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Superboy Abused by Robin

By absguy65

submitted April 19, 2006

Categories: Super Heroes

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Robin was always jealous of Superboy's fame, he always played second fiddle to Superboy, no matter how excellent he was in busting crimes and defeating enemies, media always paid more attention to Superboy.

We couldn't blame the media, both of them were equally handsome but Superboy was simply dropdead gorgeous, physically both of them were equally tight and hard, but Superboy had 8 packs of abdominal bricks compared to Robin who only had six packs.

Robin had his fans and admirers but the number was dwarfed by Superboy's fans that were truly fanatic and diehard. They would truly do anything for Superboy, no other superheroes could garner this kind of support and adoration.

So the grudges buried deep inside Robin's heart just grew thicker and thicker until one day, he got to know that Lex was the only foe who had some stock of kryptonite.

He desperately needed the krytonite, he knew that he had no match with Superboy, but kryptonite could defeat Superboy easily and fulfilled his revenge.

Despite the hostile relationship of Lex to the Superheroes circle, Robin betrayed the superheroes circle by contacting Lex. Lex was thrilled to get the call from Robin; he had been lusting over this handsome stud for so long. Without hesitation, he agreed to lend Robin a piece of kryptonite in cylinder form with a term, Robin must spent a night with him, from 7pm to next morning 7am.

Robin had to accept his vicious offer in order to achieve his goal to destroy Superboy. Lex knew that in order to create much, much more sufferings to Superboy, Robin had to be abused by him badly, and then he would vent hatred and anger on Superboy.

Robin knew that it would be bad to accept this proposal but he didn't expect to be much worse. Once he stepped into Lex's torture dungeon, he was stripped naked and tied up. For the first two hours, Lex instructed 50 thugs to pound Robin's shredded abs with bare fists.

Then for the following two hours, they placed Robin on a saddle bench which pushed up his battered 6-packed abdominal bricks, then all the 50 thugs used various types of tools, liked nightstick, cricket bat, hockey clubs, mallet, hammer and etc to pummell the bruised muscles.

Lex just laughed wholeheartedly until he cummed again and again.

After 4 hours of vicious thrashings on his abs, Lex was still not satisfied. Robin was asked to place both of his arms behind his head and arched his body to contract his abs to become 8-packed! Never in his life Robin knew that he could flexed his abs into 8-packed musculature, but that was the last time he could do because Lex used mechanical jackhammer to blast all those muscular slabs!

Robin could hardly stand straight but once he saw the krytponite cylinder in front of his eyes, he just clenched his jaws and gritted his teeth to endure all the agony and humiliation.

Then Lex passed Robin 4 types of dildos, all very huge and in various shape, the first one was serrated, second one was in corkscrew linings, third one was attached to the floor and the surface was studded with round spikes and the last one was in ball-chained-up form.

For each dildo, Robin was asked to squat in doggy position. They would impale his asshole for half an hour and at the same time; Robin had to suck 50 thugs' cocks until all of them ejaculated hard inside his throat!

When it came to the dildo installed on the floor, Robin had to sit on it and piston his asshole up and down. The pain was massive and mind blowing, but the handsome Robin just contorted his face and moaned incisively.

Lex had lost count how many time he climaxed and ejaculated, but the diabolical plan had not ended yet.

For the final 3hours, it was a gang rape on Robin. They placed Robin in various positions and intruded his loosened asshole; they already fed Robin with all their juices, now they fed their juices into his gut again.

Robin was going to get insane by this torture but he just screamed and jerked in pain and agony!

The full last hour totally belonged to Lex, the thugs just held Robin in various positions again to pry open his asshole and let Lex rape him insanely!

Lex was a sexually robust enemy; he could just climax and ejaculate again and again.

When 7am was up, Lex stopped and Robin just slumped on the floor, with bruises and welts all over his body. As promised, Lex put a box in front of him and he could hardly smile even though he knew that inside that box, it was a krytponite cylinder.

After that ordeal with Lex, Robin was even more determine to let Superboy suffer his worst sufferings in his life, he had endured so much pain and now it was Superboy's turn to taste that.

Robin brought back the kryptonite cylinder and for the next 1 week, he had to recuperate at the Bat Cave. Robin lied to Batman that he had a very bad cold and fever but actually he could hardly move around with his abs battered to pulp and asshole abused to the extreme limit.

After a week, he knew that the time had come.


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