest while Perry finished blowing me off and playing with his fingers in my ass. After I’d cum and he’d licked me off, he brought his lips to mine and gave me a deep kiss. The fingers of his left hand were still entwined in my hair and he was holding my head back on the armrest in a hair lock. His heel of his right hand was still lodged under my balls, and his fingers were up my ass.

“Climb over here on my lap,” he commanded in that husky voice of his. “I’m going to fuck you now.”

“No, you’re not,” I responded in a strong voice. “Not here and not now. Possibly not ever! I have to piss, so I’m going into the men’s room, and then we’re going on and you’re not touching me again. Or I can bail you out right here.” Without waiting for a response, I brought my left leg down, threw open the door, adjusted my shorts, and marched off to the building with the rest rooms.

I was standing at a urinal, pissing, when a hulking, dark-haired dude, very hairy, but handsome in a Spanish sort of way, came into the rest room. I’d seen him moving in my direction from a group of trucks across the lot as I headed for the facilities, so I assumed he was one of the truckers putting in here for a rest. He smiled at me when he entered the rest room and then moved over to the urinal at the end of the row and unzipped his pants. He rolled out a thick, but not unusually long, pecker, and held it and showed it to me before turning to toward the urinal. I got a good look at him, but shifted my eyes to the tiles in front of me to let him know I wasn’t interested.

Then Perry entered the rest room and unzipped himself and pulled his long cock out before he’d come anywhere close to the urinal. He took the urinal right beside me and made sexually insinuating comments all of the time our cocks were streaming. I could have died from the embarrassment.

He was finished before I was and, without unzipping, came in back of me, kissed me on the neck, and rubbed his cock on the small of my back.

“Sure you don’t want some of this, honey?” he asked sweetly. “You got me worked up, and I’m dying to get my nuts off.”

“Just stop, Perry. You’re embarrassing yourself as much as you’re embarrassing me.”

A stall door banged open across the room, and both Perry and I jumped in surprise. The dark trucker at the end of the line of urinals didn’t flinch, however, so he must have known someone was in that stall.

I quickly pulled my shorts up as I turned to see a mountain of a man sitting stark naked on a toilet in the stall and pulling at one of the most enormous cocks I’d ever seen. He was all muscle, with flaming red hair, worn long, in a pony tail.

“If cutie there don’t want you, Blondie, come over here. I’ll give you a blow job you won’t forget for some time. God, look at you. You work out most of the day?”

“First-string college tailback,” Perry responded with pride. “Figures; come over here and give me a taste of that. I could tell you what a tailback is good for.”

“Sure, any port in a storm.”

I looked on with fascination and horror as the man mountain pulled Perry into the stall at his side and went down on his cock expertly, getting Perry to moan and gasp with ecstasy within seconds.

The guy at the end of the urinals watched for only a minute and than made like he was coming over to do the same to me, but I waved him away and stepped back. Taking the hint, he left the rest room.

“At least close the door in case someone else comes in,” I said, as I pushed the stall door closed. Upon reflection, I decided that Perry getting his rocks off this way was better than continuing to hit on me for the rest of the trip, so I finally shouted at him over the door, “I’ll give you fifteen minutes and then I’m pulling the car around to the car lot. If you’re not back out in twenty minutes, I’m tossing your bag out and leaving you here.”

I took the husky mumble I got back as agreement. So, I marched out of the restroom facility and back to the car and sat there for fifteen minutes. I noticed that the Spanish-looking guy from the men’s room was sitting on a picnic table nearby and watching me. After the fifteen minutes, I turned the key in the ignition, planning to drive around to the front of the facility. But nothing happened. The car didn’t start. The engine didn’t even attempt to turn over. I tried it several times--nothing.

The Spanish-looking truck driver strolled over to the car, put his hand on the window ledge, and looked down at the dash board with a concerned look on his face, as if maybe he could tell from a dark dash what the problem might be.

“Got a problem?” he asked.

