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Trucker Man's Service Boy

By Nathan Harvey

submitted January 27, 2006

Categories: Bondage

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By Nathan Harvey

This is a work of fiction meant to be read for pleasure only.

There is no way to say it other than I am a whore---I am here at this truck stop just outside of Chicago. My duties are to let any and all truckers who want to be serviced use me any and all ways. There is nothing I won’t do to give a trucker sexual pleasure. I am well versed in getting fucked, sucking there cocks or asshole or being fisted by them. I am trained to do anything and everything. I work for my master who cares for me. He is a good master. It is not like I never had what most people call a normal life I feel I was lucky to finally discover my true destiny of being a sex slave. Accepting that fact and giving my body to Kelly Sangawitz I asked nothing from him but to fuck me with that wonderful cock of his. I will be forever grateful to him for allowing me to service all those truckers. My joy is that those truckers come in all shapes and sizes and know I am here solely for there pleasure.

Before I’d become a slave and surrendered my identity to become property my name was Duane Collingsworth. I now answer to, ‘boy, Fagot or slut. My duties are to serve my master in blind obedience in any and all he commands of me. Be it clear to all that I was not forced to become a sex slave. I stay in these my quarters naked and eager for the feel of a truckers ramrod reaming my ass. When business is slow which is not often, my master services me. My sexual need are growing stronger each day with ever fucking I receive. My only thoughts now are, ‘there are so many truckers and so little time for me to service all of them.’ My Master is so pleased with my growing abilities to satisfy so many men in one day that he has begun to advertise my services with a brochure... I am proud of the number of Truckers availing themselves of my service each day and at the rate I am going my master says I will be the best whore in the county. .

Sometimes between the screwing and sucking I can dimly remember that day, November 23 of 2004, that changed my life forever. The Radio station had forecasted a warm weekend for November so I decided to take the South Shore train to Chicago. Thinking I was going to have a wild weekend and get a lot of good sucking and fucking in I was in for a big disappointment. God has times changed. But I have only myself to blame, First I screwed up by running out of money and having no luck in trying to panhandle on the street. All I was getting were dirty looks and people telling me to get a job. It figures, a middle aged guy like me getting dumped by his company’s downsizing, then ending up groveling for a living working at one of those super stores at minimum wage and minimum hours. The way things are going. Lately I am beginning to think I am really a loser.

Chicago was sure different when I was young and in school there, every old fart and a lot of the young ones wanted my ass. I even picked up spare change blowing guys in Grant Park. Alas, as I began getting older fewer offers were coming my way. Finally the offers just stopped coming, Shit, as for getting paid to get screwed I couldn’t even give my body away to anyone but dirty winos and drunks. Now-a-days everyone seems to want fresh young ass to fuck or to get sucked off by tender hot mouths. I was beginning to wonder why the hell I was even staying in South Bend; no job, a shitty one room apartment and mostly no sex. There must be places better than this god forsaken town.

Out of desperation I was counting on this trip being a big deal for me. You all know that silly fantasy that all us gays have--always fantasizing that one day some rich old stud would pick them up, fall in love with them and take care of them. God only knows in the past three months I’ve been without a hot rocket up my ass for so long I was desperate for anyone or anything. Dildos just don’t cut it for me. Shit--what I needed was a hard hot cock reaming my ass giving me a good old fashion fucking. In desperation I’d started cruising on the southwest side of town. I began by haunting the dark corners of the alleys willing to suck any cock, black or white to earn a few bucks. When I struck out on that I started sucking for free. Then the inevitable happened--I got mugged robbed and raped.

It was while servicing a white guy when he noticed four blacks were in the shadows watching us. Suddenly his cock shriveled to nothing and he was zipping up and getting his ass out of there. Still on my knees and hearing them laughing at me and calling out to me they began stroking and waving there hard dicks at me... My eyes fixed on those big juicy cocks and my mouth watering I just stayed on my knees as they approached me. I was so transfixed on there cocks to even see what was happening. The big black began shoving his cock in my face when the others came around standing in back of me. I had just sucked down that succulent cock when he began teasing me by pulling away forcing me to crawl forward to get it in my mouth again. . Now desperate to have that joy juice I was in heat and kept advancing until they had managed to lure me through the doorway of this old abandon building.

