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Sex With a Married Man

By NJPlayGuy

submitted October 9, 2006

Categories: Straight Men, Gay Sex

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I'm a gay man, in my mid 30's and finally have a wonderful partner. Years ago, when I first starting exploring my sexuality, I met a variety of men from all walks of life. To this day, I have to say, the hottest sex I've had has been with Married Men. I'm not sure what the attraction is. Maybe it's just the fact that it's taboo, or that you’re getting to have something that belongs to somebody else. Who knows?

What I find is that married men know what they want, they are very "in the moment" and have very little hang ups, unlike a lot of gay men I seem to run into. Even now, though partnered and happy, my dick still gets hard around married guys and I'm sure if I got another offer, I'd jump at it. This story is about my first experience with a married man. I was summer and I was 24.

I had moved in with my best friend and another guy. The three of us got along great and splitting the rent helped. However, at the time I was still in the closet, so having sex was hard to do with 2 other straight guys running around. I didn't want to be caught in the act. I had just started exploring my sexuality at this time, but mostly it was in the form of mutual jacking off and blow jobs, with a quick feel now and then.

As usual, I was on line, home alone and chatting in one of the various sex chat rooms I popped into. I started getting into some hot chat with a guy and eventually found out he was a married, older guy in his early 40's. He said he enjoyed fooling around with guys on the side, and that his wife had no clue. That made my dick even harder. I explained my situation and we kinda bonded, being that we both had to kinda sneak around to get some action. We exchanged a few more sexual comments and before long, we were both hard and horny looking for release. Now, I was never very open and brave to act on a lot of my impulses, but thankfully I decided to think with my dick that day.

His name was Tom and he asked if we could talk on the phone. I said sure. He called me and I immediately liked the sound of his voice; masculine, sexy and yet with a nice touch of humor. I thought we were going to have some hot phone sex, but Tom started asking me where I lived. He was from the area and actually knew the street I was on. In fact, he said his wife had a friend on my block. I told him that my roommates were out, but I didn't know when they'd be back.

However, that was all Tom needed. He asked me if he could come over. I panicked. I couldn't have him come here. What if he was a psycho? What if my roommates walked in? I tried to blow him off, but he was insistent. And we were both horny as hell. Finally he asked to just come over for a few minutes, just to meet and say hi, see if we liked each other. Again, thinking with my cock I said, sure and gave him directions. The few minutes it took for him to arrive seemed like hours. I had been chatting in my briefs, so I tossed on some shorts and a tee shirt. I did a quick grooming and spying myself in the mirror, I felt I was passable. It wasn't long till he pulled up in front of my house and nearly sprinted to the door.

I opened it up and smiled, said "Hi, Tom?" and he smiled back. I was pleasantly surprised. He was about 6' tall, average build. He had short cut graying hair. In general he looked like a handsome college professor, dressed in a pair of khakis, a sweater and some comfy brown shoes. He had a nicely-shaped goatee, and was very easy on the eyes. He smiled back and told me I too looked better than my picture. I invited him inside. No sooner did I close the door and turn around, he put his arms around me and pulled me close to him. I was nervous and excited, and my cock got harder, straining through my shorts. He rubbed up against me, and I knew he could feel my hard dick against the legs of his khaki pants. He leaned in and kissed me. I paused for only a moment and kissed him back, harder, soon we were groping each other and pulling ourselves tighter together. His tongue shot out between my lips and probed my hungry mouth. I don't know how long we kissed, but the situation was just new and exciting. There I was, kissing a handsome married man right in my living room doorway.

He cupped my head in his hands and looked at me, saying "You are so hot." Then his hands shot down, grabbing the waistbands of my shorts. Without waiting for a reaction, he pulled both the shorts and my briefs down to my ankles, and my 6" cut cock sprang to life. Kneeling down in front of me, Tom grabbed the base of my shaft and popped my dick in his mouth. The sensation was thrilling. I hadn't had a good blowjob up until then. He worked my dick with his mouth like no one had. He took my dick all the way to the base, holding it against the back of his throat like a pro. He worked my dick better than anyone I had had so far. I was weak in the knees, and I had to reach out and hold on to his shoulders as he sucked my dick. I was moaning and breathing heavy. He had gotten me so hard and excited. At any moment, one of my roommates could have come home and caught this man blowing me. But at that point I didn't care anymore.

Tom got me so worked up that I was ready to cum in moments. He reached his hands around and grabbed my ass cheeks, squeezing them, kneading them in his hands as he pushed me deeper into his hot mouth. With a load moan I sputtered..."I'm going to..." and before I knew it, I was shooting loads and loads of hot sticky cum down his throat. He took it all like a pro and swallowed most of it; some trickled on his lips and into his goatee, but that only made it hotter to see. Tom then sprang straight up and fumbled with his belt buckle. I knew it was time to pay him back for the great blowjob he gave me. After undoing his belt, Tom unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out. Then he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees. Picture it, Tom still dressed, with his cock sticking out his fly, with me forced on my knees, t shirt clinging to my now sweating chest, my dick and ass exposed with my shorts and briefs bunched down around my ankles.

Tom held his dick and grabbed the back of my head. He pushed me onto his cock. I couldn't even breathe. He had a nice 7" cut dick. I didn't have time to admire it, because before I knew it he was stuffing it into my mouth. "Yeah that’s right, take it, suck my dick." He kept a hold of my head and kept pushing me further and further onto his dick. I couldn't breathe at all. I started gagging, choking back his cock. "That's it, boy, choke on my fucking dick," he was saying. I knew I had gotten in way over my head, but there was no turning back now. And deep down, this is what I wanted. I wanted Tom to use me. Trying to get used to this man's big cock in my mouth, I sucked his dick for all I was worth. Choking, and gagging, but loving it, sucking it; back and forth, back and forth. Soon, Tom was holding my ears and rocking his pelvis back and forth, fucking my face. He kept telling me how I had a hot mouth and how he was gonna shoot his load down my throat. That did it. I started to panic again. I never swallowed cum before, I couldn't do that. I think Tom sensed that too, but it only made him more excited. He held my head on his dick and faced fucked me harder, suddenly throwing his head back and almost wailing he shot a fucking gob of cum down my throat. I couldn't believe I was swallowing another man's load. He kept spurting and spurting, hot, sticky, salty blast after blast of cum. I lost it, gagged and swallowed it, a lot missing and running down my chin. But that just seemed to excite him even more. With tears in my eyes and a throat full of cum, I gagged back what I could. Eventually Tom gave a shudder and pulled his dripping cock from my mouth.

I looked down to see my shirt and even some patches of our hardwood floor were cum-splattered. I looked up to find Tom smiling down at me. "You were awesome," he said. I smiled and said, "So were you." I got up and shuffled over to the kitchen where him and I got a few dish towels and cleaned ourselves up. After that, he zipped up and thanked me again. Told me he had to get going, before the wife got home. I told him no problem and we could definitely get together again. With that, Tom said goodbye and headed for his car. As he pulled away, I shut the door and got some more rags to mop up the cum on the floor. As I finished cleaning it up, sure enough one of my roommates came home.

"Hey, how was your day?"

"Oh, just fine thanks."

"That's good, see you spent it cleaning up."

Oh, I don't know about cleaning up, but I know I made some guy very happy and after that, couldn't wait to meet up with another married man!

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