“Yeah, it won’t start,” I answered. “Guess I’ll have to look under the hood.”

“Sounds like that would be a waste of time. I think you need a mechanic.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. Guess I’ll have to call AAA.”

“Doubt they’ll be out here to fast,” the trucker said. “And this might not be a good place for you and your friend to be after dark. It’ll get dark soon.”

I had to admit he was right. The truckers I’d seen here had been pretty direct about what they wanted to do with Perry and me.

“I’ll tell you what, though,” he said. “I know of a mechanic living nearby. I know that he works on Beamers too. I can drive you there and back, and he can get this baby fixed quick like.”

“Hmmmm, I don’t know. Maybe.”

“All I’d ask is for the same consideration your friend was giving that trucker back in the men’s room.”

“What? I don’t . . .”

“Just let me suck you off, like’s happened with your friend, and I’ll help you get this car fixed up.”

I was pretty scared now. “I don’t think I can leave my friend like that. In fact, I think I’d better go over and check with him before making any decisions about getting the car fixed.”

“Oh, I don’t think he’s in any mood to be going anywhere for the moment. We have plenty of time to connect and get your car fixed before he’ll be ready to go, I think.”

“What do you mean?”

“Get out of the car, and come on over here, and I’ll show you what I mean.”

I got out of the car and followed the Spanish-looking trucker over to where a group of trucks were parked together. Beyond their trucks, shielded from the rest facilities, there was a picnic area, with tables, and I saw what the trucker meant. I saw Perry stretched out on a picnic table, totally nude. A beefy black guy with flowing dreadlocks who I’d never seen before was standing over Perry’s head, his torso arched over Perry’s and his mouth working Perry’s cock. Perry’s mouth, in turn, was working the black guy’s cock. Perry’s legs were splayed out, in the grip of the redheaded monster from the toilet stall, who had his dick up Perry’s asshole and who was pumping away at Perry’s ass. I thought idiotically for a second that Perry was being shown the redhead’s definition of a tailback.

I stood there in horror and fascination--watching Perry get sucked and plowed at both ends.

The Spanish-looking trucker stood close behind me. I felt his arms go around me. He pulled my T-shirt off, and he had his big, beefy hands covering my pecs. I could feel the hardness of his cock at the small of my back.

“It looks like your friend is used to this,” the man whispered in my ear. “But I’m willing to bet you aren’t ready to party like that. Come with me. I’ll blow you in the privacy of my truck’s sleeper cabin, where none of the rest of them can see us. And they we’ll go get your car fixed and you and your friend can get out of here. How about it? If you won’t come with me, there’s no telling what will happen to you out here.”

One of his hands had traveled down below my waistband and to my crotch, and he was gently pulling my cock. Between that sensation and what I could see going on on the picnic table, I was hardening and lengthening pretty solidly. I felt trapped, wondering what would be the lesser of the evils of this situation. I made my decision as I watched the huge cock of the redhead stroke in and out of Perry’s asshole. Perry was used to this; I certainly wasn’t.

“Okay, I guess that would be best,” I whispered.

“My truck’s just over here,” the trucker said. He led me over to a huge semi with a large cabin behind the driving compartment. He opened the door to this cabin, and I saw that there was a twin-sized bed in it along with some shelves, a compact john, and a small refrigerator and cooking unit. The bed was covered with pillows and there were shiny hold bars on the cabin wall at either end of the bed.

“There, stretch yourself up on those pillows and get comfortable,” he said in a friendly voice. I laid down, with my legs sort of dangling off to the side, and he pulled off my shorts and briefs and knelt between my legs. I tensed up as he gently took me by the balls and the root of my cock with ran his tongue over and around my cock helmet. I could see him tracing a thick vein running up the side of my cock with his tongue.

He took his mouth away and said, “Easy there, we’ll go slowly. You have a beautiful cock. In fact everything about your body is beautiful.” He went back to running his tongue around my helmet and then down the sides of my cock, while his free hand went to my belly and then on up my torso, tracing my muscles lightly, stroking me into relaxation. He surprised me. He was a trucker, but his attentions were lot less rough and insistent than Perry’s blow job had been.

