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Older Man in Porn Store

By randalsteak

submitted August 5, 2006

Categories: Older/younger, Coming Out, First Time, Mature

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My first time...hmmm.

The way the fist time should logically go...with a bit of humor!

Well let’s see, the situation: a group of us just bunked college to play pool, drink as much alcohol as possible and smoke. So you can deduct that i was 19yrs old, no six pack but decent enough.

And so the most memorable day of my life started with beer flowing and the occasional dash to the bathroom to smoke. After a couple of hours I had become bored with missing the damn white ball with the cue, so off I wandered around the other shops around the pub.

To my surprise there was a porn store. Not the good chain ones, but rather a personalised one. I was hungry and it wasn’t for a bag of chips. I walked in fast as i was a bit paranoid and began looking around. Of course I found the usual straight porn and the damn twink porn. Where is all the mature gay men porn - in all the porn stores I have been in, i still have never seen a single gay mature video.

Anyways i was walking up and down all of the two aisles the store had when i was assisted by the owner. WOW, the owner. He must of been over 40 years old a bit overweight and my kind of hot. He went through all the motions of "Can i help you" and so did i by avoiding eye contact and saying "No thanks, just looking."

Just then another customer walked in and the bored owner went over to the new customer to milk him for business. I could not stop staring at this sexy owner, he wore the custom trousers and long sleeve work shirt, but his shirt was hanging out and I could see his belt was loose.

Being my first time - and not as confident as all the other first timers here i left his store. It took me a full 10 minutes to drag my own ass back into that store. By the time i went back in, the store was empty and the owner was sitting behind a raised counter looking very relaxed.

So off I went again walking down his two isles and hovered at the gay section. He did nothing. The bastard could probably see I was shaking, he just watched me playing with the demons in my head.

Eventually he summoned me over and asked me what I was seriously looking for. I mumbled something stupid that would have made a monkey look like a rocket scientist. So he started asking where I was from, what I was doing etc...the conversation died off over the next couple of minutes and all that came out of my mouth was ahh, umm, well...

Eventually after a while I said it, the most simplistic words to make a man stand to attention: "Can I suck your cock?" The bastard owner could see I was shaking all over and he still wanted to know why.

Eventually I had to practically beg him. He agreed and went to lock the door. Now for all you "first time experts" who claim everything well smooth, I say you lie. While he locked the door, I didn’t move a muscle; he walked over to me and asked me what I wanted to do. I didn’t know if I was supposed to kiss him and he just stood there and dropped his pants. He then told me to do what i came here to do. So I dropped to my knees like a prison bitch I suppose and started to massage his cock and balls through his boxers. I had enough playing games and ripped his boxers to his ankles. And there it stood...well flopped. (a porn owner won’t be standing to attention that easily)

Now I know you are just dying to hear that it was a 7-9 inch monster with its own personality, well sorry to disappoint you. It was a sexy looking 2-3inch soft cock that would get to about 4-5 inches hard. And the best part was he was uncut! (I’m cut.)

And so I started sucking his cock, no soft, teasing start, I just shoved the whole thing in my mouth like I hadn’t eaten in months, I would have loved to have seen his face. The poor guy probably thought I was going to bite it off. Now I’ve watched my fair share of porn and wanted to kick myself for not watching what the women did when they sucked a cock! I knew friction would get this stud to cum, so I started to suck his dick like a faulty vacuum cleaner! I sucked and blew and a couple of times; I sucked so hard I actually sounded like a vacuum cleaner. And the balls on my stud were amazing. Clean shaven melons, I could of spent hours sucking them. Now I was young and started to get bored, how long would it take to blow this guy and was I allowed to cheat and use my hand as my mouth was tired.

Just as I thought I was getting somewhere, my friends phoned me. Damn cell phones. They said they were leaving. Not having another lift, I stood up, told the guy I needed to leave now and demanded that he open the door, which he did.

So back to college we went; me with a raging hardon in tow. I must have jerked off at least 7 times that night and by the morning I had hatched a plan. After the longest day at college I paid a friend to drive me back to his place and told him to wait for me, thank goodness he was none the wiser.

Anyways after a short detour I walked into the porn store (that was empty) and told that sexy hunk to lock his door ‘cause I was going to finish what I started! He did and we got more comfortable than the previous day.

And so I kicked the whole faulty vacuum cleaner into super mode and sucked him good and hard. With a bit of cheating with the hand the hunk came for me! After he got over blowing his load, I made sure he saw my dick standing up like the Empire State Building so he offered to suck me off, the gentlemen.

Well the first time his mouth went over my head, I almost came. I have never felt that way before and wanted more. I began to strategically play with his hair which ended with me face fucking him. It took all of 2-3 minutes for me to blow and I almost fainted. That was it I swear, out with the hand, in with the mouth.

I left his store and never returned, but I will never forget my first time.