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Shaving Fun

By hornestud

submitted August 21, 2006

Categories: Hairy

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I had been working out with my trainer, Mitch, for three months. He had a great body that I couldn't keep my eyes off. He was 6'4" and had beautiful blue eyes. His hair was cut short and he had a 5 o'clock shadow by lunch time. I had a chance to see him in the showers a few times, and his chest was covered with a nice amount of hair. I never got a good look at his cock, but I was sure it was just as fine as the rest of his body.

I was tired of the cold weather and took a vacation with some friends for a week. I thought about Mitch a few times and was looking forward to getting back to the gym. We had become closer in the months we worked out together and he knew I was into men. He was curious and asked a few questions about sex with another man. We flirted a lot and one day he asked me what turned me on. I told him: men that were in shape, had a great smile and that I really liked a well groomed beard on a man. I loved to run my fingers through it and feel it on my body. He seemed a little surprised but thought it sounded nice.

When I returned from vacation Mitch had a surprise for me. He had grown a beard while I was away. I got hard the minute I saw him and couldn't take my eyes off him. He looked HOT! We had a great workout and I hoped he didn't notice that I was getting hard just looking at him. When I headed off to the showers he stopped me and asked if I liked his new look. I told him I thought it was great. He said he was glad to know I liked the beard but that he needed some help trimming it and shaping it up. He asked me to stop by his apartment later and then I could help him. I agreed and headed off to the showers.

He called about 7pm and said that he had just arrived home from the gym. He gave me directions and I said I was on my way over. When I got there I rang the doorbell. He answered the door with a towel wrapped around his waist. What a sight! One look at his body and that beard and I was hard! He invited me in and said that he appreciated me coming over. I told him we should go to the bathroom and take care of the beard since he just got out of the shower. When we got into the bathroom I suggested that he stand in the shower so we wouldn't make a mess. He agreed, but only if I'd get in with him.

He dropped the towel and stepped into the shower. He didn't have to ask me twice. My clothes were off and I was in the shower with this beautiful hot stud. I was glad to see that I wasn't the only one with a hard on. I worked carefully with a razor and shaved his neckline and cheeks. I didn't need to trim his beard because it was the perfect length. When I finished he rinsed his face and turned to show me. That's when he leaned in and gave me a deep passionate kiss.

I felt his tongue in my mouth and his beard on my face. His hands found my cock, which was rock hard and dripping pre-cum. "What have we here?" he said. Looks like you could use a little shave yourself. Before I knew it he was on his knees and lathering my cock with shaving cream. "I'm going to show you exactly why I grew a beard" he said. And with that he picked up the razor and began to shave my balls and shaft. He had me bend over and he took care of my ass, too. When he was done my cock was totally smooth except for a small patch of hair right above my shaft. It felt like silk.

I rinsed off and got out of the shower. Mitch and I dried off and he led me to his bedroom. He had me lay down and he got on top of me. He started to kiss me all over with the beautiful beard. It felt amazing. He made his way to my smooth cock and rubbed his beard all over it. I couldn't control myself. I shot my load all over his beard. He rubbed it in and then it was my turn. I sucked him until he shot his load in my mouth.

I stayed all night and we spent many evenings together over that winter. He convinced me to grow a beard, too. I loved it when he asked me to help him trim his beard. I knew there was something in it for both of us!

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