He slid his mouth over my cock, and I began to moan and sigh softly for him. His free hand went between my thighs, and I opened my stance for him, as he gently massaged my leg muscles and stroked my inner thighs. I groaned and arched my back. the tip of one of his fingers went to my asshole, and I tensed again.

“A blow job; we agreed on just a blow job,” I said with alarm.

“OK, OK. I was just trying to add extra pleasure to it.” His mouth slid over my cock and just kept sliding until I felt his lips at my root. He had deep throated me and I felt warmth and pressure at all points on my cock. I gasped and grabbed his head with both of my hands. He was cupping my butt cheeks with his hands and pumping me with his mouth now in long, relentless strokes. I writhed under him, alternately struggling against him and meeting his rhythm, until I felt like I was going to explode.

He had a finger at my asshole again, and I no longer cared. He held it there for nearly a minute, just covering my hole, and then I felt him moving around the rim in a circular motion, rubbing me, and then he moved it back to the center. All the time his mouth was going up and down on my cock and his tongue was at my piss hole, the tip pushing its way in.

He didn’t have to penetrate my ass with his now well-lubricated finger. I pushed my butt cheeks down on him, pulling his finger in myself, all the way to where the pad of his finger rubbed up against my prostate gland. I moaned loudly, and tensed, ready to shoot my load.

But then his mouth came off my cock and he held me there, very still, until my breathing became normal again and I had passed the urge to ejaculate.

I looked at him with a question mark written all over my face. The deal was that I would let him suck me off, but when he’d brought me to the brink, he hadn’t collected on the deal. I needed to get this over with, get my car fixed, and get back on the road.

“What . . . ?” I started to ask.

“Shush,” he said. “I don’t want you to cum yet. I want you to come inside me. I want you to fuck me.”

“That wasn’t the deal,” I objected, as I tried to struggle up from the bed and head for the door. But then he got serious with me. He backhanded me across the mouth to stun me, and then he produced a pair of handcuffs connected with a good three feet of chain, and cuffed one of my hands, drew the chain through the slot in the hold bar on the side of the truck at the head of the bed and then cuffed my other hand. He whipped out a black rubber gag with a mouthpiece that looked like a thick, four-inch cock with a bulbous head and stuffed the dildo in my mouth and tied the gag at the back of my head.

Then he opened a drawer, took out a handful of condoms, and opened one packet and rolled the condom on my dick. He climbed up astride my lap and tried to sit on my cock. I fought him, though, not allowing him to get my cock into his hole. In frustration, he pushed his hairy torso down onto my chest, put his mouth very close to my ear, and pinched my nostrils together with his fingers. I couldn’t breath. The gag completely filled my mouth, and I had to keep my nostrils open to be able to breath.

“Now relax and don’t fight me on this or I’m going to snuff you,” he whispered in my ear. “Nod your head to let me know you’re going to cooperate.”

I held out for as long as I could, but when I felt my lungs were going to burst, I nodded my head and he released his hold on my nose.

I was still pumping air into my lungs when I felt my cock at his hole and being slowly encased in the clinging warmth of his canal. I just lay there, letting him do the pumping, but increasingly enjoying the friction of my cock against his ass walls. He had one hand pulling at my balls when he could get to them in a pumping down stroke and the other hand buried planted on my sternum, with one thumb squarely pushing and rubbing on one of my nipples. He was riding me like he’d ride a bull in arena, letting me know that he liked my length and thickness just fine.

This went on for several minutes before I heard the door to the truck open and a jumble of arms and legs and engorged dicks filling the sleeper behind the cab. Perry and his redheaded and black monster friends were joining the party. They’d all been tossing off beers.

“What?” I heard Perry bellow. “That was my lay. I was going to be the first to fuck Dale.”

