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Harry Potter 4: Harry Loses to Draco

By poppy_roppy1

submitted May 4, 2006

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy

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His fourth year at Hogwarts Harry felt his worst phase of life had begun, Firts his name coming out of the Goblet of Fire and he being forced to participate in the tournament that even included Cederic, Diggory from Hogwarts, Victor Krum, and Fleur Delacour from outside schools; and second Ron being angry with him about the tournament stuff.

His first task took place in which he had to fight dragons. He stood second in overall standings after the first task. He knew he had to fight dragon in the first task and he even told Cederic. Now for the second task the participants were given an egg each which had the clue to the next task. This time Cederic helped him by saying he could solve put the clue in the prefects’ bathroom and gave him the password for it.

Harry thought at least after the first task Ron would realise that Harry never tried to enter the tournament. But now he had the objective of second task in mind. Trouble always follows Harry. This time Draco overheard his conversation with Cederic and he decided to catch Potter using the Prefects' Bathroom which is illegal for a normal student.

That night Harry decided to go to the Prefects' bathroom. He did not know that he was closely followed by Draco who is under an invisible spell. Harry entered the bathroom and solved the clue for second task in half an hour's time. Feeling happy and liking the condition of the bathroom he decided to take a bath. He took off his towel and he was buck naked.

Whenever he became naked he had an instant hard-on. He turned the tap on and was wetting his body, a figure appeared beside him. “Nice dick Potter,” said Draco. Harry was both shocked and embarrassed to see him there .Even his towel was out of reach and Draco secretly lit his clothes fire, so he had no choice but to stand buck naked in front of Draco.

On one side he felt strong urge to get Draco inside him since Draco was the most handsome boy of his year and another side he was reddening with anger as Draco was always his foe. Draco was staring at his dick and was smiling wickedly. “Do tell Potter whom shall I bring in here-Prof.Snape?” Draco said laughing.'

“Even you are here Draco,” replied Harry.

“That’s true Potter, but I think Snape will not bother about that,” countered Draco. “There is a way out anyway, let me fuck you,” said Draco. Harry had no choice, he left his wand in his dormitory so he turned back exposing his smooth ass to Draco. “That’s a good slave Potter,” Draco said and took off his clothing. Draco had blond hairs all over his dick and he was sporting a 8 inch hard on-an inch longer than Harry, and it was thicker than Ron's cock.

Draco approached him and pushed his meat into Harry's ass. Harry loved the feeling that the most handsome boy's dick was in his ass and now he started shouting, “More Draco deeper,” Even Draco started to address Harry by his first name and he pushed his dick harder. The rivalry between them suddenly seemed to vanish and love for one another's body seemed to increase.

Finally with a huge force Draco cummed into Harry's ass and it went in. Draco pulled his meat out and started to sit when Harry reached out for Draco's dick and gave him a blow-job. Now he had Draco's cum inside his mouth which was very tasty. The two young lads sat down rejuvenating themselves when Harry proposed to fuck Draco.

“Shut up Potter I might have loved your dick, but I will always be on top of you!” said Draco. “However I will satisfy you with a blow job,” and he bent down and started sucking Harry's dick and soon enough swallowed Harry's load.

“Is this the first time your ass is being spanked Potter?” asked Draco. Harry told him how he was fucked by Ron, Seamus and the other Weasleys.

“Great Potter you’re an excellent Bottom guy then how about having my slithering friends dicks in your ass. Tell your friend Ron I want his ass one day,” he added.

To this Harry got angry and punched Draco and started to leave and vowed that he would get on top of Draco one day. To that Draco laughed and he was again became invisible, but he did not wear any clothes. Harry however had no choice but to go to his dormitory naked since his clothes were all burnt to ashes and he had no wand to become invisible.

As he reached the bathroom door Draco once again put his dick into Harry's ass and said, “Go on like this Potter or I will shout.”

Harry did as he was told and after reaching Griffindor rooms Draco left and Harry felt cum drip from inside his ass. He did enjoy it but he vowed he would fuck Draco one day.

Then he changed to his clothes and went to sleep feeling happy that he solved the second task's clue and he was fucked by the handsome Draco.

This has not ended: for best understanding read my stories in the order 1. Harry Potter 1: Harry-Ron get closer 2. Harry Potter 2: Harry and the Weasleys 3. Harry Potter 3: Harry, Ron and Seamus 4. 5. Harry Potter 5: Harry takes his revenge and fulfills his dream too 6. Harry Potter 6: Harry, Cederic and Victor 7. Harry Potter 7: Harry with Sirius

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