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Bareback Gangbang at the Bath House

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I am a so called pretty normal guy... on the outside anyway. I have a good job and I make decent money. On the inside I am a complete sex nut who loves big cocks and bareback fucking. I am in Alberta in Canada and I am looking for like minded people to have sex with and PNP.

The best lube is oil based Platinum Wet to start out with, then after two or three loads of cum have been shot in me I just use sperm to lube the way. After I take the second or third load inside of me I get so turned on I have to fuck until I am too tired to keep going. The bath house here in town is the best place for these sessions. I have gone in there and pretty much fucked for 10 or 12 hours straight.

I like it a lot more when I am fucked bare but even if someone wants to play safe and use a condom its ok by me. I get very horny being fucked with a condom knowing that the guy is going to take it off and put it into the garbage can when he is done. I can then empty the condom into my ass. I saved five loads like that one night and put them all into one condom. I put a couple of twists into the condom and pushed it into my loose ass while I pinched off the open end with my fingers. After it was in and turned I clenched my ass ring and slowly pulled it out.

The condom came out of me clean and empty. Now I was lubed. The next guy who came to my room just hovered there by the door and watched me. He opened the front of his white towel and let me see his shaved crotch and low hanging balls. He had a very thick cock that looked even bigger being shaved. He commented that not many guys can handle his knob and he didn't want me wasting his time if I thought I couldn't take it. I had been fucked by seven guys so far that night and I had just filled myself up with five loads of cum, so I was more than ready for possibly the biggest cock head I have ever seen.

He came over to the bed, where I was laying on my stomach, and started touching my well fucked hole. He started off with his ring finger and slowly started pushing it in and out of me. He asked me how many loads I had in me as the cum trickled down my butt crack and ran onto my balls. He kind of scooped and wiped the cum off of my balls and pushed it back into my hole. He growled in his throat and barked at me asking, "How many loads?"

I told him six or seven and he jumped onto the bed and roughly spread my legs open. His cock rubbed up and down my ass crack and he asked if he could fuck me raw and blow a load inside of me. Of course I told him yes and he leaned into me and pressed his knob against my gushing hole. He spread me like I hadn't been spread for awhile. His knob sort of looked like a horse's knob because it flared out to his foreskin and kept the foreskin peeled back.

He worked himself in and I could feel the pressure building. I had been fucked by a couple of well endowed guys that night but this was way bigger. I pulled away a bit and reached back to feel him with my hand. His shaft was as big around as a pop can but looked normal because his swollen purple head was so massive. I reached for my lube and Tina told him to stop playing and use me like the cum craving slut I was.

Again he pushed into my ass and slowly slid inside. Just as he got to the widest part of his light bulb sized head he just stopped and held it there. He asked me if I wanted to be bred by his toxic cock and filled with poz cum. He said he had three friends that would like a shot at breeding me as well and that they were waiting for us back in his double room. He told me to take a big snort of meth and get ready.

I did a couple of nice sized lines off of my bed side table and then another and then he buried himself in me. As the meth hit my brain and his cock bottomed out deep in my juiced ass I felt an amazing rush of tingly pleasure. I was being deep fucked bareback by a guy that just told me he was HIV+ and he wanted to give me the bug. I am not sure if it was the drugs or the huge beautiful prick stretching me to my limits but the thought of him infecting me was making my cock hard.

He started slow and firm and he was going all of the way in and then almost all of the way out. Every time his purple swollen knob strained against my abused hole as he pulled out it felt like a dog's knot almost. (Yes I have so) He picked up the pace and he started to really slam his bare dick into me. His big cock stirred the cum cocktail in my ass and I could feel a cramp start in my colon as the other seven loads were rammed up in my ass. His cock and knob were so thick that there was no where for all of that cum to go except deep into my guts.

If the seven loads inside of me are poz as well then I am completely toxic. His prick popped out of me and cum oozed out of my bum and covered both of us in the slippery mixture. He rubbed it into my ass and then buried that amazing knob in me again. He fucked me hard and fast for about ten minutes and I could feel my orgasm coming on as he pinned me to the bed and fucked me. I could feel him swelling up even more inside of me as he blasted my sloppy hole with his wad of hot cum.

He slowly pulled his still hard swollen cock out of me and told me to lay still with my ass up in the air. He grabbed one of the used condoms and turned it inside out and put one of my socks in it and put it up my gaping ass. He said he was saving the cum inside of me for his friends. He ordered me to stand up and get ready for the walk to his double room in the back by the motorcycle. I stood up, grabbed my lube and my towel and started to go.

He opened the door to his room and there were three large hairy men lying on the bed watching a gay porn movie. One guy who looked like a biker gestured to the corner and said get in. I looked over and saw the leather sling hanging there. I walked to it and got in as they handcuffed me to the sling by my hands and feet so I could not get away if I wanted to. The biggest scariest guy came over and asked me if I was up for some no holes barred fucking. He said I could stop now and no hard feelings but if I said yes now

I was their fuck toy until they were done with me. I hesitated for a second and he slapped me hard across my face with his open hand. “Answer the question bitch!” he growled and I said in a shaky voice “Yes I want to be your fuck toy”. I was still flying along on the meth I had snorted earlier and for some strange reason the instant pain and the sound of the slap made my cock start to grow. He squeezed my hardening prick and growled into my ear that I really had no choice in the matter anyway. He explained that they were all HIV+ and they were all going to infect me with their charged up viral loads.

They stood around me as I laid there in the sling spread eagled with my dripping asshole open for them. The big hairy biker told me in his menacing voice that they were all going to slam meth and I was too. The big guy reached into the nearby locker and brought out an all ready loaded syringe. The syringe appeared to be over sized for one injection but then I saw them all getting ready at the same time and knew we were going to share it. He slid the needle into the first vein until blood came back into the syringe and carefully gave him his share.

