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Servicing My Thug Neighbor Ty, Part 7

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Servicing Ty Part 7

It was a weekday evening, and my mother was gone to work. I was at home alone, lying on my bed in only my jockstrap watching a porn flick. My legs were extended upwards as I was playing with my hot leaking and twitching ass hole as my dick leaked precum through the fabric of the strap.

Just as I was about to pull my dick out and jack off, my cell phone rang. Looking at the caller ID, I saw that it was Ty. I immediately answered. “Hello?”

“Sup nigga,” he said. “I need you over here at my place in ten minutes. Make sure u got on yo jockstrap and a doo-rag ‘round yo head.”

Before I could reply, the line went dead. So I jumped up, quickly grabbing my black doo-rag and tying is around my head, threw a pair of white tennis shorts on and a thin white t-shirt and headed out the kitchen door, across our driveway, and over to Ty’s backdoor.

He opened the before I even knocked, and suddenly I gust of marijuana smoke engulfed my nostrils. I think I caught an immediate contact high from the extremely potent chronic and stumbled inside after Ty motioned for me to enter.

He stopped me in his kitchen in front of the stairwell that led down to the basement. “My cousin Jason is down in the basement,” he said in a low tone. He’s in the bathroom snorting some powder right now and about to take a quick shower. I want you to be buck naked on the sofa bed on your stomach with the lights off. Have your face at the edge of the bed facing the bathroom door so when he comes out he can just stick his dick in your mouth. When he gets ready to fuck you, guide his dick into that ass. Now get down on yo knees.”

I obeyed as he pulled a baggie out of his Iceberg jeans and a key with one hand and unzipped his pants with the other. He fished his semi-hard dick out through the front slit of his boxers and thrust it into my mouth. As he pushed the rod into my warm mouth, he dipped the key into the baggie and then stuck the powder filled key under my nostril.

“Sniff this nigga,” he ordered.

I took a break from sucking long enough to snort the dope. In a matter of two seconds tiny beads of sweat broke out on my forehead, an electric shock shot up my spine, and my head felt as if it was going to spin off my neck.

Ty laughed and grabbed the back of my head. He began to fuck my face in earnest as he used his other hand to take a bump of the dope himself.

“Nigga, this is some hot new shit my cousin just brought in from Miami,” Ty said as he shook his head back and forth as he felt the extreme rush of the dope. His dick suddenly without warning hardened and expanded so much in my mouth that my jaws began to hurt. In a sudden burst of energy he pushed the back of my head against the wall, shoved his dick to the back of my throat, and unleashed a flood of cum with an animalistic roar. His dick kept shooting stream after stream of thick salty semen down my throat and then into my mouth as Ty slowly pulled his manhood out of my mouth. The final stream jetted onto my thick lips, and I licked my lips clean as soon as I had finished swallowing every last drop of Ty’s delicious cum. I was surprised by the fact that the thuggish stallion had shot off in less than a minute of me blowing him.

He shook his head again as he shoved his dick back into his pants and zipped up. “Fuck that shit is good as a muthafucker!” he exclaimed.

“What is that stuff?” I asked in a daze, shocks of pleasure running rapidly through my body.

“It’s called trail mix,” Ty answer as he pulled me to my feet and suddenly ripped my shorts down. “The good ass Columbian coke, pure ass Hawaiian ice, some New York ecstasy, and a tad bit of Vicodin and Viagra all crush up and mixed together. You give yo usual award-winning hot pussy performance with my cousin and he’ll break you off a bag for free. Just remember not to say shit to him until after he nuts. He thinks you are a bitch, but that nigga is so fucked up he ain’t gonna know the difference until it’s all over. Make that nigga yell out when he comes. I’m gonna be watching you two on the closed circuit up here and I’ll be in as soon as the lights come on to make sure he don’t trip. Now get out the rest of these clothes except fo’ the jock and get down there. Take this and lube that hot pussy before he gets out.”

