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Harry Potter 1: Harry-Ron get closer

By poppy_roppy1

submitted May 4, 2006

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy

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Harry Potter was busy for the whole of his third year at Hogwarts with the two extra subjects he took. Adding to his grief is the escape of Sirius Black from Azkaban prison. Ron and Hermione were also too busy with their studies. But as Harry knew Sirius was innocent and the true villain was Peter his

Father’s friend at school Harry tried his level best with his friends' help to help his godfather escape with a hippogrif. Of course he had to make sacrifices since he let Ron get badly hurt in the incident and Ron was in his hospital for many days. The students still had 3 weeks to go home and Hermione was busy in the library. Meanwhile Harry decided to visit Ron in the hospital. The hospital nurse told him to wait outside since Ron was taking his bath in the gents' toilet and saying so she left to the teacher's feast. Harry waited for some time and as he came back from a practice Quidditch game he was also very sweaty so he decided to take a bath and shed his robes and wound a towel around him and entered the bathroom. He heard the sound of flowing water in the far off end and he saw Ron having his bath. Harry and Ron saw each other naked many times during their almost two years of friendship but now they began to reach their 19's and Ron's ass already started to fill with red hair while Harry's ass was still smooth.

Harry felt something tighten inside his towel but he did not bother and he called out for Ron. on turned and he exposed his 6 inch semi-hard cock to Harry and now Harry felt this was quite different from what he know. Ron had almost double the pubic hair that is general for a 18 year completed man and Harry was unable to control himself. He felt true love for Ron but he didn’t express it. Harry had an instant Hard-on. He reached out for the nearest tap but just then his towel slipped down exposing his 7 inch full hard cock to Ron. Harry could see the shock on Ron's face and he immediately reached for his towel but Ron stopped him.

“Harry what are you growing man, I never saw you that way,” said Ron.

“Did min do that to you?” Ron asked.

“I think so,” said Harry and added, “I’m sorry.”

Ron approached him and even his dick was absolutely erect now 8 inches. He put his dick beside Harry and tried to compare it. Harry's was fair and slender and hair was normal. Ron's was pink and thick at start and had hair which Harry thought will almost be equal to a grown up. As Ron did that Harry emitted pre-cum and immediately he moved away saying sorry. Ron took him caringly in his hands and said, “Listen Harry, you need not be ashamed in front of me, you known that.

“I wanted you Ron, when I saw you today,” Harry replied, closing his eyes. As there was no reply, he thought Ron was angry and he opened his eyes to find Ron was actually back of him, trying to push his hardon into Harry’s virgin ass. Harry bent down in respect of a superior dick and Ron pushed his dick into Harry’s ass and started moving back and forth. He fucked him for about two minutes and then pumped a full load of fresh young semen into Harry's ass. He withdrew his cock and started to relieve the pressure. Now Harry thought it was his turn at Ron's ass and he started to move back of Ron but Ron did not allow him.’ No Harry I prefer being a Top guy’. He was his best friend so Harry did not object but took another go at Ron's dick and started sucking it. For the second time Ron ejaculated mouthful of semen and Harry took in every drop. Ron however was interested in sucking Harry's dick so he gave him a blowjob.

This was the first time Harry's dick is being sucked and he felt great pleasure. He just cummed into Ron's mouth there was some sound at the entrance. They quickly reached their taps and started to take bath. It was Seamus Finnigan .Harry and Ron took care to hide their hardons but they exposed their asses.

“Nice hairy ass there,” Ron said. Seamus turned towards Harry saying 'Hermione wanted to see both of you,” and he left.

“Are you sure he didn’t see us while we were doing it?” asked Harry.

“Big deal, Ron replied, “Even if he did see us, we can try brining him to our side.”

'Seamus' cock in my ass, great,” Harry said smiling.

“You’re a great bottom guy mate,” Ron complimented.

“Sorry Ron I prefer both,” said Harry. Both of the left, treasuring the moments that brought the two great friends closer.

This has not ended, for the best understanding read my stories in this order:

1. Harry Potter 1:Harry-Ron get closer 2. Harry Potter 2:Harry and the weasleys 3. Harry Potter 3:Harry,Ron and Seamus 4. Harry Potter 4:Harry loses to Draco 5. Harry Potter 5:Harry takes his revenge and fulfills his dream too 6. Harry Potter 6:Harry,Cederic and Victor 7. Harry Potter 7:Harry with Sirius

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