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Under the Stall, Part 1

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This is one of the many exploits I had during my days in college.

I'm 22 now, just returned from school. I'm a big stocky bear, about 240, 6'2" with mutton chops and hard 6" dick.

The fifth floor of the library was the notorious cruising place. I frequented there about 3 or 4 times a week. Usually inconsistent times, but whenever I could make it there between 5 and 7, chances were good I could score some cock.

I'm gay, but have yet to become comfortable engaging in sex without anonymity. I absolutely love sucking random cock. I've tried to control it for safety's sake, but when I am fortunate to have experiences like this one...how can I say no!

I was sitting in the right of two stalls. Mine was the small one, the other the handicap. The steel bar that was positioned above the stall wall let me see right at the urinal and the peephole on my left lets me see right at the other guy. Perfect for cruising or just the spank bank peeks at someone's cock.

After about 20 minutes of playing around with my cock waiting for someone to come by, a few guys came in and out of the rest room without any action. After the stream of guys had ended I hear the door open and a guy quickly walks into the next door stall. Usually, I wait a little bit to make sure my foot tapping isn't going to be too soon. I'm still learning the best protocol for reading my bathroom neighbors.

This guy sat down and tapped. I was surprised that he was so quick. Usually college guys fuck around with the tap dance, but he was straight to the point. Yet, he was unlike anyone I have cruised before. After a series of tapping back and forth, I realized that he wasn't too clear on the clues. I rubbed my finger along my shoe to invite him over/under. He tapped back. He then slipped his cell phone under the stall to show me his hard cock on the small picture screen.

I finally said, "Let me suck your cock."

He said, “Let me suck you."

Now, I am all for sucking other guy’s cocks, but I'm not ready for reciprocation. I declined and said that I just wanted to suck him. He said he needed to see me. My heart was pounding and my cock was throbbing. I stood up and he glanced at me. I smiled back. He then dropped to his knees and started feeding me his cock. He was too close to the can for me, so it was rough getting a good angle.

I asked him for him to come to my stall. He said, "Mine’s bigger, you come over here." I promptly grabbed my bag and swung into his stall.

To be continued…