I did as told and was in thirty seconds flat was lying on my stomach on the surface of the sofa bed, bare except for three fluffy white pillows. I placed one of the pillows under my mid section to prop my ass up invitingly into the air. The other two I placed on the edge of the bed under my head. A single scented candle was burning on a table near the bottom of the stairwell, and a small red light soon popped on above the sofa, which I knew was Ty’s closed circuit camera beginning to record. I squeezed a generous amount of the lube onto my hand and worked the cold substance around and inside my leaking ass, which was quickly transforming into my popular black boi pussy.

The sounds of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” played over and over through the various surround-sound speakers in the room. The shower in the bathroom turned off and I heard the shower curtain yank open. Jason opened the bathroom door and unleashed a wall of hot steam. I buried my face in the pillows, but kept one eye focused on the young dude standing in the bathroom in front of the mirror, wearing nothing but a brief white towel around his slender waist. It was instantly apparent to me that extremely attractive looks had to run in Ty’s family, because Jason was an exquisite sight to behold. I guessed that he was somewhere between the age of twenty-two and twenty-four. He stood about six feet with a clean caramel complexion. He wasn’t as muscular as Ty, but still was nicely built with a six pack rippled stomach, tight pecs, and two prominent tattoos, one of what looked like a tiger above his right nipple and another one of Miami across his stomach directly above his slight outtie navel. He looked like a dead ringer for one of my favorite hip hop artists to jack off thinking about, St. Louis’s own Nelly.

He used another towel to dry himself off quickly, glancing over momentarily and spotting my waiting body lying seductively on the sofa bed. I saw him smile and rub his crotch through the towel, and then he wrapped the drying towel around his neck. He swiftly picked up a rubber off the bathroom counter, tore it open with his teeth, and snatched the towel from around his waist. He threw it to the side as he began to get ready to slip the condom on, but then stopped and just held it in his hand. He bent over and picked up what looked like a straw, and then snorted two lines of what had to be the infamous mind blowing trail mix. The dope hit him like a ton of bricks, making stumble backwards slightly. He too shook his head repeatedly from side to side before flipping off the walking out of the bathroom after turning off the light. As soon as the bathroom light was switched off, a series of strobe lights snapped on around the room, and one very soft white light placed strategically over the sofa bed provided enough illumination for the several tiny cameras.

His figure was illuminated by the light from the burning candle as he walked cockily over to the front of where my head was lying under the pillows. He reached down and lifted my doo-rag clad head up until my eyes were face to head with his rock hard dick. His piece and long, crooked, and slender, the kind of dick I called a rotor-rooter, because they tended to always be able to hit every last crevice inside my ass, and when fully inserted inside me felt as if they were circling around in my guts.

“What’s up baby girl?” he slurred in a sexy southeastern drawl. Although I was already turned on as hell after watching his beautiful body in the bathroom, the fresh scent of his body (I guessed he had used a spring fresh scented body wash in the shower) made my dick stir against the scratchy sofa surface, and it started leaking precum. “Let me put my doped up Miami dick in your mouth. Ty said you are the best dick sucker on earth, so show a nigga what all the hype is about.”

I dutifully used my lips and tongue to take his dick into my mouth without using my hands, and Jason was instantly impressed. I quickly performed my patented lollipop around the dick move (using my tongue to slowly circle around the head of a dick, the cool tip of my tongue being the only thing touching the flesh), and the maneuver made Jason moan loudly as he threw his hands behind his head.

“Muthafucka!” he yelled and thrust his crotch forward. I was a step ahead of him, as he thought his movement would force his dick into my mouth and down my throat. Instead I raised my head slightly and extended my long tongue, which then traveled slowly down the top of his dick before circling around and juggling his slight hairy tight ball sac. “Ohhhh!” he moaned and grabbed the back of my head with one hand and his cock with the other. “Open yo mouth little ho,” he ordered as he slapped his 9 ½ incher across my wet lips. As soon as my lips parted slightly he drove his piece into the heat of my mouth. “Oh shit!” he moaned and his dick began leaking pre cum into my mouth like a slight stream from a kitchen sink. I slurped loudly on his dick, taking the long pole as far as I could down my throat. I then withdrew it from mouth, licked the shaft again and finally pulled yet another of my signatures, burying my face in the course black hair of his crotch and inhaling the shower-fresh scent before taking his dick once more into my mouth a applying an intense sucking action to the shaft.

