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Friend Takes My Ass

By wildboyoh

submitted September 17, 2006

Categories: First Time

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I had just turned 18 and was going to start my senior year in high school at the end of summer. To earn extra money I had been working at the local swimming for the past couple of years and this summer my friend John and I had finished our lifesaving courses to be lifeguards.

John was a good friend. I had spent the night at his house a couple of times and we liked to go fishing and camping. Nothing weird had ever happened. He was one of those guys that matured really quickly and he was naturally very muscular and had really nice wavy blond hair. The girls loved him.

Preparing the pool for the season, John and a couple of the girls were assigned to paint the bathhouse and changing rooms. Not thinking this out very well, we only wore our swim suits as we always did but when we had to paint the ceilings we quickly became covered with white paint. When we were finished, John invited me to his house where he suggested that we shower and help each other get the paint off of our backs. He had a shower in his parents' basement that we could use so that we didn't make a mess. I agreed that that was a good idea and we went downstairs. John immediately took off his swim suit which surprised me at first. I guess I thought we would just keep them on. I had seen him in his underwear many times but I had never seen him naked. His cock was big and his balls really hung low. Not to appear too modest, I took off my suit and entered the water that he had begun. Saying "You first" he took the soap in his hands and told me to turn around. Then I felt him begin to soap my back and scrub at the paint. As he worked on my back he used his other arm to steady me. Holding my chest, he was slowly pulling me closer to him and then I could feel his cock on my ass cheek. I didn't say anything and just continued to let him soap me. Then it happened.

His hand reached around and began soaping the front of my chest and I didn't say anything. He soaped up my arm pits and then began moving down to my abs and then my groin. I assumed he would stop when he reached my cock but he didn't. A jolt of electricity went through my body when I felt him make contact with my balls and then my cock. I instantly became hard and was trying to sort of give him the idea that it was time to stop now but his hand was tight on my chest now as he dropped the soap and now began to really jack my cock off. It felt so good I didn't stop him. He was so dominant and it felt good to give in to him.

Then I felt him use his feet to spread my legs further apart and he nudged me with his arm to bend me over slightly. I had no idea what was going on it happened so fast. Before I could say what the fuck, he shoved his cock into my ass and continued to jack my cock. My ass was on fire and my body needed to nut. I just stood there letting my friend fuck me in the ass while he played with my cock. He then started talking really dirty to me calling me a little bitch and that my pussy was real tight but he would change that. It was really turning me on knowing that he was dominating me like this and humiliating me. I gave in to his fucking even though it hurt like hell. He felt me relax because then he said "that's it fag let me in there deep" and then he stopped playing with my cock and rammed in and out of me as hard as a human could fuck. I was yelling now but he just held my head under the water and said, "I know you like it bitch" and I couldn't believe he was right. Not only had he made me queer but he had taken me up the ass.

I stayed like that waiting and waiting and finally I heard him moan and I could feel his cock swell in me and then I felt him cum. He was actually cumming in my ass. He held me until his cock has finished spewing his load in me and then without any care he quickly yanked his cock from my used asshole and continued to shower. I was in complete shock and horror. I had been fucked by a guy and I had liked it. I had actually given him my ass.

I didn't say a word I just began to wash myself and paid a LOT of attention to washing my asshole. I felt like it was so dirty and I couldn't get clean. I wanted to wash his cum out of my insides. Finally he was finished showering and he turned off the water. As he was dressing he explained to me that he had been planning on fucking me the next time we went camping, but this gave him the opportunity. Then he told me that if I did not continue to service him when he wanted he would tell everyone that he had fucked me.

What could I do? From then on he would have me spend the night and tell me to sleep naked in case he wanted to fuck and he always did. I would be laying there and he would come to my bed naked and get on his knees over my face and have my suck on his cock. I was a terrible cock sucker and I choked and gagged a lot at first. The first time that he ejaculated inside my mouth I wanted to puke. Sometimes he would skip that part all together and just begin to fuck me. I would lay there just letting him use my ass for his sexual pleasure.

He never ever sucked my cock but sometimes he would have me masturbate so that he could watch me and I was not allowed to stop until I would cum. I felt embarrassed letting someone watch me beat off so it took me a while, but I would eventually cum and he would just smile.

Finally we went to different colleges and I never saw him again.

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