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Quarterback Forced To Take It

By heynow18

submitted August 21, 2006

Categories: Hairy

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He was so hot! He was the biggest stud in my class and he knew it. Every time he walked into the locker room I couldn’t help but look at him as he undressed. At the age of 19 he was such a man. His whole body was covered in a thick coat of hair, especially his chest and arm pits. It was great to see him after he practice or lifted weights. His thick hair was matted down, but he still smelled great. He smelled like a man.

Brian was the cockiest guy there ever was. He was the ultimate football stud and knew he was the good looking. He was perfect in everyway. He filled out his jock strap completely. One time I was standing on the sidelines of a powder puff football game, covering it for our school’s newspaper, and he came over to me and starting talking to me. He was wearing his practice uniform, which was cut up high at the stomach so he didn’t get so hot. He looked so good in his pads with his stomach showing. It was completely flat and you could see the outline of a six-pack, if he crunched it.

During gym class the football players were given the option of going to the weight room to lift weights versus having to actually partake of the other shit that we all had to endure. Unfortunately, the football coach was also our gym teacher and he gave preference to his players since they were so much more special than the rest of us. Brian was also the grandson of the football coach. Maybe that’s how he became quarterback, especially since he was a junior.

Anyways, we all had to change together, luckily for me. I got the chance to see some great cock. Unfortunately, they were all soft. I had heard rumors about how big some of the guys in my class got when they got the chance.

The football players all huddled together in the same area of the locker room. It was the best place to be for me. I always tried to get as close as I could without being suspicious. I over heard some great stories about their recent conquests. I always listened to Brian. His stories were so graphic. He talked about his 10-inch, uncut dick sliding into so many freshmen girls and making them scream. He would take them into the back of his SUV and pound them without thinking about their needs. All he wanted was to get off.

My school’s assistant football coach, Coach Connor, was close to 26 years old and was the biggest dick ever, but all the girls had a crush on him. So did I. He was about 6 foot, 3 inches of all man. His chest was also covered in hair and I can remember seeing the hair peeking out from the unbuttoned collar of his shirt. He was such a dick, always yelling and acting pissed off at students because they couldn’t grasp what he talking about.

However, he hated Brian’s grandfather and wanted to get back at him. That’s why he fucked Brian with his thick, hairy cock. He knew he could if Brian wanted to be quarterback the next year.

Connor would cheer Brian on as he fucked some poor freshman girl in the parking lot. You could always hear when Brian was having sex in the back of his SUV. The girl always sounded like she was being torn apart. However, Conner knew he got the chance to make some revenge for those stupid girls.

After a really shitty day of having to make deadline, I decided to get my gym clothes out of the locker room so I could wash them. As I walked into the locker room the only pleasant surprise was that the football players were finishing up their day’s practice. I came in after they were all about ready to leave. Luckily, I still got a chance to once again see them all naked.

Most of them showered and grabbed their shit and left, but Brian was sitting there with his head down. I was curious as to what was going on, so I slowed down my pace and went into a bathroom stall.

The last guy left the locker room and only Brian was left sitting there. Suddenly Coach Conner came out and ordered Brian to get into his office. Brian got up sullenly, but still went. Luckily they kept the door open since they didn’t know anyone was listening.

“You are the biggest piece of shit,” Connor yelled. “What was that out there? You are so lucky that you are the coach’s grandson.”

Brian tried to find the words to say, but he couldn’t.

“I’m sorry,” Brian replied. “I was just off.”

“Oh, you were off. Well, now I’m going to get off,” Connor said.

Connor stood up and Brian walked over to him and got on his knees. To my surprise Brian pulled down Connor’s shorts revealing a strained jock strap. His thick, almost black pubes were spilling out. Then Coach Connor’s shirt came off. It was just like heaven. He didn’t have the perfect body, but I liked it. He was a little soft in places, but he had a great chest and stomach that were covered in a velvet coating of hair. His arms were so big and you could see the veins running down them.

“I don’t want to do this again. It hurt so much the last time,” Brian said. “You are so big.”

“Too bad,” Connor said. “If you want to stay quarterback next year, you don’t have a choice.”

Connor was taking over for Brian’s grandfather next year.

Brian pulled down Connor’s jock strap and a very impressive, semi hard cock plopped out. It was thick and red at the head from a circumcision scar.

“You know what to do,” Connor said.

“Please, don’t make me,” Brian said. “I don’t like it.”

“I don’t give a shit you piece of shit. You’ll suck the cream out of it,” Connor said. “Think of it as you have some disease and my cock has the antidote.”