“Well, you can still be the first,” my Spanish assaulter tossed amicably over his shoulder. “I’ve got him fucking me now. I haven’t had more than one finger in his ass yet. Here, here are some condoms. His hole ain’t busy.”

I stared, aghast, as Perry laughed and opened a condom packet with his teeth. He rolled the sheath on his big cock, and I lost sight of him behind the bouncing torso of the Spaniard. But then the Spaniard was being pitched forward again onto my chest, and I could see a grinning Perry beyond him. The redheaded guy and the black guy were at either side of me, each with one of my legs in a beefy hand, and they too were grinning at me as they wishboned my legs up and out.

Perry’s head disappeared right before I felt a wet tongue penetrating my asshole, pushing it open and making it wet. This didn’t go on too long before I saw Perry’s head come up again and felt the palm of a hand under my tailbone, lifting my butt. All the time this was going on, my Spaniard continued to ride my cock like a rodeo star.

I bit down on the mouthpiece, trying to scream, as I felt the big head of Perry’s cock at the entrance of my hole. And then he was pushing into me. Searing pain at first, but when he was a good five inches in, he went still and waited for me to adjust to him. The last three or four inches of penetration was more pleasurable than painful, and after he was in to the hilt, Perry started to stroke me, at first deep and shallow and then with longer strokes, almost exiting altogether before he slid back in to the hilt.

At some point I felt the truck began to move, and both the Spaniard and Perry matched their rhythm to the rhythm of the tires on the pavement.

I heard Perry exclaim with pleasure as the black guy got behind him and appeared to be fucking him from behind. But minutes later, I heard Perry exclaim more in anger and fear as I saw the redheaded guy trying to throw his leg over between Perry’s back and the black guy’s belly.

“No, no doubling,” Perry was screaming.

“But you’ve got the hole for it,” The redhead was saying. “I know you’ve done it before.”

“But not with cocks like you guys have,” Perry countered. “No! I said no!”

But in a flurry of activity announced with a slurping sound, I felt Perry being pulled out of me. The redhead and the black guy were struggling with him, and I saw him being handcuffed to the hold bar at the other end of the bed and gagged just as I was. The black dude was under him, penetrating Perry’s asshole from behind, and the redhead’s belly was docking with Perry’s, and his cock was sliding in, with some difficulty on top of the black guy’s dick in Perry’s hole. Perry was writhing and throwing his body about between them, but they had him double skewered and handcuffed and gagged, and it was quite clear that they intended to play him like a pump organ.

I would have felt sorry for him, but he seemed to have invited all of this and to have gotten me involved in my own predicament as well.

Watching the two muscle-bound truckers double Perry was more than I could take. I ballooned out the head of my condom, shooting my load deep inside the Spaniard. He sat back on his haunches, letting my cock go soft inside him. His eyes were locked on mine, and I could see that his eyes were swimming in desire. His cock was engorged. And I became aware that he hadn’t cum yet himself.

I watched him anxiously as he slowly reached over and picked up a condom packet, opened it, and rolled the sheath onto his cock.

He rose off me and turned me around on my belly.

“On your feet,” he commanded, “No, chest still on the bed. And spread those legs. You’ll want to.” I did as he ordered, and I felt his cock sliding into my ass canal, which had already been widened and lubricated by Perry. He arched his chest down over my back, and I felt his chest hair tickling my shoulder blades. As he pumped me, he had his hands over my pecs for a while, playing with my erect nipples. At length, one hand went down to my cock and balls. He rolled the used condom off my dick and milked me. I came for the second time, and he for the first, almost simultaneously.

Not long after that, I felt the truck stop and then the door to the sleeper cabin open. A guy I’d never seen before, short, middle-aged, and a bit paunchy stood at the door.

“Thanks for rolling us around so we didn’t get noticed,” Jake, the Spaniard chimed up. “I’ll take the wheel now, and you can take your pick of one of these studs.”