“You dick sucking muthafucka!” he yelled excitedly and grabbed the back of my head. He abruptly pulled his dick out of my hungry mouth and rubbed it over my lips again, and then produced the black Magnum rubber that he had held in his left hand the entire time. “Shit, I would cum in yo pussy ass mouth, but this grade A cocaine in that trail mix might keep a nigga from being able to bust a nut again in that pussy,” he explained. As he began to climb onto the sofa bed, there was a loud beep from above and then the crackle of a speaker.

“Jason!” came the obviously under-the-influence growl of Ty from his state-of-the-art intercom system. “Fuck that ho in her ass!” he advised. “Don’t even waste time with the pussy, ‘because she likes it all up her asshole. Plus, once you get inside that ass, you ain’t gonna wanna be nowhere else cuz.”

“Good looking out!” Jason laughed as he spread my legs wide with his strong ands. “You got this house rigged up like the fucking White House or some shit! Thanks Big Brother, now let me see if this hole is as great as you say it is.”

“Enjoy!” Ty called out and then turned the intercom off. I knew Ty well enough to know that he was sitting in his studio upstairs in front of his giant screen television watching this scene, probably jacking his huge dick off. Although he wouldn’t admit it, he the sight of me getting fucked by other dudes turned him on terribly, and I had found out from Sam a few weeks earlier that whenever I performed in Ty’s house, either with him or others he pimped me out to, the thug videotaped the encounters and was known to show them to his closeted friends. Sam even revealed that Ty was in the process of burning my sexcapades onto DVD’s to sell them over the internet, but thankfully with the faces of all participants blurred to protect the identities of the sexually satisfied.

Jason’s hands reached around my waist, and I quickly pushed my pelvic area further down into the pillow underneath me to conceal my rock hard dick. He hand felt the light fabric of my jockstrap and he moaned. “That’s what I’m talking ‘bout,” he suddenly exclaimed, “a ho with some crotch-less panties and a wet pussy throbbing out the hole!”

I breathed a sigh of relief: he had mistaken my jockstrap for Victoria’s Secret attire. He reached over to the small table at the foot of the sofa and grabbed something. Moments later I felt some kind of contraption placed under my nose. He snapped a button on it and a generous bump or two of trail mix shot up my nose. Instantaneously he pushed more, about five and a half inches, of his dick into me, up to the point where the rod curved upwards. He bit me sharply on my neck. The sound of my scream of unbelievable pleasure was muffled by the fact that Jason had rather roughly shoved my face down hard into the mattress as he literally screwed his long rod into my liberally lubed, tight, receptive hole. When I felt his course pubic hair scratch the sticky surface of my ass, I pushed up and rotated my now boi pussy clockwise around the long dick nestled inside me and up seemingly into my stomach.

“Oh hell muthafuckin’ yeah ho!” he yelled, took a bump of dope, at which point his slender dick suddenly expanded out to the point that it felt like Ty’s soda-can rod, and then Jason began to screw his dick inside me with much more intensity. “You damn slut, open this sweet ass pussy up for a nigga!” he whispered in my ear and licked it with his cold tongue.

I moaned in unadulterated slutty lust and opened my legs even wider. He dropped all his weight onto my back and began to hump my boi pussy without mercy, yet the circular screwing motions his dick made in me gave off a feeling of him making passionate love to me rather than the usual simulated rape and rough sex I had grown accustomed to with my tricks. His thrusts made my throbbing prick, which I had reached under and freed from the confines of the jockstrap, rub incessantly against the rough sofa surface, and I bit down hard on the pillow as the head of my dick exploded into the mattress. Despite the burial of my mouth in the pillow, Jason still heard my slutty moans and whimpers as first my dick shot off and then my ass tightened, clamped down around his dick, and my body shook violently like the tremors of a major earthquake.