As the drug raced through his system he exhaled hard and sat on the edge of the bed while the others took their turns. Biker guy sucked blood from each vein he spiked and mixed it inside the barrel of the syringe with the others. He gave himself a hit and he was shaking with excitement as he slammed it into his arm and I watched his cock jerk to life. From my spot in the sling I could see they were all hard now and precum leaked from their drug induced erections. I knew it was my turn to get fucked up as he wrapped his belt around my bicep until my veins swelled up.

They came over and stood around me stroking them selves and took turns fingering my dripping hole. The cum was running down my ass crack and pooling in the sling under my bum. The small mean looking guy took a large tub of Crisco out of the locker and started to dump it onto me. All four of them worked it into my skin and my ass and onto there own swollen cocks. Small guy started to work his fingers up inside of my slippery hole and soon had two and then three in deep. He soon managed four and as I opened up he started to push harder and I felt him getting to the widest part of his hand. He dumped oil onto my ass and held his hand steady and told Biker guy to slam me full of meth.

I felt the pin prick as the needle went in and I watched him draw some blood off and slowly push the entire contents into my arm. I watched mesmerized as the blood and meth mixture disappeared in my vein and my whole body became hyper sensitive and the rocket ride of my life started. My ass convulsed around his fingers and he pushed harder as every nerve in my fuck hole went into overdrive. The small guy said my ass was twitching and it was sucking his hand in. He pulled back and made a fist and pressed it against my Crisco lubed hole.

I opened up completely as he slipped his fist passed my once tight sphincter and it took my breath away. Then pleasure beyond anything I had ever felt rolled over me as the crystal filled my brain and his fist filled my ass. The rush of the drugs and the feel of his wrist rubbing my anal muscle made me almost convulse as a total body and mind orgasm swept me away for awhile. I must have blacked out for a minute but as I came back I could feel him fisting me almost to his elbow and bottoming out deeper than I thought was possible. He was pulling on his thick uncut rod and as he got close to coming he slid his hand out of me and rammed his wet prick deep into my cum hungry butt hole with one hard motion. He fucked my hole hard and deep for only a couple of minutes before shooting a huge load inside my guts.

This signaled the rest of them to fuck me one after another using me like a whore for over an hour and a half. They fucked me raw and the smooth feel of their bare cocks pushed me over the edge time and time again. I think the meth kept them hard because after the small mean guy came he was hard again within fifteen minutes. This was my fantasy that I had been masturbating to since puberty. Being fucked hard by four thick cocked hairy men bareback and having them take turns seeding me with their musky man juice.

As the pace sped up I felt one of them tighten up and I felt him squirt inside my hole adding to the cum all ready in there. This seemed to spark the next guy who stepped in between my widely spread ass cheeks and pounded my first two loads deep into my colon. He grunted out that he was coming and he pulled his huge mushroom head out of my well fucked hole and shot his hot load all over my open ass.

He sprayed cum all over my balls and my ass was gaping so open that it shot right up inside of me. The guy who fucked me first in my room now scooped up all of the cum on my balls and thighs with his thick hairy fingers and pushed it all into my ass. He rubbed more cum onto his massive cock head and slid it deep into my ass. I felt myself being filled with his hot meth piss and my buzz came on like a freight train. I saw them all standing there with their cocks in their hands waiting to piss in me as well. One of them grabbed the garbage can and put it under my piss and cum filled hole. It was just in time too as my anus opened up and a gush of piss and cum squirted out of me and splashed into the garbage can.

The meth in his piss got me stoned all over again and I knew I was going to get pissed on again so I was turned on by the prospect. I took the second piss filling without any trouble and asked for the third guy to go again and fill me up with his piss. By the time he was done peeing in me I felt like I was overfilled and I could feel a cramp building inside of me. I now had two bladders full of hot piss inside of me and my head was spinning from all of the meth that was entering my body.

They held up the can again and I sprayed piss out of my ass in a torrent and there was lots of thick white cum mixed up with it. One of the biker type guys left the room for a minute and went to the bathroom to grab a roll of toilet paper. When he got back he stripped the paper off of the cardboard roll and greased it up and slid it into my ass. He then stood back a half a step or so and started to urinate into the tube and filled me again with his hot piss. I enjoyed the feeling of the hot liquid inside of me and the ringing in my ears from the meth high turned me on all over again.

The biker guy who slammed the meth into my vein asked me if I was done for the night. I replied that I wanted to be fucked and filled with cum by more guys and would they go and find as many tops as they could and bring them back to me here. He brought out another syringe and slammed me with more crystal. I went up so fast I lost track of where I was for awhile and when I came to the room was filled with men who were fucking me one after another. I saw that the door was open and there was a line up at the door to use my hole. Time kind of ran together for me for awhile as I was fucked and filled with load after load until I was lying in a large puddle of slippery cum slime.

The biker guy told me I had at least ten more loads shot into me since they had opened the door to their room. He told me that they had gone to the steam room and started talking about the cum whore in room 406 that was taking on all comers... bareback. A little crystal meth and an insatiable longing to be fucked and filled by as many cocks as possible led to me being bred well and true. I am not sure how many loads I took that night but it must have been around 20 or 25... maybe even more.

I lived out my wildest fantasy that night and I am sure I will do it again in the near future. I am going to Amsterdam in the spring so I will be looking to take as many loads as possible in a one week orgy of fisting, bareback fucking and hopefully some good drugs. I have never told anyone about my gay sexual adventures before but when I read the stories posted here on BNskin I just felt a kinship with all of you perverts. I am that pervert and I like the feel of hot cum in my ass. Thanks for reading my story.

PS. This is a completely true story with no embellishments added.