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Tortured, While Tied Up Spread-eagle

By Shun in the morning

submitted March 14, 2006

Categories: Asian Delights, S/M

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Hi! My name is Hide, a student in Tokyo. I'm an athlete, well-built, muscular, with smooth torso.

I was quite recently "bought" by a man (with a very defined muscular body, stamina, and wealth!) as a sex animal (rather than a sex slave).

I had been kept in captivity in a basement room (no window) in his spacious residence. As you expect, I had to be naked. I had been fed nutritious food, zinc supplement which would help produce sperm.

It was forbidden to ejaculate for two weeks. To ensure this, I had to put on a gadget on my dick. I could pee through it, but I couldn't touch myself. It also has a censor detecting pre-cum, which would then give an electric shock to my very sensitive organ! It surely backs me off!! It effectively prevented wet dream too.

In the captivated room, I could do weight training and watch TV (no erotic videos). After two weeks of this quiet life (nurturing lots of man juice in my balls), finally the time has come.

As a contractual obligation, I had to endure a long and hard sexual torture.

He led me to his torture chamber. All the walls are mirrors so that he and I can see what he is doing tome. He put off the gadget on my dick and I was now fully naked, ready to be tortured and got a hard on for that prospect.

He then tied me up spread-eagle between two poles. I was rendered completely helpless.

He placed several video cameras to videotape the whole process of him torturing me.

He stripped himself and stood behind me, immediately started with my nipples. My dick sprung up and got much harder. He allowed me to moan, but I needed no encouragement!

As my arms and legs are tied up, I simply had to accept what he did to me.

He proceeded to massage my balls, which was exhilarating! My rock hard penis started oozing pre-cum (no electric shocks any more!)

His fingers now began to penetrate my asshole. He finger fucked me long enough to prepare me for a real penetration.

With lots of lotion put on to his enormous dick and my tight asshole, he fucked me from behind. He rode me bare back.

It was heaven after two weeks of absolute sexual abstinence.

While fucking me long and hard, he also started wanking me.

All this was being videotaped from various angles. One camera focused on my manhood, another one on my asshole, another from a distance and so on and so on.

Being fucked, milked and videotaped, I was driven crazy, moaning, sweating, screaming, squirming and writhing for pleasure he gave me.

He is a master handler of man-body and whenever I came close to climax, he skillfully backed me off, and then started again to chase me up the ladder.

After 8 times of this get-close, he attacked my nipples again, this caused me to go beyond the edge. I started to cum, screaming, awfully lot of my white juice. What an ecstasy I had after all the teasing! It was volcanic. I haven’t had the blow of this intensity in my life.

As he placed a glass in front of my rock hard dick, so that my ejaculation is collected without missing a drop (It is his experiment how much a man can produce his semen in his balls at any given time. I was supposed be jerked and milked until my balls are completely empty!)

He is still inside me (ha hadn't cum yet), and started to fuck and milk me again. My manhood immediately got hard (remember, nothing for two weeks!)

There again, my moaning, sweating, screaming, squirming and writhing and many times of get-close, back off. This time I had strength to look around and see the mirror; It was me, being fucked and massaged! It was a tip and I went wild, soon I had my second cum.

At the third round, he told me some dirty words, and forced me to describe what he is actually doing to me in graphical detail. It really turned me on! When I spurted out my 3rd man juice, he finally succumbed to my tightening sphincter muscle and came inside me. The warmth felt so good.

My erection, after number of cumming in so short intervals, got a little bit soft. Noticing this, he brought out an injector.

Do you know direct injection to penis to cure ED? It makes your dick very hard for, say three hours straight without losing your erection (even after ejaculation). He injected the fluid (very strong one) into my dick, which make my manhood immediately hot and after a short while, got rock hard again.

For the fourth round and afterwards, I was forced to ejaculate with this injection. So now you can understand I had been tortured.

It became painfully ecstatic to shot out less and less load. Each shot, however, was dutifully collected in the same glass adding up outcome of my physical effort.

I counted my ejaculation up to 9 times. I believe I had to endure several more dry orgasm (he didn’t stop), but I cannot recall how many times I was actually forced to cum (he later told me the fact was a dozen times. Wow!).

I was almost out of my physical strength and was now literally hanged from the poles, because I could no longer stand on my own.

Over the course of this sexual torture, he licked my dick number of times for further stimulation, and fucked me several times. The torture chamber was filled with strong scent of our sweat and semen.

He showed me the glass in which he collected my juice. I believe it amounted more than 30cc. I am very proud of my achievement. The whole experience got me completely drained out, but the intense pleasure I had actually worth it.

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