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Mexican Bath House

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I spent a good portion of the afternoon at Condessa Beach in Acapulco. But since it was the last weekend of the holidays, there were many families around, and not too many boys. How disappointing! I knew I had to get back to the ship as we were leaving in the early evening for San Diego. So I grabbed a taxi and headed back.

But partway there I decided I’d get out and walk that portion of the beach. I started to walk and came across one of the bathrooms there, so I went in to see if there was anything going on, but it was empty. So I continued to walk. When I got to the other bano, I again went in and heard the showers running. Since I was hot and sweaty, and still had on my Speedo, I decided to take a shower.

There were 5 Mexicans in there, but only one was cute. And wouldn’t you know it he was the only one in his swimsuit. As I got undressed the others gradually left. I did get a look at the cute one’s cock – nice, uncut about 3 – 4 inches soft – as he changed into his street clothes. As the people were leaving a young guy (18 – 20) came in as I stepped naked under a shower, I kept an eye on him. If nothing else I just wanted to see him naked! He seemed to keep an eye on me as he undressed. Soon he was naked showing a thick brown 4 ½ inches of soft uncut meat. I was soaping up paying special attention to my cock and balls.

By now we were the only two in the room. He was also soaping up his body. I could see his cock expanding, as was mine. I turned and faced him as I stroked my hard cut cock. He was still kind of hiding his. I showed him my seven inches of hard cut meat. He looked around then turned and took his hands away. He was hard, about 6 ½ thick inches, with the head just barely peeking out. His cock was standing out at an angle from his body. I stepped closer jacking my dick. I rubbed my cock head against his cock. We were both using the soap to jack our cock. I reached over and started to jack him, pushing his foreskin back so that the head showed.

He looked nice and clean, so I was happy. He stepped back under the water and washed the soap and suds away, and I did the same. We then got closer together and grabbed each other’s cocks and started to jack. Know that many Mexicans are not into kissing, I did not try to kiss him. We stood there jacking each other for a few minutes, but were always looking towards the door, and listed to hear if anyone was coming near the shower area. He went over and looked over the wall into the bathroom area. When he came back he put one hand on my hand and pushed me down. I was somewhat anxious as we were in a public area.

But I did want a taste of his meat. So I bent over and started to suck his cock. He tastes clean from washing his cock with the soap, but I could still get a taste of him. Heavenly! I ran my tongue around his head as I slipped his foreskin up. Then with my lips, I forced his skin down, taking his whole cock into my throat. I was playing with his balls. He was playing with my ass a bit, but there was no way he was going to fuck me – especially in a public bathroom / shower room! Ever now and then we would hear other people, so we would get back under our showers. Then when we felt it was safe we would go back to having our fun. By now he was jacking on my cock as well. After one last look by my friend over the way, I went back down on him, determined to get him off, and hoping he would get me off as well. It was too risky to keep this up!

So I went to work, sucking and jacking him at the same time. He was close as he started to fuck my face a bit more. He was still jacking on my cock, and I knew I was close. He then moaned (the first noise I had heard from him) and started to shoot his hot juices into my mouth. I started to swallow it and then I started to shoot as well. I did not think he was ever going to stop coming, and I was shooting just as much as him. Finally he stopped shooting, so I licked all the remaining juices off him. He gave my cock a few last jerks.

We hugged each other and then looked at each other. Since we were standing outside the water, there was a whole lot of my cum on him, and all over the floor. We both got back under the showers aim some water at the cum on the floor. We washed up and then got dressed.

Since I finished first, I gave him the thumbs up as I left, which he returned. As I continued my walk back to the ship I realized that we had not said one word the entire time we were together. But the actions sure spoke more than any words could. I cannot wait to get back to Acapulco to see if I can have some more fun with those hot Mexican men!

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