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Catching Dad, Getting Caught by Dad

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The college I went to had an extra long Thanksgiving break. We got off for the entire week. That meant two weekends plus the intervening week. My senior year I decided to take some of that time for cruising. The college town was quite small with nothing to do. My hometown was a major metropolitan area with lots to do. So, I decided to leave college late afternoon on Friday, drive five hours home but instead of going home, cruise the bars and find someone to go home with for the night and maybe for the weekend. I told my parents I wouldn’t be home until Sunday, maybe Monday, depending on how “studies” went.

I hit the bars on Friday night but nothing happened, absolutely nothing. I don’t know what the deal was but I couldn’t pick up a troll. Around 2:30 a.m. I had the option of going home, cruising the park, or spending the night in my car. It was way too cold to be out so I went on home. I could always tell my parents that I just decided to come on home early. I parked in the alley and let myself in through the back door. Since it was so late I was very quiet. As I started up the stairs I heard something upstairs and I remembered that Mom had said she would be out of town until Tuesday on a business trip.

I tiptoed up the stairs. At the top of the stairs was my parents’ bedroom. The French doors were open but it was too dark to see anything. What I could distinctly hear was that they were making love. I had only rarely seen my father naked and I had never “accidentally” seen my parents doing it. I found it oddly exciting that it was finally happening when I was 22 years old. I knelt by the bedroom door and watched. In the snatches of moonlight I could occasionally make out their silhouettes.

There was my dad. The other person was very thin and had very long hair – that wasn’t my mother. My father was screwing someone else and I was catching him in the act of adultery. I don’t know why I found this so exciting. They didn’t say anything, just moans, groans, grunts, sighs, heavy breathing, etc. They both came and fell back onto the bed. I knew that if Dad was anything like me, he would want to take a piss as soon as he caught his breath. I slid to one side so that I could just peek out from behind one of the doors. Sure enough after a minute or two Dad got up and went into the john. When he flipped on the light switch I could see him in silhouette and I could also see the chick he had in bed. That is when I got the second shock of the night – it wasn’t a chick in bed. It was a young man, about my age, flat muscular chest, big dick swinging between his legs, and really long black hair like one of those Playgirl centerfolds. He was really hot. Dad talked as he pissed. The young man got up and followed him into the bathroom and I saw their mouths meet; Dad gave him a big sloppy open mouthed kiss and groped his tight butt with the tiny Speedo tan line. After Sam – I later learned what his name was – finished pissing, Dad turned off the bathroom light and they both went back to bed. They were obviously planning to sleep together the rest of the night.

I felt a giant spasm and realized I had just unloaded cum into my pants. I hadn’t even noticed I was hard, I certainly hadn’t touched myself. The idea of Dad spending the night with man sent me over the edge. I was full of questions. Was this the first time, had he picked up the guy somewhere, did this happen regularly, how long had it been going on?

I tiptoed very quietly to my bedroom at the far end of the hall. I quietly closed the door, pulled off my pants and pushed them against the bottom of the door before I turned on the light. I didn’t want Dad to know I was home just yet. I stripped off the rest of my clothes. I was hard as a rock, I stroked but I didn’t want to cum like this. I wanted something more.

I turned off the light, tiptoed back down the hall completely naked and took up my watch at the bedroom door. Then my chance came. I could hear Dad snoring but the kid was awake. Then the kid got up and went into the bathroom. He flipped on the light and turned on the water. He was getting a drink of water. As he turned on the water, I stood up in the bedroom doorway with my hard dick pointing in front of me. I pumped my dick with one hand and very quietly cleared my throat. Dad’s snoring continued. Sam saw me and looked very surprised. I motioned for him to come over to me and be very quiet. He did. When he got closer, I wrapped my arms around his naked body and his lips met mine. I led him down the dark hallway to my bedroom, making sure to leave the door wide open, and we fell into bed together. My dick slid into his well greased ass and I pumped another load of cum up his shitter. Then he did the same for me. It was the first relief I had gotten all night. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Which is exactly where Dad found us the next morning. When he saw us he knew that I knew what had gone on the night before. Dad and I both had sex with the same man on the same night and both of us knew it and what’s more we both knew that the other one knew it too. No explanation was necessary, no denials possible. We were both queer and we both knew it. I pulled back the sheet exposing my hard dick to my dad. I had a shit-eating grin on my face. So did Dad. He took a few steps toward us. I scooted over in bed. He dropped his robe and slid in next to me. The three of us spent the morning having freestyle sex. I fucked, I sucked, I rimmed, I kissed and all of those things were done to me. Sam got really turned on by the idea of making out with a father and son at the same time.

I don’t know which moment was best – when Dad’s lips first touched mine and I tasted his mouth, when his arms wrapped around me and held me tight, when my hands caressed his firm butt cheeks, when my fingers explored his hairy ass crack, when I nuzzled my face in his rich warm crotch, when my tongue traced his piss slit and lapped up the leaking pre-cum, when he mounted me from behind and his hard cock slid into my welcoming butt hole, or when my dick pushed through the tight entrance of his ass and explored him from the inside out. We left big globs of our cum inside each other that day. I got to know Dad in a whole new way. I found out that he absolutely loves to be fucked. He is an ass man if there ever was. Something I never would have guessed.

Sammy and I alternated fucking him over and over again. He couldn’t get enough. Hard slamming butt fucking, long, slow and gentle rocking, deep pounding, finger probing. Two, three fingers. Fucking doggie style, missionary, scissors, standing, whatever position.

His asshole was wide open and he begged for more. I put my mouth on his asshole and rimmed him until my tongue was exhausted then Sammy took over and I kissed him long and hard, tongues intertwining, spit flowing between us. We finally got up around 12:30 too exhausted for any more sex. We called out for pizza and drew straws for who would have to go to the door naked. I lost – or won – depending on how you look at it. Afterwards we ate the pizza in bed. Sam had to go so Dad paid him and gave him a big tip. I gave him a big hug and kiss. Sam was fun but I wanted Dad to myself. I was ready for it to be just him and me.

After a short nap together, Dad and I spent the rest of the afternoon fucking, sucking, kissing and rimming, and certainly cumming some more. There is no better father/son bonding than to rim or suck each other at the same time. Eventually our balls were drained so dry they had nothing left and we were too exhausted and spent to get really hard. Even so, we could still kiss, rim, and suck and it still felt great. I explored every nook and cranny of Dad’s body and he did the same to me. I wanted to know everything about him; I wanted him to know everything about me.

I told him that my roommate (who Dad knew and really liked) and I had been fuck buddies for the past three years. There was one especially hot restroom in the basement of the library and one on the upper level of the student center where I could usually get or give a quick blow job, or at least a hand job, between classes. And I got my two A+’s (intro to psych class and freshman English comp) by letting the professors use my ass and mouth whenever and however they wanted. One of them was really cute, the other wasn’t. Dad couldn’t believe what a slut I was. I said was a chip off the old block. He thought that was hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing. I suggested that he come up for Parent’s Weekend at college in the spring by himself and he could stay in the dorm. He seemed to like that idea. So did I.

We spent Saturday night together, all day Sunday, that night, all day Monday and that night without ever putting on any clothes. We ate together, we slept together, we went to the bathroom together, we showered together, we got drunk together, we had sex together, and we made love together. We fell in love. We consummated that love in every room of the house including the laundry room, the pantry, the furnace room, and the back porch very quietly and very late at night. We got to know each other and the house in an entirely new way.


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