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Coach's Boy Jarod

By coachyerbuttinsf

submitted July 31, 2006

Categories: Athletics, Jockstraps, Older/younger

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Coach York is 52, salt and pepper hair, big pecs, a little gut but still hard, nice guy, expects a lot, has a meaty hairy ass, hairy chest, and a very thick 9”uncut cock. He’s got Jason, a guy on his baseball team, over for a one on one coaching session. Jase is 22, brown hair, smooth, intense eyes that are a little too close together, handsome face. Coach is wearing some gray sweats, muscle shirt, and a jockstrap. Jase is wearing long shorts, white t-shirt.

"Hey boy, you contracting those glutes as you lift?"

"Think so, Coach York."

"What do you fucking mean you think you gotta do that, boy, if you want to get bigger. go again, and this time I’m gonna see if you're contracting".

"Sure, coach...hey, what the fuck..."

"You just concentrate on lifting that weight, boy...that's it...fuck! You didn't fucking contract at all. You want glutes or what, boy?"

"Sorry, coach, I’m just..."

"Fuck that...here, I’m gonna show you. Here, put my shorts up on the bench...okay, boy, so look at these glutes. That’s what you want, right?"

"Yeah, coach, fuck, you're one hardass."

"Sure am, boy, in more ways than one. Okay, this is the only way you're going to learn. put your hand on my ass. Don’t fucking look at me like that, do it. Okay, now I’m going to do some squats the right fucking way. There, feel the contraction?"

"Yeah, I did coach."

"Good. You’re not bad, but sometimes I think you just need a little push. Now, drop the shorts."

"What the..?"

"What is your problem? Think coach has never seen an ass before? Fuck, I see you guys shower after practice every day. I’ve seen your ass get better, but it's still not rock hard. feel this again...feel that? That’s what I want yours to be. I’m not going to be the only one in my fucking jock strap, so drop the shorts."

"But coach, I..."

"What, what's the deal? What in the fuck are you afraid of? Listen Jason, you need this now. Drop the shorts and bend over my knees.”

“Coach, are you fucking crazy?”

“You just bought yourself ten swats, junior. Now do it! That’s right, over my lap, and let’s get those shorts down. You’re a good kid, Jase, but you never work hard enough, and you’re always questioning me. So you’re going to start working harder and getting to it without making me always say it twice. So count these, Jason. You ready?

‘I said, you ready?”

“Yes, sir”.

“One, two--that’s good, Jason, you’re taking this like a fucking jock now. Three, four...five...now look at me and ask for the rest...”

“Give me six, coach.”


“Seven, coach, give me seven…ahh.”


“Eight, coach.”

“That’s right, Jason, eight. Now are you going to give it your all now?”

“Yes, coach. nine...ahhh...ten.”

“Good boy, Jase. Much better; now keep those shorts down and let’s get that ass worked over right. You just felt my ass, right? Any fucking problem? No, so let’s get your ass worked on the way it should be. Okay, that's good boy. You know, your ass is pretty good already, and once you learn how to work it over right, you're going to start getting a lot more attention."

"What the..?"

"Just shut up and do the exercise. Okay, there, now where my hand is, squeeze. Okay, now the other side. Ok, do 10...there, I can feel them getting harder. Good, boy, that's right. Oh, and what’s up with that hardon you got, boy?"

"Fuck, coach, shut up, don't fucking look..."

"It’s just a hardon, fuck, don't worry. You know Jarod, the new guy, trying out for shortstop."

"Yeah, he's a fucking brick shithouse."

"Well, he got that way with my workouts, and he got hardons all the time. We just took care of them."

"Huh? Not following you, coach."

"Pay attention, boy. Remember that Monday that Jarrod was really sore, couldn't sit down, couldn't bend, and had to skip practice...?"


"Well, he was here, on this bench, in his jock, doing a workout, and he got a big ol' hard on when I put my hand on his ass. He was really embarrassed, and tried to walk away, but I just held on to that ass and he stopped walking..."

"Coach, I think you got the wrong idea, I..."

"Look at my body, jock boy. Look at my chest, my pecs, my nips, my legs. Here, look at my balls, and dick, too. Now..."

"Fuck, coach, I mean, you've got a fucking beer can down there."

“You noticed, huh? Why don’t you give it a taste?”


“Boy, look down at your dick. You’re fucking oozing precum already, and you haven't even gotten a taste, yet. So get down and get started.”

“But coach, I’ve never...”

“Well now you have...that’s right Jase, taste it. You like that? Fuck boy, for a beginner you suck like a pro...that’s right, keep going boy, and listen to this while you’re tasting coach’s big cock. Here’s the deal, boy. All my boys, first year, like you, get initiated by the team. You know when that is?"

"Tomorrow, right?"

"Day after, but close enough; now get sucking again. Good, Jase. Now you know what they do for initiation? No? All the new guys, like you, get put in the middle of the mats... we come in at night, and the wrestling coach helps out. Yeah, Coach Sanchez is in on it. Anyway, you guys get put in the middle of the mats, on all fours, in your jocks. The other guys line up around the mats, in lines, behind each guy. And you know what? They each fuck one guy, two if they can get it up fast enough after they pop their wad.

Coach Sanchez and I then fuck each guy...we got a lot more staying power...we fuck each guy, but we don't cum. Then, Coach Sanchez and I together decide which new guy was able to take it the best. And Coach Sanchez has a huge, uncut cock, man. Well, you'll find out soon enough. So anyway, we pick one guy, and we clear out the mats and put him in the middle…all the other guys make a circle…and we fuck the shit out of him. Fuck his ass, fuck his mouth...you know Tray, right?"

"The center fielder?"

"Yeah, well when he was the new boy, he got picked...he knew it was an honor, and he took everything Coach Sanchez and I could give him, so believe it or not, we gave him the ultimate honor. I sat on a bench, had him sit on my cock, then I leaned him back, and Coach Sanchez got his cock in his ass with mine. He’s the only one to ever take that. Practically killed him, too, but he shot 3 fucking loads; couldn’t stop. So, boy, right now, you're getting prepared for day after tomorrow. Get on all fours...


"Motherfucker, I said get down on all fours...there, that's good. Now, I want to hear you say it."


"Boy, don't fucking piss me off, 'cause I’m already not planning on being real gentile...say it, boy!"

"I want you to fuck me, coach."

"What? What did you say?"

"I want you to fuck me, Coach York."

"Okay boy, yeah, fuck, you're so tight...relax...now, relax, just relax and feel coach's big fucking cock slide in you...yeah, fuck you're tight...

"Ah, coach, I can't...ah...fuck, I..."

"Okay, boy, hold on, 'cause here we go...fuck yeah, fuck, fucking hot, boy, so much better than pussy...”

"Coach, oh shit, I can't...”

"You keep taking it boy, you're coach's now, oh fuck, so fucking tight...okay boy, I’m slamming you now...uh, fuck, and I get to fuck you again in a couple of days...fuck...you like coach's cock, boy?”

"Fuck, coach, yeah!"


"Yes, Coach York."

"Oh, fuck, boy, I’m going to cum, fuck, yeah, slam your jock boy ass, yeah, take coach's dick all the way...FFFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCKKK!”

Hit me up if you liked the story: coachyerbuttinsf@comcast.net copyright 2006

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