Brian had tears coming out his eyes. I almost felt sorry for him, but I was so excited to see him suck a cock, especially Connor’s. Like I said, Brian was such a stud.

“How may times am I going to have to do this?” Brian said.

“Stop stalling,” Connor said. “Get your lips around it.”

Brian opened his mouth and engulfed the massive cock before him.

“Damn you are so good,” Connor said. “I wish my fiancé was as good as you. She can’t compare.”

Brian was sucking vigorously to keep his position on the team.

“You like it don’t you,” Connor said. “Tell me how much you like it.”

Brian couldn’t respond since he had so much cock in his mouth. He was bobbing up and down like his life depended on it. I could remember Brian telling stories about all the girls sucking him off and how they were so good. They would lick around his foreskin and wipe him clean.

“Shit you’re getting me close,” Connor said, “Stop!”

Brian knew what that meant. “No, please don’t,” Brian said. “My hole can’t take it.”

“Tough shit.” Connor shit.

I couldn’t wait. I was going to see Connor’s cock force its way into Brian ass.

“You know what I want now,” Connor said.

“I couldn’t walk for a week. People thought something was wrong with me,” Brian said.

“Damn, and I was being nice,” Connor said. “Your hole is pretty tight. Do any of your girlfriends finger your ass?”

“No, I won’t let them,” Brian said.

“Too bad for you,” Connor said.

All of sudden Connor pulled Brian up off his knees and forced him to suck his hairy nipple.

“Make it hard,” Connor said, “and everything else.”

“Please don’t make me do this again,” Brian said.

“Well, I want to fuck your hairy ass,” Connor said. “Maybe if shaved it, I wouldn’t want it so much, but I can’t wait to get my dick in between those cheeks.”

“Please be gentle this time,” Brian said.

“I always am,” Connor said.

Brian bent over Connor’s desk and spread out his cheeks revealing a puckered hole.

“Please use a condom,” Brian said.

“Fuck no,” Conner said. “I plan to feel you. Last time we used a condom, I didn’t enjoy it that much. I want to feel every inch of your insides.”

Luckily, both of them were clean.

That’s when it happened. Connor slid his dick in. At first there was a little pressure but Connor was forceful and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“Oh my god, not again!” Brian screamed. “Please, take it out. It hurts so much!”

“Just take it in and love it,” Connor said. “Damn, it is tight. At least I know that you haven’t been cheating on me. Just imagine, this is how all those stupid girls feel.”

“Fuck you,” Brian said.

“Too bad that’s what’s happening to you,” Connor replied.

Connor kept pumping with every stroke. His cock was completely swollen now and he planned on taking advantage of it. “Take it,” Connor said. “I know all those times you were fucking pussy, you thought about my cock. You’re such a fucking slut.”

“Fuck! Oh my god,” that was all Brian could say at the time as Connor was pounding him.

“You’re ass is so tight,” Connor said. “Thank God you haven’t sleeping around on me. That would make me mad.” Brian reached for his cock to start jerking it, but Connor quickly grabbed his hand. “I don’t think so,” Connor said. “You’ll cum when I say you can.”

“You are such ass. Please, you’re so deep,” Brian said.

“No, you are the ass. Am I hitting your prostate?” Connor asked.

It was great seeing their hot bodies hitting each other. Both men were getting sweaty. There bodies were glistening with sweat.

“Do you want to cum? Do you, ha?” Connor said.

“Yes, please,” Brian said.

Suddenly, Connor picked up the pace and pounded Brian without reservation. “You’re such a bitch,” Connor said. “Take it like you love it.”

“Damn, fuck me,” Brian said. “Oh my God!”

That’s when Brian came all over the desk. His body shuttered as thick, creamy spurts of the white stuff shot out.

“Please fill me up!” Brian said.

“You’re going to be shitting my stuff for weeks!” Connor said. With one last thrust Connor released his seed deep inside Brian.

“It’s so warm,” Brian said.

“Just like last time?” Connor said.

“This time I get to feel it inside me,” Brian said.

“I hope you don’t get pregnant,” Connor said. “I want to fuck this more.”

“You don’t have to worry about that,” Brian said.

Connor pulled out and a thin stream of sperm fell out of Brian’s ass. Immediately Brian clenched his cheeks. “None of this is getting out,” Brian said.

“You know where to get more,” Connor said.

The next day Brian was walking around with a suspicious limp. Everyone asked him what was wrong and he said he slipped and fell.

At one point during the day, he and Coach Connor were talking in the hall when I walked by.

“Great show,” I said.

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