As Jake was sizing the situation up and the Spaniard was dressing and leaving the sleeper, I looked over at Perry. He seemed to be unconscious, and the two monster truckers still had their cocks buried deep in his hole, although their languid looks and the deep kissing they were engaged in with each other told me that they had both flooded Perry’s insides and essentially were done with him now. I hadn’t seen that either had taken the time to use condoms.

I guess both Jake and I realized that this meant he was going to pick me. He grinned at me and took his time taking his clothes off. I hunched up the best I could in the back corner of the sleeper, folding my thigh over my privates.

He wasn’t in all that bad shape for an old guy, even with the beer belly he sported. Most notably, though, he was a true bear, furry from head to toe and sporting a full beard and shoulder-length hair. He’d been dark-haired at one time, but much of that had gone to gray. I thought it had been the beer belly that caused me not to be able to see his cock, but after he was undressed and was fiddling with a condom, I saw that his cock appeared to be stubby in repose, but it had a gigantic girth of almost four inches. Fascinatingly enough, also, the bulbous helmet was pierced with a gold stud.

He lost patience with the condom packet and threw it aside. Then he reached out and grasped my ankles and opened my legs up. He came down on his knees between my legs, and let one of his hands roam around on my body while he pumped himself up with the other hand.

Miracle of miracles, his dick was reaching a prodigious length while retaining its ass-splitting width, and I started to moan in fear and objection.

This was all to no avail, however, as he bunched up some pillows under the small of my back, lifted one of my legs and wedged it against the edge of the side window in the sleeper, and entered my ass with his ram in a side split.

It immediately became obvious that he’d been doing this for a whole lot longer and with a whole lot more skill than either Perry or the Spaniard who had plowed me earlier, because he had me interested and working with him almost from the beginning. The stud in his dick helmet played my prostate so well and so long that I was spewing precum in greater quantities and pleasure than when I had ejaculated. Then he dragged his stud along my ass walls, sending ripples of pleasure through my body. He could feel that I was enjoying this fuck, and he released the gag from my mouth, and we kissed deeply. I lowered my mouth in search of his nipples, but I couldn’t reach them, so he released my hands as well, and pulled his dick out of me, and allowed me to work my tongue and mouth down his hairy torso and down to his cock and balls, where I gave him head for several minutes. At length, he lifted my body and turned to where he was sitting on the edge of the bed and then he brought me back down on his dick, with me facing him. I arched my back as his hands guided my pelvis up and down and his lips played on my torso.

The truck had stopped again, and the redhead and black dudes had extricated themselves from Perry, unbound him, and left him in a heap in the other corner of the bed, when Jake was finally finished with me and had bathed my insides with his man cum.

The Spaniard returned to the sleeper and he and Jake scouted up Perry’s clothes and redressed him while I painfully dressed myself. When I emerged from the semi sleeper, I saw that we were back at the , parked right next to my Beamer.

“You can go now,” the Spaniard said, as he and Jake moved Perry’s unconscious body to the passenger seat of my car. “Just don’t tell anyone about what happened or you’ll be regretting it. And, for Chris’ sake don’t pull into the truck area of a in the evening unless you are looking to get fucked. Not that I wouldn’t welcome having you visit me at a truck stop again real soon.”

“But my car,” I said. “You were going to help get a mechanic.”

“There was nothing wrong with your car that didn’t get fixed by another visit under the hood,” the Spaniard said with a laugh. “As I said, don’t go messing around in areas like this at night unless you are looking for the kind of ride you don’t get in a car.’

Then he and Jake climbed up into the semi and drove away. As far as I could see, the other two guys who had done us weren’t anywhere around. But I didn’t take any chances; I revved up the Beamer, roared out of the , and took the first turn I could find off of the Interstate and on to a secondary road that was heading toward home.

I was one sore dude for several days, and, I’m glad to say, that once Perry woke up, he was pretty quiet and didn’t try to hit on me again for several weeks.

