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Forest Park

By argie66

submitted September 21, 2006

Categories: Sex In The Park

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For those who live in NYC, you probably know that in Queens in one of the cruisiest areas in the city, bar none.

I work the evening shift at a local hospital, so my mornings are always free. I like to take about a 1 hour jog through the park (okay, 30 minute jog, 30 minute cruise into the bridal path area). I am 40, 5' 11", black hair, and a big boy (280lbs), but I do a lot of sports, so I am very athletic for my size.

One morning, as I entered the park, I noticed they we starting to tear up one of the concrete softball fields. There were about 10 construction guys, and 6 or more had to be 50 or over (my cup of tea). I stopped to make very quick conversation, trying to find out what they would do with the fields. The man talking to me was good looking, but nothing compared to what my eyes had caught slightly to my left.

There stood the most beautiful specimen I had laid eyes on. Mid to late 50's, about my height, short gray hair, clean shaven, wearing tight jeans, a blue shirt and blue undershirt, and construction boots. The bulge in his pants was begging to be left out.

The noise was unbearable, so I left the construction, and went on my way, unable to get that man's image out of my mind.

Three more days passed, and they were all still there. The second day, my dream man was by the fence, and as I went by, I thought we made eye contact. I figured it was my imagination. Although I am very shy, I decided the next day, I would make small conversation. Next day (Friday) came, and as I turned the corner, there he was, leaning against the truck, his right leg slightly crossed in front of his left one, making the bulge in his pants appear even bigger. Unfortunately, he was talking with another worker. But, as I went by, he very discretely grabbed himself for an instant and smiled.

That's it! I have to talk to him. The weekend seemed to take forever. Monday came, and here I went, running into the park, only to find that the crew was much smaller, and most of the older men were gone, including my "friend". Disappointed, I kept running, and about 100 yards, where the first trail into the woods is, THERE HE WAS! Leaning against a tree, he motioned with his head, and I followed him. Once we were out of site, as I got to him, he asked me to turn around. When I did, he lifted my jogging short's leg, and gave me a quick spank on my left cheek. His hand felt like it was made of concrete.

My body felt like it had received an electric shock. It was an indescribable feeling. He said, in a very nice, masculine voice." My name is Sam. Come, follow me". I did as he asked. We walked for about a minute, and we came to a trailer. I recognized it as the trailer that sat in the back. I never realized it was right by the woods.

I stepped in, and he did the same behind me. The noise, which was so unbearable outside, was muffed almost completely.

I heard him lock the latch. I turned to face him. I looked into his eyes, but he was looking past me. That's when he said, "We are here!"

Before I knew what was going on, a curtain behind me flung open, and 4 guys (whom I recognized as the construction workers who were not out there today) appeared.

"He has a great ass," were Sam's words.

I didn't know what to do. I couldn't even say anything. My mouth was dry, and I couldn't even make a sound.

"Well, I think we will need to teach him to be a good boy," said the man furthest back. He was about 5' 8", with a 5 o'clock shadow, and mounds of hair peeking through his shirt.

He stepped aside, and two of them grabbed me and through me on a bed, face down. A third man lifted my waist off the bed, and pulled my shorts down, leaving my ass exposed to this gang.

I saw the man come toward me with a piece of wood, about 12 inches long, thin and wide.

"Buddy, we are going to make you ass remember this day". As he said that, the first crack came. To my surprise, that was it.

He turned to another guy and said. "His ass is too hairy, do you have you overnight kit with you'? I want to leave him as red as possible".

I didn't hear a response. The next thing I knew, something was being applied to my ass. It turns out it was shaving cream. THEY WERE ABOUT TO SHAVE MY BUTT, in front of a crowd!

If I tried to resist, I would get cut by the razor, so I stayed as still as I could. (Not that I was going to outmuscle the 3 guys holding me down, anyway).

Now, the stage was set. The wood came down HARD this time. And again, and again; and again. Now, someone else was taking his turn. I couldn't see. All I knew was that, once in a while, they would stop for a few seconds, positions would change, and it would start all over again.

The worse thing about it is I was enjoying this.

Next, they repositioned me to the middle of the bed.

One of them lay at the top of the bed, with his back against the wall. His pants opened, and revealed a big, cut, hairy dick and huge balls. He started jerking off, and signaled to me to move closer to him. I didn't, although this was making me horny as hell. He signaled again. When I didn't move, the wood came down on my ass again. Well, the signal was obvious. I would have to blow him, again, in front of everyone.

And I did. And again, the positions kept changing, until everyone was done. Everyone but Sam. Because of the position I was in, I didn't know where he was. All I know was, he hadn't sat it front of me.

All of a sudden, I noticed everyone stepping away. I though I was alone, but then I felt a couple of gentle little spanks on my sore ass, and, as I looked to my left, there was Sam, still completely dressed, but with his pants about to explode.

"Hey buddy. You did a great service for us. It’s tough to work all day, under the sun, with no entertainment. NOW, I am going to give you your reward; you want it, don't you?"

Yes, I thought to myself. If I did all these guys, in front of each other, whatever you have, I will take.

Well, before I had a chance to say anything, he took out his wallet. A condom appeared, and now I knew what the reward would be. As he unzipped, and let his pants down, I got to see the culprit of the bulge.

Someone behind me let out a "whoa” which were my thoughts exactly.

About 8 1/2 inches (guys, this is a TRUE story, otherwise I guess I would have had to say 10), just burst out. It was thinner than usual, so maybe it wouldn't be that bad.

He started getting himself ready by jerking off slowly, with the head of his dick about 6 inches from my face. I was dying to taste it.

Hid dick was now fully erect, and seemed as long and straight as a ruler. He slowly rolled the condom onto the head. As this went on, I felt a couple of hands spread my cheeks apart, while some cold lube was applied to my rectum.

I felt a finger go in, probe around for a while, then another.

I was trying to look at Sam to let him know I wanted to blow him. Instead, his eyes were fixed on the guys behind me. Finally, he nodded and disappeared, although I know where he was going.

A couple of second later, I felt his hot broomstick (that's the best way to describe it), enter my ass slowly. I knew that long and thin as it was, it wouldn’t really hurt, but I wouldn't be able to take it all.

Slowly, I felt him pushing gently more and more. As this happened, the rest of the crew, still undressed, made a circle around the bed. They wouldn't look at each other, or touch each other, they were just fixated on what was happening to me.

Suddenly, I felt Sam's pubic hair against my cheeks. HE WAS ALL IN!

He said, "Okay boys, Sammy is going to drive."

With that, he started to fuck me; slowly at first, faster and faster as time went by. The guys, all of whom had already cummed in my mouth earlier, started to shoot again, one by one. Finally Sam let out a huge groan, and, after trembling for a few seconds, fell on top of me, sweaty and exhausted.

After everyone was dressed, Sam said to me, "Thanks buddy. Hope you keep jogging around here. We still have two months worth of construction to go.”

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