“Fuck yeah ho!” he yelled and rammed his full dick up my passages. He stopped his hard fucking with his manhood buried deep inside me. “What the fuck?” he asked in shock as my boi cunt began to leak its clear juices into the forest of his pubes, so much fluid that it completely drenched his crotch. The constriction of my ass muscles around his dick, coupled with my anguished screams and violent shaking, caught him off guard. “You a wild ass ho!” he exclaimed as he looked down as the hard anal orgasm I was experiencing. I cried out as my dick continued to shoot buckets of cum, and my extreme ass tightening made poor Jason let out his own yell. “Bitch yo' ass is cumin.

“Muthafucka!” he yelled as he tried to pull out of me, but I rammed my boi pussy back into his crotch and promptly began to fuck myself silly on his what by now had to be at least 10 inches of hard caramel dick. “You slutty ass ho, you want a nigga to fuck you stupid? Well take this dick then bitch!”

Jason grabbed my ass cheeks and roughly parted them as he used his legs to spread my own as far as imaginable. He grabbed my shoulders tightly, pulled his dick out until only the throbbing head was inside, and then swiftly lunged forward and impaled me. The movement seemingly knocked the dope in my system into high gear, and I saw thousands of stars with my head spinning dizzily. “Fuck me daddy,” I moaned and then my dick began shooting all over again. “Make me your bitch, Jason. Tear my pussy to pieces because I know that what you want.”

“Hell fuck yeah ho!” he yelled in my ear as he licked it again and then plowed my ass for a minute or two before slowing his pace considerably. “I’m about to show you how a Miami nigga makes sweet love to a pussy, how he makes a pussy cum over and over, and this hole my dick is in right now ain’t no muthafuckin’ ass. I’m telling you that straight up baby, this is the hottest, most dick loving piece of pussy this nigga has ever been in! Shit, I just wanna keep my dick in this shit forever.”

“Use it, daddy,” I moaned in a state of total delirium, turning my head around to take his tongue into my watering mouth.

“Fuck yeah,” he mumbled and kissed me so passionately that tremors rocked my body again. He flipped both our bodies onto our sides, grabbed my leg and lifted it up, and then began to make love to me like no other dude had ever done as we French kissed and licked each other like homemade vanilla ice cream cones. I saw stars as the constant banging and the feeling of his dick massaging my prostate pushed me over the edge and then some. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and saliva dripped from the corners of my mouth. I knew what was about to happen.

“Oh shit!” I cried as my head jerked back and forth. My ass clamped down hard on his dick like a vise and promptly began creaming like a cunt. I bit my tongue to keep from yelling out.

He couldn’t take the heat anymore as his dick swelled inside the tight confines of my ass. “I’m gonna cum bitch!” he yelled and with all his strength he pushed his prick as far into me as it could go. “FUCK!” he yelled and began humping my cumming ass like a rabbit. Then just as suddenly he pulled out of me, pushed me onto my back, and stood with his dick over my face. He ripped the condom off his prick and pointed it straight at my face. “Here it comes you hot motherfucka!”

Just as I opened my eyes his throbbing dick exploded and drenched my face in what seemed like endless streams of thick white cum.

“MOTHERFUCKA!” he roared in an animalistic tone as his dick kept shooting semen onto my face until I looked like a white ghost.

Finally the dick gave one last long squirt and then stopped. As soon as that last stream shot out of him, Jason took a deep breath, smiled, and collapsed onto the sofa bed on side of me. Seconds later he was snoring louder than the horn of a freight train.

“Good job, ho,” Ty said from the staircase. “Get dressed and go home.”

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