As soon as that door slammed I knew I was in deep shit. Surrounding me as they tore my clothes off and they quickly cleaned out the money from my wallet. Tossing the empty wallet on the heap of my ripped clothing, one of the blacks had put on my good leather jacket, another one my boots. Now completely naked I was afraid to offer any kind of resistance fearing a beating or even worse... Dropping to my knees in total submission I was greatly relived to hear someone say they wanted to fuck a white boy. When that first cock slid easily into my ass they knew they had a homo to fuck and that was when they all wanted to rape me. Getting impatient waiting there chance for a rear entry they started working me from both ends. Now eagerly sucking there cocks as they plowed my ass so I figured it would be over quickly since there were only four of them. It was when the tenth cock rammed into my ass I realized word had gotten out about the gang-band thanks to my cell phone.

As the night wore on I kept taking cock after cock and I am sure that every black cock in the neighborhood was here screwing my ass. By dawns light I had taken dozens of cocks up the ass and god know how much cum I had swallowed. The only thing that saved me was there fear of being caught as people began using the ally outside the building. Like all thugs exposed by daylight they began slinking away. One of them looked back on the way out yelling, “Come back tomorrow night if you want another good fucking”. Dazed but managing to stand with there cum running down my face and out of my asshole I began pulling on what was left of my ripped clothing. Staggering home I was thinking, for the money they ripped off I sure got a hell of a lot of good fucking. The sad truth is the real humiliation was when I went back there that following night to get fucked they never showed. Shit nowadays you can’t even depend on thugs but then by now I should know what to expect from a town that closes all its strip clubs and porn shops,

After that fiascos of my rape scene why wasn’t I surprised my trip to Chicago is turning out to be a bust; it is damn cold here and very expensive. Too cold to cruse the streets so my only other option is to try to pick someone in one of the gay bars on the Near North. I can tell you Cruising on Rush Street aint cheap. After paying there damn cover charge I did manage to hang around until mid morning by nursing my drinks. I was having no luck in making contact with anyone. It is not because there wasn’t any action, there were lots of the fluffy young hustlers in expensive clothes and they were getting all the action. Now this was making me really feel like a used condom. Every now and then a silly queen would approach me but when she asked me to buy her a drink. When the bitch and found out I wasn’t buying drinks she was gone. If I’d ever hoped for someone or something to change my life that pipe dream was down the crapper.

Chicago is a city for the young and if you’re not young you damn well better be rich. My first big mistake had been in coming to this fucking city; My second even bigger mistake was that I’d spent my last few dollars paying a guy to take me to his room and fuck me. He took my money and then the asshole stripped. Talk about wimpy cocks, he was hung like a nine year old kid. Now stuck with no money and no place to stay I had no way to get back home to South Bend. My third mistake was thinking I would get a ride back to South Bend taking highway 20 instead of the toll road and not remembering that most all the truckers were now taking the Toll Road instead of 20. At dusk I finally did managed to get a ride from an old couple in a rusted out Buick. .At least for an hour or so I was warm. Sitting in that tacky back seat with this dog sniffing at my cock I just wanted to cry.

When they did dump me off I was standing in the middle of what was left of a landscape of harvested corn stocks covered with snow. With no moon and no traffic I soon began losing all hope of getting another ride. Out of desperation and to trying to keep warm I began walking. Realizing now I should have worn my heavy coat I wanted to look good so I opted to wear the newest one: Besides on the South Shore train I wanted to look sexy not warm. Clutching at my flimsy coat and shivering I walked for what seemed miles. My lips and feet were numb and as the wind whipped my ass I felt like my balls were going to freeze off. Whenever lights of an approaching car appeared that was going in my direction I would stand with my thumb out. As the car approached I would get hopeful and when the lights of the car would illuminate me he would slow. Then checking me out the driver would speed up even swerving and playing chicken and making me jump into the shoulder of the road. Some of those bastards would lay on the horn and give me the finger.

Now adding to my mounting troubles the weather was getting nastier. Now I missed my good leather jacket as a cold drizzle started. In seconds the flimsy coat I was wearing was soaked. Almost to the point of exhaustion now I knew I had to find someplace where I could get dry and warm or else. Trudging along having lost all hope of getting any kind of ride now I would even been grateful for a cop arresting me and throwing me in jail. About then the road in back of me was illuminated by the bights of a big eighteen wheeler.

As soon as I was in his headlights he began laying on the air horn and dipping his lights. The sound of that rig grinding to a stop was music to my ears. I had been around long enough to damn well what he wanted: When a trucker stops for a soaking wet middle-aged hitchhiker at this time of night he wants to get his dick off. Thinking, it’s a ride even if he is going in the wrong direction I’ve got to get warm and dry or I’m going to die in a damn fuckin’ cornfield.