I do regret that I didn’t get a number or anything for that old guy, Jake. As long as I kept my eyes closed, he reached my itch better and longer than anyone who has tried since that night at the .

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On The Trail

Aug 06, 2005

I had never tried to seduce another guy before, but Dale was just there at the right time and place. We were both runners—he because he was on the college football team and running up and down the Pine Mountain trail helped keep him in shape and I because I wasn’t that long out of college myself and I was doing the best I could to keep my fine form in shape. We had passed each other a couple... read more

On The Roof

Aug 06, 2005

It was a hot day, and I was out doing my laps in the pool when the roofers arrived. They had started the previous afternoon, just diddling around and getting their supplies where they wanted them. The older of the two was a well-turned-out, chiseled-featured, and solidly built dude, probably in his early forties, with prematurely graying dark hair. He looked like he’d taken real good care of... read more

After hosing ourselves off again and getting back into those silk shorts, Claude suggested we go down to the living room and drink beer and watch a football game on TV. So, down we went. After I tossed off my first beer, I began to feel a little sorry for the dude hanging up in the gym and asked if it would be okay if I went in there and cleaned him up a bit and put some salve on the new hole... read more

When I awoke, the room was dim, and the house seemed very quiet. It had been a great day, but it was time to shower off one last time and hit the road. But first I’d find the guys and see what they were up to. As I got to the bottom of the stairs, I heard some noises from the back of the house and padded into the gym. The pizza guy was still on delivery, I could see. They’d pulled out the... read more

Trip Money

Aug 08, 2005

I had become a regular at the gym on Tuesday nights, and this 40-something businessman named Clint, who was also a regular on that night, and I had gotten to where we regularly spotted each other through our bar bell work. He was in great shape for his age, leaner than I was, but with well-defined, ropy muscles and chiseled square-cut features. I’d been trying to save the money for some time to... read more

I was there for three nights in the basement strip club on Dauphine Street in the French Quarter, always sitting at the same table. I had picked him out on the first night—a lithe but well-muscled, dark Greek, displaying a mixture of danger and sassiness; much more into what he was doing than any of the other performers. His act was black leather. Studded-leather harness crisscrossing his chest,... read more

Deal Closer, Part 1

Aug 09, 2005

As we strapped ourselves in across from each other, knee to knee in the sleek corporate jet, I was wondering why CJ had picked me to fly out to the coast to try to close this business deal. I was pretty new to the company and no where near to having the seniority to be included on this trip. But I wasn’t complaining. A week in California and time to get to know the vice president of sales better... read more

Neighbor's Hot Tub

Aug 10, 2005

My wife was off to see her mother, and for the first time since he’d gotten it, my neighbor, Marty, had invited me for an evening in the hot tub he had put in. His house backed onto my side yard, and he’d done a whole lot of nice renovation on his property since he had moved in. Marty was divorced and probably was in his early fifties, judging from his graying hair, but he had kept himself quite... read more

Natchez Refreshment

Aug 10, 2005

The cyclist was racing along the top of the Mississippi levee, anxious to get back into Natchez before the rains hit. Sweating profusely in the humidity and under the blazing sun, he had stripped his jersey off and wrapped it around the handlebars of the bike. It was almost dusk now, however, and the storm clouds were rumbling in. He felt chilled and tried to free the jersey from the handlebars... read more

Deal Closer, Part 2

Aug 11, 2005

We got into L.A. that night and CJ and I went straight to the hotel. I was exhausted after my in-flight service training. CJ had booked a suite with two separate bedrooms, so I went to my room after dinner, showered, and went straight to bed. I was laying there on the wide bed, on my back, staring at the ceiling and just about asleep, when CJ crept into the room, came up on the bed and sat on my... read more

Deal Closer, Part 3

Aug 11, 2005

When I had cleaned up and returned, I found that CJ had wiped himself off with a washcloth that Binggum had conveniently previously located in a bowl on the coffee table and was stuffing and buttoning his sausage back into his red-silk pouch. Binggum was stretched out on full the sofa, another wash cloth lying near him on the floor, probably used with a gentle touch by CJ in the most... read more

