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Being Raped, Part 1

By loveSunny

submitted August 21, 2006

Categories: Straight Men, Gay Sex

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“Strip!” he commanded me. I struggled for freedom, but to no avail.

“Strip!” he shouted, as he forced open my trousers and pull it down my knees. He grabbed my t-shirt and forcefully tried to pull it off me. I kept struggling. But it was no use. Although he was slightly shorter and leaner than me, he appeared to be much stronger. My struggle was over.

I now lied naked except for my white briefs. He took a handcuff and locked my wrists together. I felt very scared. I didn’t know what he was going to do next.

A blindfold was placed over my eyes. I became more afraid in this new darkness. I tried to struggle free, but it was useless. I tried to kick, but only made him tie my feet together. I felt him breathing over my ears. His tongues licked my ears and penetrate into my ear holes. I could not help it but I was in ecstasy. I felt my blood rushing to fill my dick. I tried to contro,l but it only gave me an instant hard-on.

Somehow I could feel that he was smiling. This was what he wanted: for me to feel useless over his mastery over me. If I had known I would not have taken the drink at bar, and allowed him to offer me a ride home.

Sam was such a gentlemanly guy that I didn’t expect him to be gay. Although I was curious about gay sex but a rape was certainly not the way I wanted to satisfy my sex hunger. I felt like a puppet; the more I tried to disobey his orders, my body obeys with gladness.

My cock was fully erected, so hard that it hurt so much. I never had pre-cum before. But I was drooling wet with pre-cum. Sam’s finger was circling my cock head, spreading my pre-cum over my sensitive dick. He paid particular attention to the vein below my shaft. My nipples were hard by now.

He was still licking and teasing my ears but his hands were all over my body, fondling every inch of my well-trained muscled body. He was slowly caressing my abs and moved gently over to my chest. His hands were massaging my chest. His palms were rubbing against my nipples. I never knew that my nipples were so sensitive to touch. Every time he brushed against my tips, my cock would jump.

I moaned as he pinched my left nipple. He was squeezing so hard that it hurt, yet my cock just kept getting harder. I begged him to stop. But he continued to pinch on my right side. I was in a mix of pain and pleasure. He was very pleased with his creation.

My briefs were now pulled to my ankle level. Sam had pulled down my foreskin to unveil my cockhead.

Then I heard a metal-hitting-metallic sound. I tried once again to break free. Suddenly, I felt a sharp intense pain biting on my nipples. I moaned as he clamped the clips onto my soft nipples. Tears rolled down my eyes. He wiped away the wetness, forced my lips to lips and forced his tongue into my mouth. His hands were squeezing my balls. I was so frightened that my balls had contracted.

He removed the clips to lick my sore nipples. The wetness of his tongue caused my whole body to stiffen. His hands were massaging my abs. He returned to penetrate my ear with his tongue. One hand was stroking my nipple and the other was slowly pumping my harden dick.

My cock was begging for releasing yet he was stroking so slowly. I needed to erupt but I knew he would let me yet. The tension was building within my manhood. I tried to rub my dick against his hand. He squeezed my cock and warned me as he slapped my face and punched into my abs. Now I felt like a slave. My orgasm and body was his to enjoy.

He removed my blindfold and looked into my eyes. His eyes were hazel and very beautiful. But there was also a sense of mastery in his eyes. He made me stare at my body. Every time he pinched my nipples, I could see my dick jump. He wanted me to feel like his toy, one that he had completed control over.

His motion was increasing, I felt him pumping my dick faster. I was ten seconds before cumming. Suddenly he would release his grip and lose the built-up. My dick needed to cum but was not allowing to. He took delight in seeing more of my pre-cum leaking down my cock. He smiled as he squeezed hard on my dick. It hurt real badly.

I tried to moan sexier, hoping that this would gain a chance for me to release my load. But he just kept licking my sore nipples and pinching them.

My dick was yearning for an eruption. He was stroking so slowly. My tension was building up again. He would continue this cycle: pumping me just before my climax and released my tension and squeezed hard on my cock head.

Finally I could not take it anymore. I felt my whole body tensing. My cock hardened. I was reaching my point of no return. My cum was forced out my manhood and flow down my shaft. He took a test tube-like container and collected my man juice.

He went to keep the container and returned with a chastity belt. My dick was now locked in chastity and he tied up my neck with a leather collar.

My hands and legs were untied. He embraced me in a hug. I was so tired out that I fell asleep in his strong arms…

(To be continued)

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