Running to the driver’s side knowing full well what was expected of me I was willing to do anything to get warm. Getting a cock up my ass would be a bonus. Watching the frosted window come down this ugly dark haired hairy beast of a man sticks his head out. His breath steaming he yells out, “You wanna a ride faggot?” Calling out to him, “I ain’t got no money” his grin got even bigger and yelling back, “a good fuck would do just fine but lose those wet clothes off so I can see if your ass is worth fucking”. Bowing my head in submission and stripping off my now soaked clothing when I was completely naked I began turning and showing off what he was getting. Yelling back, “You’ll do faggot climb aboard and get the fucking of your life.” I knew full well what I was getting into when I climbed into that cab naked and shivering. With the rumble of the engine and the grinding of gears as the truck leaped forward I scrambled to get into the seat. I was still clutching my wet clothes when he looked me over in the dim lights of the dashboard and growling said, “Well Fagot, get on with it.”

I didn’t know where the hell I was going or if I was every coming back but I damn well knew things were never going to be the same again for me, I had always hid behind the words “gay” pretending I wasn’t a fagot or a whore, to project some kind of respectability or so I thought, but here, now I accepted the truth. I was a slut, a fagot that would do anything to have a hot cock in my mouth, to taste that gush of hot cum flowing down my throat. Hell, even my ass had begun to twitch as the trucker began shoving his jeans down exposing himself. My eyes now growing accustom to the dim light of the cab fell on this magnificent engorged cock rising from the brush of his crotch. Knowing full well what was expected of me and flinging my wet clothes to the floor and scrambling over his legs I managing to work my way between them. My mouth was now watering and I was well preparing for that feast to come.

All that mattered to me now that big oozing cock ready and waiting to be serviced. Inhaling deeply those musky smells of his unwashed body all that mattered now was that enormous cock. No sooner had I had that odorous cockhead in my mouth I almost gagged fro the foul taste. This feeling quickly vanished and soon I was savoring the taste. Gagging more from the surprise than my ability to deep throat him he began forcing his cock deeper into my throat. Quickly recovering as my lips settled at the base of his member I could begin flexing my throat and working his cockshaft. Second later he was moaning in pleasure. To highlight the feelings I began massaging his balls trying to be gentle as possible because I wanted this Popsicle ride to last as long as possible. Then struggling to get into a better position so I could really began milking him it took little action to get him to fire his load.

To say the least I was not disappointed because it was a manly load. Sucking and slurping and milking the last drop of cum out of him I began working his nuts to get him aroused again because I wanted more of that cock... That was when this low gravely voice from in back of us made itself known. Looking up from my trucker’s crotch I barely make out that black face learning out from the sleeping compartment. Except for those gleaming what teeth he was almost invisible in the darkness. He was grinning from ear to ear and damn well wanted to be serviced. Growling at me the black then told me to get my ass up there for a little cream filled chocolate pastry. I was more pleased than startled to learn I had another hot trucker to service and a black one at that, talk about luck. . Using suction and giving the cock I’d just finished a long suck and draining the last goodness from it all that was left for me to finish this blowjob job was licking his sweaty crotch and balls clean. .

Scrambling from between his legs I could feel his hand on my ass and shoving his fingers deep into me warned me not to let that black bastard fuck me because he didn’t want no sloppy seconds. Laughing the black responded, “color don’t rub off Russ you just want first crack at his pussy-ass” Crawling up into that small space then I found it to be so tight I was plastered close to this hard black body. Still remembering all that wonderful black cock I had that one night I knew there is no better cock to suck than a black cock. Come to think of it the only thing that’s better than sucking one is having a black man’s cock up my ass. Moving against his hot body, licking and sucking at those big hard nipples I wanted more, much more. Starting my trip to wonderland I began licking and sucking my way down to that engorged weapon he called a cock

Taking his shaft into my mouth in delight I could feel his big black hands moving to the back of my head. Then he began humping his hips driving his cock deep into my throat. I knew then that this was going to be one hell of a blow job. From his first thrust of his black wand deep into my throat all thoughts of anything but fucking and sucking were gone. My burning need for cock was now all consuming. All that night rumbling down the highway I was kept moving from one of them to the other. Talk about oversexed guys, truckers are magic, where had truckers been all my life, I had missed out on such great cock. For as long as I can remember sex has been like a drug to me. So long as I have a cock in my mouth or up my ass I have no will of my own, no conception of where I am. I dream of a room full of cocks all waiting to fuck me.

I didn’t care now where we were or what time it was as long as I could suck on those magnificent cocks. My only thoughts now was when are they going to fuck me and will they do me from both ends at the same time. That question was soon going to be answered for me. I almost didn’t notice us slowing down. Pulling off of his cock and sitting upright in the seat I could then see us pulling into a seedy trucker motel and gas station. A broken flashing neon light declared it was the Sangawitz ruck stop.

