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First Taste of Cock

By bammart

submitted January 21, 2006

Categories: Fantasy

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by bammart Please let me know when you read my story, I'd love to hear from you.

John I am writing you to say you were right, I can't believe I doubted you, you told me one day I'd see things your way. You told me that I was denying myself the joy of men for all those years, yes I admit it now - you were right. I'm bi now and I'm learning to love the gay side much more everyday. When I think of all those cocks I could have enjoyed over the years when we hung around together makes me sad. I envy all your boyfriends back in school days. You went with maybe eight or ten guys? I recall being curious but I never would try because of social pressures.

Well, my John, I'm a changed man now. You see I recently shed those stupid inhibitions and now I'm about to start dating men. Actually it was only three weeks ago when I finally got my first cock! This is why I'm writing you now - I'm so excited I must tell you everything about it.

John, it's been how many years since we saw each other? I bet at least five. I should tell you that I married Betty my college girlfriend. We've been married for a long time now and I have an easy life with a fairly routine. I suppose some people would call it a rut. You see, John, over the past 3 months my wife and I have drifted apart. Betty has become so absorbed in her work the last few years that we almost live separate lives. Often she is on the road and though I can't find proof she has ever been unfaithful - not that it matters, I can't say she ever satisfied me completely. For the past year we rarely made love I guess part of it is because I was thinking of men's bodies.

I now work as a technician for a small computing firm; when Betty is away on business I sometime check out the nightlife around town. A few gay clubs have opened downtown and I go there to check them out. Although I just go out to look around, I never seriously considered cheating on my wife. And let me let you I have had opportunities - from many men.

Lately, I have experienced very intense dreams of men. Actually it's more like cocks--as I never see their faces. I may recall a glimpse of a chest or shoulder but definitely no faces. Weird. Many mornings I have risen with a dripping dick and a daylong horniness that just doesn't quit. Cocks that once filled my night dreams are now filling my head during the day as well.

One morning, after such a dream, I woke, had to masturbate, and then tried a cold shower to rid my mind of cock., still their images persisted; so powerful in fact that I became obsessed. At work that day I lost all hope of getting any serious work done. I asked my boss for the rest of the day off. He granted me my request and asked that I stay until lunch. Somehow I managed to finish my morning assignment and leave.

I rushed to my apartment hoping to put on a good video so I could jerk off over it, but as I was struggling to find my keys I saw my young white male neighbor outside his door coming in from walking his dog. It was a warm day so he was wearing a firm fitting cotton pair of tight shorts with no shirt. His tanned skinned athletic body filled it nicely and his chest was hairless. My eyes were fixed on his ass as his back was turned to me. I couldn't stand missing out on getting a closer look so I approached him to introduce myself. I was so horny I needed to see a real man up close. I made eye contact and said hello to him. He introduced himself as Bill, and his dog, Pug, and as my eyes looked down to see his dog; I stopped at his profound bulge in his shorts. We talked awhile and he asked me if I'd like to come in and have a soda with him, my heart jumped at the opportunity and said yes!

Once inside he told me to have a seat on his couch while he put his dog in his cage and went to the frig to get some drinks. When he came back he sat down on the other end of the 3-seater couch from me spreading his legs and brushing against my leg. He was tearing me up as my eyes could see the outline of his balls and cock through his cotton shorts. As we were talking the topic turned to sex, he said he was single and didn't date much so there wasn't much sex. I told him that I was married but we had drifted apart and I had just moved into the apartment here.

He asked me if I liked porn movies, I said yes, so he put in a DVD movie - he said I believe you will enjoy this one. After several minutes of watching a fine blonde giving a blowjob to a guy I noticed he was rubbing his cock and it was getting semi erect - making it look that much more desirable for me to have. As we continued watching the chick give head he said he placed his hand inside his shorts and said I sure would love to have a blowjob like that right now, so I finally decided the timing was just right I must take a chance at this opportunity he's given me. I leaned over and placing my hand on his leg and looking him in his eyes I said to him "I can definitely help you with that request, Bill".

His eyes opened wider and without saying another word I placed my hand on his cock and started rubbing it through his jockey shorts. His eyes closed and let out a moan. Then told me that my hand felt great and go ahead and jerk him off - that thrilled me so very much to hear that! I knew then that I was finally was going to give my first blowjob for real! My fingers carefully rubbed on his manhood through his cotton briefs. As he hardened I saw the head boring its way through the waistband. It was struggling to get out. I carefully pealed back his shorts and drew them down over his balls. His long slab sprung forward - it was so gorgeous and just inches from my face. I finally realized I had a cock all to my own just like in my dreams. As his cock stood straight up -it must have been 8 inches long - I grabbed it and slowly began to stroke - it felt so good in my hands.

