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Forced Abs Workout

By brice

submitted February 5, 2006

Categories: Muscle

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My name is Brad and I meet my boyfriend in a gymnasium. I was shirtless and totally drenched of sweat after 8 hours of a hard workout. When he saw me, he asked me if he could touch my abs. I said yes and he rubbed my 8 pack during 5 minutes. He asked me how I trained my abs and I said for him to come with me to my house to see me and help to make my abs harder and harder. He was totally crazy to hear that.

I said him to do all he wanted to make my abs hard as steel. I said I love very hard abs torture. First, he wants punch my abs. I put my hand behind my head and flex my 8 pack which became a 10 pack. He punched me during 30 minutes, but he was tired before my abs were broken.

Next, he I sat on a bench and he told me to do 1000 sit-ups with a 50 pound steel plate in my hands to make the exercise more difficult. The first 500 sit-ups were easy, but it was more difficult for the others. My abs were sweaty abs he decided to make me harder to flex; he add 25 pounds. He rubbed my abs while I did the sit ups. When the 1000 were finished, I had pain in my abs, but it was only the beginning...

Then, I grabbed the pull-up bar with my hands and I raised my legs. He attached on my legs two 50 pound plates and he said for me to do 1000 leg raises. During this time, he rubbed my abs, touching the crevices between my 10 pack, and licked them.

After 1000, he added 25 pounds and said to do another set of 1000. I was totally in pain, but I was his slave all the night. I made another set of 1000 and another, and another. For the 8th set, he put brass knuckles on and began to hit my abs during the next hour, then, he grabbed a baseball bat and the steel bat...

After that, he asked me to keep my legs parallel to the ground during the next hour with the weight on my legs. My 10 pack was totally flexed. I was forbidden to lower my legs because he put two lighted candles under my legs and they would burn my feet if I lowered my legs.

After 5 hours of abs torture, he attached my ankles to the pull-up bar and I grabbed two 50 pound dumbbells in my hands. I was told I must do 2000 torso raises. When I flexed my abs, he put hot wax on my steel hard 10 pack to make me shout, then ice cubes, hot wax, ice cubes ... during another hour.

To be continued...

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