The driver, whose name I now know was Russ, was bringing the truck to a grinding stop just past a rundown shack. Looking out through the rain I could see a dirty streaked window with a dim blinking sign blurting out the work OFFICE. Russ, struggling to zip his jeans up over his still engorged meat, then flung open his door leaping down from the truck. In three giant strides he was pounding on the office door. After what seemed an eternity the door opened and a wild haired haft dress Neanderthal beast of a man stood as Russ began motioning toward the truck rubbing at his crotch. That half dressed animal, which I was later to learn, was. Kelly Sangawitz was the owner of this derelict truck stop/gas station. With more gesturing and shaking of heads Russ and the guy headed toward the truck. Seeing the two of them approaching my side of the truck I began scrambling to reach for the heap of wet things that were my clothes. Anton, the black man, was laughing and telling me sit still--Russ just wanted to show me off and if I knew what was good for me I’d better stay naked.

Russ, reaching up and pulling open the door, ordered me out. Not knowing what to expect but clamoring out of the cab onto the snow covered driveway standing there naked as the wind was whipping around my naked ass was the most unreal thing I’d ever done. Grinning a sickly grin this guy began approaching me and then began pinching my tits. From there his paw dropped to my groin and he began groping my nuts. Turning me he began finger fucking me with his big paw. As his hand worked my ass he told Russ that I was a nifty little package with a good ass and he had a deal. Well that sounded good to I gathered from the way the conversation was going he was bartering my ass for the room rent.

Now colder than hell all I could think of was getting it on with those three hot burly bears. I could use another cock up my ass that would make three of them fucking me tonight. Russ ordered me back into the truck and we then pulled forward and to the right to an almost hidden little shack of a cabin. Little did I ever dream that cabin was to become my new home? Sitting in that warm cab with the taste of cum still fresh in my mouth my only thoughts are of sex by three hot men not of getting back to a nothing job in a Prissy assed town, I only wished I could stay here forever fucking and sucking. As they say, “Be careful of what you wish for!”

Once the rig was parked and we were inside the one bed room it took only seconds before Russ was naked and shoving poppers under my nose. The last thing I needed was poppers; just the thought of those three fucking me had me out of my mind with lust. But inhaling them deeply my overactive sex drive really began kicking in. Now almost in agony and a wanting cock up my ass so badly I began begging him to fuck me hard. I didn’t want tenderness I wanted a cock. Hearing this grunt and feeling a sharp pain in my ass I had all of him. Grunting his satisfaction and handing the poppers to Anton he began this piston action drove me out of my mind. Breathing in more poppers I was now an animal with no thought other than sucking and fucking. That was when Anton placed his cock on my eager lips and hungrily I let him sink deep into my throat. Grunting he began raping my face then.

Now being assaulted from both ends I barely noticed the door opening and closing. Still watching out of the corner of my eye when this big hairy figure began disrobing all I could do was gasp at the size of his cock. My mind went ablaze and I knew I had to have that log of a cock rammed up my ass. When Russ and Anton were finished with me they stood watching in amazement as my hungry asshole seemed to expand and began sucking in that log of a cock I was undergoing thrills I’d never experienced before as that monster cock sank deeper into my body. When he was well seated and began working my ass I had the feeling he was not only fucking me but taking possession of my body. I knew then I was never going to get enough of that cock no matter how long he fucked me that night

And how many times I was fucked, how many times I sucked those cocks I will never know, it is all a blur and then nothing. When I finally did realize what was going on I could see the room was now empty and the smell of sex was everywhere. Russ and Anton were gone and I could see none of my clothes my wallet or anything. My body covered with scratches, shit and cum hurt everywhere. Then trying to move I found I was in chains. Still dazed I began to fear what I let myself in for this time. My Christ, I didn’t even know where I was. Then hearing the door that question was soon answered by the owner Kelly Sangawitz. Whey all I could mutter was why he exclaiming with an evil smirk “You see boy you're a whore and I own your ass. You begged me to be my sex slave; you told me you never wanted to leave me, so Russ sold you to me”. See the papers you signed, you’re a fagot, a whore and I own you. You understand that Bitch? Seeing I was having trouble grasping what he was saying he went on saying again, I bought and paid for you and I’m going to sell your fuckin’ ass that magic ass of yours to any and all the truckers who want to fuck you”. I get money to let them fuck your ass, got it now faggot?

