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Getting Pregnant By My Neighbor's Dad I

By Bouncesbare

submitted January 26, 2006

Categories: Outdoor Sex, Interracial, Jockstraps, Mature, Neighbors, Exhibitionism

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I went down to the pool wearing only a jock-strap and some boots...I laid down on a towel and raised my creamy, white bubble-butt high in the air...I pressed my chest to the floor and spread my legs wide...I could feel the hot sun warming my slick, smooth chasm.

My bloated nuts bounced and pulled between my thighs and my erect shaft poked backwards between my spread cheeks. I knew my neighbor’s wife was watching, but I was so horny I didn’t care who saw my slutty, debauched antics...it actually turned me on even more. I wriggled my fanny seductively and reached back with both hands pulling my butt-cheeks apart.

My silky hole gaped and yawned a little, drooling mineral oil down my nuts and onto my thighs. A small puddle formed beneath me. Mr. Rutledge came through the side gate with his hired help, A big muscular black dude named Buck. Corey had on some short, denim cutoffs and work boots while Buck wore only his swimming trunks. He was dripping wet and his shorts clung to his package. I could see the outline of a wrist-thick, circumcised tree-trunk and a set of balls as big as a grapefruit. Buck was around 35 or 40 years old with short hair and an incredibly fit body. At 6’2” he looked like a chiseled African or Greek God statue out of some mythology book or something. They wasted no time and they walked directly up behind me.

Corey told him to “take that hungry ass for a ride” and then reached down and grabbed my dick pulling it roughly back and out behind me so that it stuck out like some lewd, fleshy tail. It felt good to be manhandled that way and I gasped. Buck straddled his legs on either side of my upturned hips and squatted down some. His semi-erect phallus swung down and hung out of the leg of his trunks. His smooth, black ball-sack fell out the other leg. He lowered his genitals enough so that they touched my behind. He rubbed them up and down all over my rump causing me to shudder in lusty anticipation.

His meaty package got all greasy and slick from the oil on me and I could feel him growing hard. He stood and dropped his swimming suit revealing his shaved pubic mound...I looked back over my shoulder at the black Adonis, his large balls drawn up into a compact sphere and his oily tool getting even harder.

“Fuck his cum-hole,” Mr. Rutledge whispered. Buck quickly mounted me and placed his plum-sized cock-knob at the entrance to my ass-cunt. He pressed forward and split me open with his huge truncheon of a cock. I moaned loudly and pulled my cheeks apart as far as I could. His big bull-dick plowed its way up inside me stretching and distending my butt hole.

I cried out in ecstasy and pain but pressed my ass back to take more of that amazing fuck pole inside me. The sharp ridges of his cut cock-knob raked my prostate on the way in causing semen to spurt from my dick-hole...I yelped and groaned as I wet Coreys wrist with my forced sex-fluid…”UUhhhnnn!! AWWWWWWW! UhhhhWWWW!” I moaned and grunted as he skewered my butt hole deeply.

I could feel the spongy head of his fuck- rod pressing past my seminal glands, over my prostate and then wedge itself somewhere just above my belly button. My stretched and spasming anus intermittently gripped and released at the base of the big nigger dick buried in my horny faggot but hole. I let go of my ass cheeks now and Mr. Rutledge grabbed onto my left one and peeled it aside so he could watch my greasy man-twat get pummeled by that thick black fuck-stick. Uhn.Uhn Ooohhhhh Buck! Make me your little white cum-whore stud!

Rape my ass-cunt and hose your sweet African sperm into my belly….make me pregnant stud!!! Knock me up like the little slut that I am!!! His giant bull-dick was buried to the hilt up inside me and he wriggled it around, stirring my guts sexily and making me shudder with desire….I pulled Corey around in front of me and begged him to piss in my mouth. It was the lowest, most degrading thing to be violated in the ass by a big, bull nigger and to have your friends Daddy pee in your mouth...I felt like such a dirty little faggot. I was living one of my deepest fantasies as the two horny men filled me at both ends. Mr. Rutledge held nothing back and let all of his hot piss out. Grunting selfishly, I swallowed all of it spluttering like a filthy Pig. Buck began to pull back with his hips now and the immense volume of dick-meat inside me caused my stomach to twist and knot. He pulled about 8 of his 11 inches out of me and I screamed a high pitched, girly scream and I think I fainted for a second…

”AAAWWWWWWWWWWWGAWDDDD!!!” I shrieked. My smooth ass and hips writhed and shuddered beneath the big bull stud as I suckled piss from that semi-hard penis. My belly filled quickly adding to the stuffed sensation inside of me. I felt bloated and slutty and dirty and exposed and all the other ways a big, oiled fuck stick makes a man feel when he’s being used...I loved being used. I needed more Negro-meat in me and I said so. I whimpered and whined like a pussy and rolled my bubbled tush seductively around on that massive bull-cock inside me. I wanted him to shoot his nut-juice deep inside my guts...I wanted him to get off on my ass-pussy and fill me up with boiling male broth...I wanted his cum inside my bowels so I could hold it in me until somebody else raped my fuck-hole. I wanted him to ruin me for all other men and abuse me so bad like a whore in the street...I felt him stiffen and he sank all 12 of his glories inches up my cunt. His bald pelvis pressed snug against my upturned cheeks and my belly spasms hugged the girth of him deep within me.

“OhhhhGawd!!” I panted. I could feel the hunks climax building and I knew he would soon spray his cream in my guts. “Get me pregnant Buck!” My wanton lust and filthy talk must’ve brought him to the boiling point. He ejaculated suddenly filling my rectum with hot, funky nigger sperm. “AAAWWWWWWWWYY_YEEEAAAH!!!!” I shreiked. Buck grunted and threw his head back in orgasmic delight. His heavy nuts were packed up tight against my open ass crack and his big boner spasmed and constricted as he cum-fucked the rest of his spermy load into my clenched butt-hole. “Oh Y-Yesssss Buck!!! Sperm fuck my ass-cunt!!!” I wailed.

My distended butthole slurped and sucked on his enormous black bull-cock and my belly swelled, bloated and filled by about a quart of nigger-seed. I swooned and wriggled my tush around, milking the last few succulent drops of semen and sperm from him. He pulled out of me and I felt a whole lot of fluid gush from my well-fucked bung-hole. “P-Please fuck me some more?” I begged him looking back over my shoulder and swaying my big, smooth ass seductively.

Mr. Peyton threw me onto my back and pushed my legs up over my head. He positioned himself between my legs and pushed his big man-stick up inside me and buried himself deep. I gasped and grunted spread wider to accept him into my body. He swiveled and shook his hips so as to stir his thick rod around inside my butt. I could feel the ridges of his cock knob raking against my prostate. Pre-cum oozed from my piss-slit and my own erection began to bounce and sway with the rhythm of Corey’s movements.

“Mmmm You gotta hot, hungry boy-pussy on you stud!” he hissed sexily, staring into my eyes.

To be continued…

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