Biloxi Renewal

Aug 11, 2005

\Ham couldn’t sleep, and he thought he heard a noise from downstairs. Probably only one of the many ghosts haunting this old, rotting mansion, he thought. But, still, he was fully awake now. He rose off the cot he’d set up in his room until after everything was packed out and padded down the stairs into the music room. He was barefoot, only wearing his muslin sleeper pants. In twenty-four hours... read more

Locker Room Revelation

Aug 12, 2005

It wasn’t a regular day of practice; only Hank and I had come in, and we’d worked out in the gym after we’d done laps on the field. I could tell he was steamed about something, but I didn’t ask about what. He had finished first, and it looked like I had the locker room to myself when I came in from the gym. I took a quick shower and pulled on my briefs and some baggy shorts and an athletic T, and... read more

Reconnected Recovery

Aug 12, 2005

[Author’s Note: When the Philippe LeCroix series has been completed, it’s best read in the following order: “New Orleans Rejuvenation” “Natchez Refreshment” “Biloxi Renewal” “Reconnected Recovery” “Theatrical Revival” “Sailing Back into Life” “Harvesting in the Park” “Garden District Plunge” “Dangerous Experiment” “Dueling Regeneration”] The young, drunk construction worker... read more

It was the first month of my graduate school, and it was my turn for the “introductory” evening with my Logic professor, Paul Hollings. When I’d asked someone who’d taken his class the previous year what the proper attire for such an event was, he had just given me a lopsided grin and said, “For a handsome guy like you? I’d suggest very bulky clothes.” He hadn’t elaborated, but I probably... read more

I trudged back to the dorm from having been raped by my Logic professor, feeling very down and very sore, hoping that no one would ever learn about my humiliation; angry at the professor, not knowing how I was going to be able to sit in his class in front of him now. Worried about whether and what demands he might make on me for the rest of the semester. I wasn’t that way. I didn’t want to be... read more

I had been sexually assaulted by three men within my first week at school. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I let it go for several days and then, when I was on my way to throw some hoops at the gym, I just snapped and found myself seeking out the dean of men students. I didn’t know if I could get a walk-in appointment with him, but I felt like I needed to talk to someone about... read more

Theatrical Revival

Aug 13, 2005

Theatrical Revival [Author’s Note: When the Philippe LeCroix series has been completed, it’s best read in the following order: “New Orleans Rejuvenation” “Natchez Refreshment” “Biloxi Renewal” “Reconnected Recovery” “Theatrical Revival” “Sailing Back into Life” “Harvesting in the Park” “Garden District Plunge” “Dangerous Experiment” “Dueling Regeneration”] The bodybuilder... read more

The Caregiver

Aug 13, 2005

Perhaps I gave in so easily because Lenny embodied the best of two worlds. First, he was a wonderful, gentle caregiver. He had been coming to my house twice a day for several weeks to take care of my bed-bound grandmother, who was recovering from a broken hip. Second, he was drop-dead gorgeous. All blond Swedish muscle with a shy smile to accompany his sensuous mouth. I’d had a rough week... read more

Sailing Back into Life

Aug 13, 2005

Sailing Back into Life [Author’s Note: When the Philippe Lecroix series has been completed, it’s best read in the following order: “New Orleans Rejuvenation” “Natchez Refreshment” “Biloxi Renewal” “Reconnected Recovery” “Theatrical Revival” "Sailing Back into Life” “Harvesting in the Park” “Garden District Plunge” “Dangerous Experiment” “Dueling Regeneration”] Alphonse waved... read more

It had been three days since I had been raped four times within two days, and I was hiding out. I had taken a by-week apartment made over from a motel not too far from the campus, dropped the logic class, and kept as low a profile as I could. I’d found the former motel too noisy to study in, so I was camped out in a small overgrown park nearby, where I was studying on an old picnic table. I... read more

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