And so, John, there I was lying on my belly about to worship my first big, throbbing cock. It was aimed just inches from my face, from my quivering wet lips. To say that it was the most appetizing cock ever to grace my presence would not be an overstatement. Its smooth skin glistened wonderfully down the entire veiny shaft except for the big head. Here it turned nearly pinkish as it jetted from its turtle-like foreskin. Having lived many years in denial and dreaming about it constantly, it all seemed to come down to this moment. I was just seconds away from tasting my first cock as I gazed greedily in awe still marveling at its full eight inches of joy.

My eyes studied his entire shaft. My whole body shook in anticipation of taking this juicy flesh through my lips, into my mouth, and down my moist throat. My breath whispered across it, hot and uneven as my heart pounded. I could contain myself no longer - my hand pumped him gently as I was about ready to part my willing lips and start to give the first blowjob of my life to a real man. My mouth would no longer be a virgin to cock anymore.

"Wow," I told him, "you have a fantastic looking cock. It's just the right length and thickness that I've always dreamed of - you see this will be my first blowjob. I you will give me a thorough tonsiling with it." Then he said "Open you mouth wide quickly, I want to be the first to fuck your mouth!"

Now that he knew what I wanted, I wasted no time in beginning. I took his cock in my hand and brought the huge helmet head to my lips. My tongue first circled the head - circled it several times with my wet tongue. Then I took the head between my lips and drew it in, sucking hard. He moaned and braced himself with his arms against the frame of the couch. I carefully coated his entire cock, licking and tasting all sides. It was delicious. I nibbled along the shaft's tender underside and kissed it while manipulating it with my hands. I was lifted serenely to cock heaven as he grew more and more excited. When he started rocking his hips, I took the hint and opened my mouth wider for him to go deeper. He began to poke it further in and I responded by sucking more of its length with each thrust. His hands grabbed the back of my head and I looked up at him with my deep blue eyes to confirm my consent.

We were both committed in getting his cock all the way down my throat. Thankfully, with each oncoming thrust another half inch slipped down. He lustfully forced a dozen more rams until that throbbing monster laid claim to my throat. Clearly now the advantage was his, he definitely had a hold of my head and controlled my mouth. I would receive a thorough face fucking and I loved it! Thrust after thrust, his cock penetrated the depths of my accommodating throat. I couldn't believe I was taking all his 8 inch cock. He was so hard and so manly - I desperately needed to please him, John!

Having worked up a good steady rhythm, his cock easily slid in and out as my saliva keep it wet. Then almost disparately, he clutched my hair, planted his cock in my throat, and held my face way down my lips were at his balls and told me he wanted to cum in my mouth. I nodded my head, Yes! He bucked with my nose nuzzled in his balls. My mouth was completely plugged and I couldn't breathe. I knew I was about to gag and I wanted to take his sperm right down my throat but I had to push off to get some air. At this point there was no turning back. His eyes told me that he couldn't stop if he wanted to - his cock was so hot and throbbing for attention - and I so wanted his seed. Quickly, he brought it back to my face and pushed my hands away. Thrust his cock into my mouth and I tasted his pre-cum dripping out. Then he quickly pulled out and began pumping his cock with his own hand I knew he wasn't finished cumming, he grabbed my head and aimed his cock directly at my mouth. I instinctively fell to my knees in front of him and looked him square in the eyes as I opened my mouth wide. With his free hand he cupped the back of my head in a position just inches from his cock - refusing to let me take it in. I licked my lips and opened wide for him. Offering my extended tongue as an easy target for his ejaculatation, he nestled his mushroomed head on it and vigorously stroked himself as I held on to his upper thighs anticipating the rest of his sweet love juice. My body was so excited. My God, it was so good. It was so fucking hot and good, John!

Then he came. A huge wad of thick sperm skipped across the back of my tongue and clung to the back walls of my throat. I made gagging noises but keep my mouth wide open for his next shot. His second one, a big white load of sperm fell on the flat of my tongue and down the sides onto my chin. I lapped it quickly in and opened wide for the third blast. This one hit the roof of my mouth hard and ran slowly drizzled down toward my throat. I pushed his hand away and fastened my right hand around his hard cock and my lips around the crown of his cockhead. I pumped the rest of his warm delicious offering into my mouth. Oh John, I confess to you now that it tasted beyond my expectations. It was fucking delicious! Just kneeling there in front of him with a warm mouthful of his freshly deposited sperm was enough to convince me that I had to have more cock. Yes indeed, John, my future was looking good!

In the meantime, he looked down at me in disbelief as his cock softened. "Wow, man, you were fantastic at sucking my cock - even better than the chick in the video, did you take my whole load in your mouth?"

I nodded, yes, marinating my taste buds with his sperm as I answered. I rolled it around and swallowed it down. I then kissed him, John; no, not on his lips but on the tip of his big cock. I pulled his shorts back up and carefully repackaged his equipment. "Hey," I said as I was starting up, "Thank you for letting me give you a blowjob, we should do this more often." He laid back on the couch and nodded, saying, "By all means we will".

John we've been doing it twice a week for the last 2 weeks. He told me he wants other men to join us!

With kind wishes, Marty

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