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My First Black Stud, Part 2

By nicholsdog

submitted September 4, 2006

Categories: Interracial

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After my new found black stud Ron had finished fucking and seeding my ass so damn good, we laid there and fell a sleep, him holding me in his bed.

I awoke suddenly, feeling something touching my mouth. I opened my eyes and seen my new black stud, Ron, kneeing next to me, holding his cock and rubbing the head of it on my lips. I opened my mouth and started to lick his huge 10 inch cock with my tongue. Ron looked down at me and said, “That’s it boi, lick daddy’s cock.” I licked up and down his huge black shaft remembering that just not long ago that entire manhood of his was buried deep inside my boi pussy.

I turned my head towards him and opened my mouth wide and Ron slipped his cock into my waiting mouth. I again tasted his beautiful manhood in my mouth and started to suck him. Ron let out a slight moan as he grabbed my head and started to pump more cock into me and I reached up and rubbed his tight body. Ron looked at me and said, “You love this big black cock, don’t you boi?” I just moaned “yes” as I sucked on his rod loving the feel and taste of it in my mouth. Then Ron straddled my chest with his legs and continued to feed me his cock into my mouth. Ron was playing with his nipples as I sucked on the biggest and best cock I ever had. He pulled back some as the head of his big rod pulled out of my mouth, then he pushed forward, sliding his cock up across my face until is bull nuts reached my mouth. I started to lick and suck on his big balls only able to take one ball in my mouth at a time. I loved the smell and taste of him as I lathered up his nuts with my spit and tongue. Ron then slide further up as his sweet hole reached my mouth and I licked his hole and tasted him again. Damn every bit of him tasted so fucking good I couldn’t stop licking him.

Ron pulled back again as his balls and then cock drug across my face and I could once again see him looking down at me with a grin on his face. He stopped with the head of his cock resting on my lips and said, “Open that mouth boi and suck daddy’s cock.” I did as he told me sucking as much of his cock into my mouth and tasting his sweet pre-cum. This black stud then stretched his body out, legs down along side of me, kinda in a push up position and started to pump my mouth full of his cock, gagging me, choking me with his cock sinking deep into my mouth. Ron face fucked me for what seemed like forever then he pushed as much cock into my mouth as I could take, choking me and I patted him on the ass letting him know I could not breath with that much cock in my mouth.

Ron then rolled over onto his back next to me, pulling me over on top of him. Ron said, “Worship this body boi.” I started to rub and lick his muscular arms then chest and stomach. Damn I was loving this sexy ass black man and couldn’t do anything else but want to please him. I felt his erect cock brush against my face as I licked and kissed his stomach. His fat and long cock rested against his body, the head of it lying across his belly button. I kissed the head of the beautiful cock again knowing that I will be getting it again deep inside of my pussy hole. I licked and kissed my way down his legs to his feet. I love feet and toes and I licked, sucked and kissed his feet and toes. He had beautiful feet which went right along with his hot sexy body. I looked up at Ron as I licked on the bottom of his feet. He was laying there, looking down at me and slowly stroking his huge cock with one hand, the other hand behind his head.

I knew I wanted that cock deep inside my pussy again and started to lick and kiss my way back up his legs to the treasure he was holding. Ron feed his big black cock into my warm moist mouth and again I sucked him for all I could as my boi pussy hole started to twitch in anticipation of that cock. I sucked on my stud for about 10 more minutes. Then Ron rolled my off of him and crawled around behind me. I was on my hands and knees as Ron slapped my ass and spread my cheeks apart. I felt a great sense of pleasure as he buried his tongue deep inside my hole. This man knew how to work a hole with his tongue and fingers, preparing it for his huge cock. Ron continued to work my hole, licking, probing it as he knew I was about to give it up totally to him once again.

Ron said, “This boi pussy is all mine boi and I gonna fuck it hard again.” He pushed my legs apart and kneeled in between them. I felt his big cock sliding up and down the crack of my ass and knew he would again open my hole. I heard him spit and knew it was about to happen. I felt pressure against my pussy then a sudden sharp pain as he entered me. I grasped for air as he slowly slide the entire 10 inches of his cock deep inside of me. I grabbed on tight to the pillows on his bed and my body nearly fell to the bed from the tremendous cock that was deep inside of me.

Ron grabbed me around the stomach and pulled me back up to him saying, “Don’t you go down boi; you stay up and take it like a boi should take it.” He then pulled back slowly then once again slid the entire length of his cock deep inside of me as I could feel his balls slap up against mine. I let out another scream as he stopped again deep inside of me. Ron said, “This pussy is ready for me now boi and it’s all mine and I am going to fuck the shit out of you.”

I didn’t know if I had the energy to once again take him like before but knew I wanted it and couldn’t resist him. Ron then started his assault on my pussy with his huge black cock pounding me harder and faster. He then reached up and grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling my head back keeping me from sliding away from him. Ron had no mercy on me as he pounded harder, faster and harder on me saying “take this man cock boi, fuck yeah take this cock boi, you fucking love it”. I was screaming out in pleasure, my body quivering in pleasure as he assaulted my pussy. Ron was pulling my hair back as he drove deeper inside of me.

I felt like I was about to pass out from taking so much cock deep in me but I loved it and just moaned out saying, “Oh fuck me daddy, fuck me!” I don’t know how my little pussy pink hole was taking all of that cock but damn I was his and wanted it.

Ron then released me, rolled me over onto my back, him still kneeling on the bed. Ron grabbed my legs spreading them wide and said, “Boi grab my big cock and guide it into your pussy hole”. I looked down as I grabbed onto his cock, my fingers not able to completely reach around the thickness of his cock and guided it to my waiting hole. As his cock touched my hole, Ron shoved it in hard, sinking the entire length into me and I let out another scream. Ron said, “Scream all you want boi, your mine and no one can hear you.” He continued his assault on my pussy with that huge cock as my toes curled down tight and me screaming out in pleasure, holding onto the head board of his bed.

Ron pounded my hole hard giving me the fucking of my life once again as sweat again built up on him and me both. His hands held on tightly to my little ankles as he made sure each time he pumped me I got the entire length of him inside of me. After about 20 minutes of his assault on my hole, Ron again said, “I’m going to seed you boi, make sure you’re mine and mine only”. Just then Ron let out a big moan and said, “Fuck yeah boi I’m cumming!”

I then felt his huge cock grow larger and pulse as he once again filled my body with his hot seed; putting more cum inside of me next to that last batch he blew in me just a short time ago. Ron looked down at me and said, “You love this cock boi and my seed inside of you, you can take a real man’s cock now boi.” Ron then pulled slowly his cock out of my well seeded hole. That huge cock fell onto the bed as he released his hold on my ankles. Ron fell onto the bed next to me and said, “You love this black cock don’t you boi?”

I said, “Yes sir daddy, you own me!”

We lay there and feel asleep again.

If you like this story let me know at nicholsdog4@hotmail.com

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