With the last shred of what I thought was dignity I began struggling to free myself. Screaming at him calling him a cheeky bastard I demanded he release me because I would never be anyone’s whore. Smiling and dropping his pants exposing that log of a throbbing cock I lost it and I began begging him to fuck me again like last night. Chuckling and rolling me over without any lube he began working his cock up my ass all the while murmuring in this hypnotic kind of voice I was his property now and with a little training and conditioning I would be the perfect slut. Deeper and deeper he went into my body and feeling all reason leave me all I heard was his saying I was his property and then I almost fainted from those wonderful sensations shooting though by body as his cock consumed me.

The only sound in the room was the sucking of my hot ass and me begging him to fuck me harder. For what seemed like hours he kept pounding me with that cock telling me I was his whore, his property and me, crazy with lust just kept begging him for more. How many times he got his nut off I will never know but I do remember he told me he was going to make me the best whore in the county

My body had now surrendered to him completely. That was not enough, for me to become his property he wanted complete surrender. From there my conditioning began... To train me I was suspend from chains and fuck morning noon and night---but he was not alone in my training----any and all horny truckers that checked into the Motel had full fucking rights to my body. Before long the word spread about the free ass at the Sangawitz Truck stop. The weeks passed my life were now eating, sleeping, fucking and sucking was complete; It was in my final transformation that my nipples were pierced and both my mind and my body now belonged to him completely he now had the cunt-boy he’d wanted.

My only desire now is to give sexual gratification to all those magnificent truckers. My life is waiting for the sounds of an eighteen wheeler pulling to a stop at the station. As the Motel flourishes now and my Master continues to improve it and more and more truckers stop here the old dim memories of my former life are now being replaced with my new reality of so little time, so many truckers to service. When that door swings open and I see those big hairy figures pausing to grab a condom the juices of my body begin flowing eager to be fulfilled. I want to be a slut, a fagot and to be used by any trucker who will dump his loads down my throat or up my ass.

I want to be a slave whore.

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I heard my name called then. I was ready now eager for the fight. Eric leaned over saying do you best and if you lose I will make you a good master. My fight seemed to go on forever. He had this bear hug on me and I thought then that I was done for. The oil had made our body's slick and we had a hard time holding on to each other. Quickly sliding down a little I managed to grab... read more


May 10, 1999

We had been raised as brothers for years even though I was adopted when I was fourteen. Kelly never let me forget that I was different and that we weren’t blood relatives. It was after his mother died that Walter wanted a companion for Kelly. He had to pull a lot of strings to get me adopted, but he had money and power. He’d had always told Kelly that he’d adopted Christopher just... read more


Apr 20, 1999

In the six months since I’d moved to Chicago, I hadn’t been able to find a job. I was at the end of my rope. Finally, I had to go to my landlord Mr. Clint to tell him after living there for only six months, I had to move. I knew I had a year’s lease, but I told him I was desperate, broke and I’d done everything to try to find a job. Mr. Clint seemed very understanding. He said that... read more

It Happened One Night

May 21, 2001

Warning: This is a work of fiction; this story contains graphic depictions of hardcore sex between consenting male adults doing unnatural acts. If you are not eighteen, or if this turns you off--sign off now.It Happened one NightBy Nathan HarveyI had run the advertisement in the Tribune over the weekend and it read simply, ‘Wanted roommate to share expenses of a large lakefront... read more

Jail Bait

Apr 18, 1999

For a week now I had been hitching rides more interested in the studs that were driving than were they were going. Hitchhiking had been a great way of getting picked up by some hunky studs. Oh I did sort of a have a destination in mind but if a guy with a great looking body or flashing a big cock stopped I could always make a slight detour. So to speak you might say I was blowing... read more

Janitor's Delight

Jun 15, 1998

It was a hot day as I stood in line at the "Mail Box etc" with my package. I was waiting to get my box wrapped, posted and ship back for my refund. I'd ordered a Dave Lord dildo and they sent me a replica of piece of meat that looked like it had been cast from a rogue elephant. It was the biggest black dong I'd ever seen. It was just too much to expect to take. I sure would like... read more

Kennel Boy

Apr 13, 1999

It was going to be an early Fall. I could see by the few scraggly leaves left on our trees that winter was not far off. Setting there on the porch of that rundown shack of a farmhouse, all there was to do was watch those dust devils whirling across the landscape. I hated the fucking State of Texas from the day I was sent here. I knew from experience that we were in for two more... read more

Leather Man

Jun 12, 1998

I'd just left Makielski's art store after picking up my art supplies and suffering sticker shock at pre-stretched canvas prices. I'd have to go back to stretching my own canvas, --at least until I started selling more of my work and making more money. Putting the canvas in back with some of my other paintings, I pulled out of the parking lot to get my goodies home. Still thinking... read more

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